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    Only when you can create a sentence with proper structure.
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    Quote from name="-Mephisto"s Lament-" »
    Tell me about it. It's like the internet only has 1 of those for every 100 that post posts like "hey am nyoo here..cant wait to hit dat post butin in dis forumz!". DESPICABLE.

    Can I haz cheezburger?
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    Quote from "Legilimens" »
    I remember hearing they didn't have stat requirements on items. Probably just level.

    But that could always change.

    Having only level requirements would open many doors for beastly tanks.
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    Quote from "kefka666333abc123" »
    It has no known use....chances are it does nothing(just like SOH)....man blizz is weird sometimes

    I think the gem is just an easter egg; I'm surprised no one thought of the Soh as just a trophy.
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