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    hes talking about the picture i used thats in his sig now. But I think if thats not used properly it could get your posts deleted. It isnt very mature and I only used it to get a point across lol
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    I will buy it probably. If its WoW crap I will sell it to a friend. That will only take the first 10 minutes of gameplay for me to deside, regardless of whats at the end game. The reason for this being are as follows. DO NOT READ BELOW IF YOU ARE SENSITIVE REGARDING THE ART DIRECTION OF DIABLO 3. I wouldnt want any carebears to cry.

    Weapon glow affects = way to intense.

    Monster textures//spell castings = copy/pasted from WoW. Example would be http://www.blizzard.com/diablo3/world/bestiary/darkcultists.xml Clearly a undead caster, with the same exact casting moves an undead from WoW. Look at the art design pictures, its face is red, its clothing aswell looks NOTHING like the 3D model.

    WoW art style = Considering the lead Art Designer from WoW works on D3. He wouldnt care what art design was put infront of him before turning it into a WoW-like 3D texture. The proof is undeniable considering the dark cultist page and other textures in the gameplay viideo.

    For lack of a better term... Its unrealistic from what i've seen so far. Its diablo 3. Not WoW. Its suppost to be a fantasy game, but it was never intended to be a cartoon, cartoon-like, or cartoony, at least that was my take on the diablo franchise.

    WoW inventory went straight into Diablo 3. its entire Art style looks exactly like WoW's. They also have purple texted item drops aswell in the game. (thousand pounder and seige assault dropped them).

    The strange fog in the very first cupple of minutes in the gameplay video was very... odd... its like eminating its own blue/green glow. If you took all the lights out of the picture, and only had the fog to see off of you wouldnt have a problem seeing lol. The entire dungeon has a blue//green tint about it that just makes no sense. Theres enough lights in that one dungeon to light NYC.

    Texturally-wise, need I say more? http://i240.photobucket.com/albums/ff249/JetpackNinjaDinosaur/diablo3cutestatue.jpg

    Way to exaggerated armor, I dont really like it when the shoulder pads are able to go through my characters face.

    So there not changing it? I would have to say I would honestly be shocked if they did. Because most likely they would be changing everything in the game lol. Some things it really wouldnt hurt if they changed. But if they leave it in a state that it is in currently I either wont buy it, or if I do I will probably sell it to a friend or hang it on my wall with a statement writen under it saying "most anticipated games of the century, that sucked". But if theres no change from what they showed us AT ALL, I just wont buy it.
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