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    For your Demonhunter:

    - Head: you haven't rerolled it right? rerol the vit to multishot-dmg

    - Shoulders: get new ones with Cooldown

    - Belt: Witching is a big dmg increase, but also a big defense decrease since you loose all-res + %life for atkspeed and critdmg

    I would also reroll the all-res to vitality, 485k Life isn't that much ( i always aim ~700k) and 630+ vitality is more dmg reduction as the 125 allres in your case (this depend on gear ofc). YOu can also switch to the Hunter's wrath for a bit more resource generation (affix) and the mentioned defense stats

    - Pants: they're okay, but look out for new ones without a single res so you can roll all-res on them

    - Boots: also okay, though the movespeed is better to get from paragon. Try to get new ones with all-res and multishot dmg

    Quiver: you need cooldown on them for perma vengeance (see below)

    Barcers: Vitality instead of life regen would be nice

    Amulet: reroll the %fire to a socket and use the bane of the trapped in it. That's way more damage increase as the %fire. A crafted Hellfire would be better fo a 5th passive though.

    Rings: get one ring with dex+crit+critdmg, and one with dex+crit/critdmg+ cooldown roll (or eevn better one with crit/critdmg/cdr)

    - Gloves, Chest, Weapon: good

    - Gems: the all-res gems aren't bad, but the ue-demonhunter is a glass-cannon, so i doubt it will help you to survive more than 2 range hits from a spearman. Dex-Gems increase your damage so this spearman is probably dead before he can shoot at you :)

    -Legendary gems: as mentioned above, use bane of the trapped (with thrill of the hunt passive) and Zei's stone of vengeance. Third stone can be either bane of the powerful (if you can keep the buff up) or bane of the stricken (mostly used in GR75+) for the Riftguardian

    - You need ~35% CDR for permanent vengeance, which is achieved by Shoulders (8%), Quiver (8%) Diamond in Helm (12.5%) and one additional slot (most likely a ring)

    - Cube: Switch cindercoat for Visage of gunes for a permanent dmg reduction (if you have the 35% cdr), use the oculus on your follower and use convention of elements for the big dmg increase with fire

    Skill: veneance - darkheart to seethe (when you have cubed gunes and have permanent vengence)

    Passive: tactical advantage -> thrill of the hunt (to procc the trapped gem), blood vengeace -> awareness (if you want to)

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    posted a message on Oculus Interaction with Pet-WD and follower

    original post from reddit, i won't rewrite the complete text.

    When the oculus ring is equipped on the follower, there won't be any procs from the gargs:

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    posted a message on 2.4.2 PTR Difficulty Overview

    I think the explanation for the horadric cache materials below Torment level is wrong.

    You get 2 Mats at Level 70, but only 1 Material when you are below Level 70.

    But still, very nice work, keep it up.

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    posted a message on The New Firebird/Archon Exploit Explained (with video)

    I've been testing a bit with my Wizard and maybe found other things aswell:

    1.) The Firebird Elite-Stack can also be triggered (and kept) when you kill a burning blue-pack one after one, as long as not all of them burn

    2.) A burning Elite (Blue-Pack for me) can trigger just a normal burning stack like you ignited just one white mob (had this once, will try to find out how exactly)

    3.An Elite (Yellow for me) can burn, and NOT give a stack at all.

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    posted a message on Mysterious Chest locations for all Maps

    Hey my friends,

    a few days ago I started a reddit post for the Mysterious Chest located on Gardens of Hope Level 1.

    The post got a lot of attention, so I inlcuded the three other Mysterious Chest Maps aswell:

    • Cathedral Level 2 (Templar's Chain)
    • Eternal Woods (Panter's Claw)
    • Blood Marsh (Crossbow of Corvus)

    These Images don't have a lot of locations now, mostly because they are randomly generated (unlike Gardens of Hope 1), and I couldn't add more locations based on videos.

    Maybe you found more positions on these maps and want to share them with me, I will add them.

    Hopefully we can get a few more positions based on special modular locations (like the dungeon entrance in Eternal Woods) before Patch 2.4.1 hits live servers.

    Cheers, Hurric4n

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    posted a message on Patch 2.4.1: START GUIDE for Season 6! (How to be best Prepared & Quickest level 1-70)

    nice work (as last season), really helpful.

    found a typo in the Conquests: [...] Queen , Aranee [...] -> Queen Araneae

    also, here is a link to the 2.4 difficulties (you still refer to the 2.3)

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    posted a message on New user "creating" spam-builds in he build section

    good to hear, unfortunately there is more to do:

    Builds from site 1-3

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    posted a message on New user "creating" spam-builds in he build section

    User fghfh23432 (Member for 27 minutes and 42 seconds) creates empty builds with weird names (뉴라이브바카라【
    ) Maybe someone can do something about this fast, otherwise i think we get even more spam-builds

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    posted a message on Looking for smatphone app icon

    i like your app (found it because i looked for a replacement for mobile Armory for d3), sometimes it crashes while updating etc. but thats another topic.

    I'm not that great artist, but i have a bit photoshop knowledge. I will think about something and message you then.

    Edit: Wondering why you don't use the "homescreen-Icon"? I think it's very good.

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