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    Quote from Gerwulf40»

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    That's because strength gives no thorn. Vit gives thorn due to Heart of Iron. The thorn value written on your character profile is not your final damage. Strength and all other multipliers have to be added to that thorn value.

    Ok I will re roll all my augmented gears to Strength and test to see how stronger it is from Vit. My sheet thorn damages is currently at 257,000 in which my VIT out weights my strength. I did GR66 in under 12 mins. I'll give 3 runs to see if I can beat that time..if not i'll stick with VIT because I like the extra HP
    I would like to point out that the more Vitality you have the less effective your heals will be. Very few heals in Diablo are % based. You may be effectively cutting your survivability in half after you account for all the lost armor.
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    Give Lords of the Fallen a shot. It's single player but it has a real Diablo feel to it.

    You run around gearing up to eliminate all the dark lords that have invaded your realm. The atmosphere is much the same and the game has a lot of mechanics you will be familiar with after playing Diablo.

    -Finding gear

    -Socketing gems

    -Killing a lot of demons

    -Building a unique character

    The game it's self is a 3rd person hack and slash with new game+ and new game ++ features so you can keep your character you worked so hard on, bringing him into your next game.

    I had a lot of fun with Lords of the Fallen and I hope you do the same.

    Lords of the Fallen Trailer


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    Quote from osirisxxl»

    I must say getting unity + leoric crown + FD makes a really broken Raiment F&R monk with a badass Furnace.

    You would want the Flying Dragon as your weapon with the Furnace affix added.

    The Flying dragon has an attack speed of 1.15 where as the Furnace is at 1.0. While this does make for a little extra spell damage the loss of 15% base attack speed will reduce you survivability an equal amount. As this build already has an overwhelming amount of damage, toughness will be your biggest factor in advancing in rifts.

    Another reason for using the Flying Dragon over the Furnace is the Flying Dragon Affix is always 100%. The Furnace rolls all over the place for it's legendary affix(40-50% Damage buff). That's 80-100% potential power and that's just more RNG.

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    The answer is Monk, hands down. Everyone saying Demon Hunter and Barbarian are just but hurt about how much faster the Monk is than the Demon Hunter and the Barbarian this season.

    Saying it more does not make it more true.

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    Just reroll the Tempest Rush to Life per Hit.

    This is your only option. The weapon is just not a good candidate for a gift unfortunately.

    "This is not the Flying Dragon you are looking for." - Obi-Wan

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    I like the idea but you are limiting yourself on skills. I was thinking it could best be controlled by gear selection.

    Say you get two legendarys and everything else is blue(magic gear). This setup could potentially make hundreds of builds viable while removing overpowered sets from the equation. I think this idea would work well with anywhere from 2-4 legendarys.

    I have seen similar threads on this topic suggesting that if you were gearing with yellows or blues for these brawls, it would put a lot back into gear hunting. Now you are looking at every item instead of just busting everything blue and yellow without giving it a second look.

    The last hurtle is everyone to agree on something.

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    Just switch Strength to Dexterity and use it as is.

    Please take it from me. The weapon damage in this spec is trivial, the legendary affixes are what you are looking for. 600k damage is enough to get this spec clearing rifts in under 2 minutes.

    Don't go wasting Gifts on crap weapons when you are about to be getting 30-40 legendarys an hour!


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    I would just like to point out that the CDR from Goguk is severely diminished by the CDR you already have on your gear.

    I run anywhere from 48-58% CDR. At this point the Goguk is only adding 6-8% CDR on top of what you already have. The only major benefit to you would be if that it is the tipping point on perma-epiphany(dual wield build) or the 15% attack speed is what you are looking for.

    The 15% attack speed is what you will notice most as you should not be stacking it on your gear. Attack speed affects your healing, damage, and spirit regen(more damage).

    The Gizzard suffers from the same problem of diminishing returns once you get a double healing flying dragon. The gem goes from being 1/2 or 1/3 your healing to 1/5 or less. At this point you are fishing for Stonesinger's and a Mutilation Guard will be what you most likely need.

    I also like arcstarx's Idea of the Taeguk. The only problem being that if you drop stacks vs the rift guardian you my not be able to finish the rift, well alive anyways. The rift will still end.

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    Now do it with a Sever.

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    posted a message on What gems to use HC.
    Quote from panipants»
    "I had to obviously roll the Spirit regen off and make it Vitality, now i could roll that into Life per hit"

    I would have to say the Flying dragon will benefit more from the life per hit affix rather than vitality.

    I would also suggest dropping Gogok for Bane of the Trapped. BotT is strongest in slot for almost every build in the book. Too strong to leave out.

    You will have a hard time getting rid of the Gizzard as it is the only way to recover health out of battle.

    This is all assuming you are running the dashing strike build.

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    Using EP applies a buff to you for 3 seconds that increases EP damage by 500%. The death damage of exploding palm is based off the initial application damage. So, if exploding palm is applied during the 3 seconds buff, the death explosion will deal the desired 500% damage even after the buff has timed out as the monster was affected by the EP during the buff.

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    The monk bar none. The new Dashing Strike build has the potential to clear T6 rifts in under 30 seconds. It's not limited by movement speed like the Whirlwind or Strafe builds.


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    They say this because with the 4pc Sunwuko set you can have 500k DPS and still destroy T6.

    We don't even know if you use the right skills for T6.

    No Desert Shroud, No cool down reduction, no T6 for you sir.

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    posted a message on how to improve overall stability?

    I'm not sure what your total cooldown is but to get the full effect of the Akkahn set you will need 100% up time on the champ skill. That means 56% CDR and that means stacking more then 56% CDR in your gear. Stacking any stat has a diminishing effects as you gather more and more.

    Your problem could also be one of not having enough resource generation to get the damage out. I say this because looking at your gear I would expect you to hit around 50 million toughness, so I assume you are more then tough enough for grift 25-35.

    All the skill you have picked lend them selves to increasing burst damage than keeping up your wrath for that constant flow of horses.

    CDR will fix either of these problems along with the proper skills(Zealous Glare).

    Good luck and remember CDR is king of the Grift.

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    posted a message on Just got my 3pc SWK, where should I go from here?

    You may be in limbo untill you get the Sunwoko's amulet. Most of the T6 builds require the helm for a better in slot item.

    I feel you will also need better gloves and sockets in all your jewelery. The legendary gems are very powerful once leveled.

    And now that I give your profile a second look you don't even have full level basic gems in your gear.

    The one legendary gem you do have is not lvl 25.

    You are using a friggin yellow weapon.

    Not having the basics down and getting into T5.

    I ain't even mad.

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