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    posted a message on Last Chance Contest: Win 2 BlizzCon Tickets!
    I'm really looking forward to the new paragon system and some of the new affix on rings, it may sound silly, but it will be great for hardcore players!

    The new Paragon system will make your time mean something, even if you die you still have the Paragon exp and stats on the new char. The affix I'm thinking about is the 1 where you cheat death once, it's just great and it destroys the ring! This will help the market! even though we don't know how the market will look X)

    All in all, it looks great and I'm really looking forward to it
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    posted a message on A plea for help
    Hello all, I hit 60 with my first HC char not long ago, and now I'm slowly getting some Paragon lvls. I can maybe do allright on MP 1, so I what like to ask some nice people in the HC community, if they would like to help me farm 1 Hellfire ring. Any help would be appriciated.

    If not, then wooohooo! Shut out im 60! EU server ftw... or something
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    posted a message on Selling Uber boss portals
    I have 3 machines, that I'm selling for saturday. You make the group and decide MP lvl and ill open all 3 portals.

    If this sounds interesting, give me a message, peace out
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    posted a message on The duping begins
    Quote from Xpire

    I like how some peeps are so sure that this works/dosnt work and have no idea how to dupe or if its really happening. I mean It's quite possible and I'm not sure myself but when people say they are sure when they don't even comprehend the matter at hand i just facepalm.

    If you dont know dont be mad at others for not THINKING like you.

    But more to the matter in hand. I have searched for bows with that exact dmg and didnt see even one with that current damage or none thats close to that with the same affixex / dmg. So i think this is photoshoped but due to i play on Europe and this meybe is in a other server I'm not sure about it.

    But like i said it gets kinda... stupid when you sound so sure about a thing but in truth you have no clue.

    Regards Xpire.

    If you look in the beginning of this thread, there is a video of the bows...... So I don't know how it works, but im pretty sure it's not "photoshoped"
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    posted a message on LMFAO Natayla Set Set Bonus To Stay
    Quote from Barael

    Okay so realistic scenarios for getting 4 pieces of Natalya:

    a) Keep going like now, farming for loot a couple hours per day. With this amount of gold coming in, I'll never beat the gold inflation and will get the pieces (with questionable stats) through loot drops in maybe a year or two (if I'm lucky).

    B) Spend my whole summer vacation farming gold hardcore. I'll beat the gold inflation and maybe net enough gold to buy a couple pieces.

    c) Just go "fuck it" and spend a few work days worth of income in the RMAH and get 4 pieces instantly.

    It's sort of obvious what Blizzard would like me to do at this point, ain't it? What I'll actually do is:

    d) Go beat Diablo with current gear and quit Diablo except for occasionally leveling some alts when I feel like it.

    ..... what did you do in D2? Please, for the love of god, stop bitching! I haven't used RMAH, I don't have the best gear either, but good enought to beat Inferno. RMAH is NOT needet, unless you think they game is unplayable without the the top of the pop gear!?

    Go play HC! Thats my next challenge and the prices are much more reasonble and NO RMAHA (OMG) <----
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    posted a message on Kripp tips @Blizzard
    Quote from MasterFischer

    It's like sex bros.... the best sex isn't always centered around the orgasm, it's the sex itself, the situation, the feeling, the sensation.. and yes sometimes also because of the orgasm, but not nearly as always...

    Is that what the GF is telling you? ;)
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    posted a message on 800g
    Quote from Gaseraki

    Blizzard wants to cut back on gold within the game. They want you to pay for it using the RMAH

    They want gold to have a value, so economy works. jeez
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    posted a message on Diablo Inferno HC killed
    Quote from Arthadas

    is it comfirmed as first? or just first known to public? pretty sure asia did it like week ago

    And who is Asia?
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    posted a message on Man, what a d#[email protected]
    Quote from Mormolyce

    Quote from Stroggoz

    There is a very rare dialog about Leah opening an Inn. Dont try to look for the dialog tho, its extremely rare and only a few people have ever heard it. You probably wont encounter it until a few months.

    I've heard it twice IIRC.

    She also does a call-back to it later, which I didn't understand on my first playthrough as I hadn't heard her first dialogue.

    She says it ALL the time if you do the part with festering woods and Nephalem guardians, almost all the time!
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    posted a message on What insane items have u found in pony lvl?
    I found Andy's Visage with dex, must be the best thing I found. The best thing I sold, must be and ias ring, think 2,2 mill
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    posted a message on Barb + 1 Million Worth Of Gear = Acts 1, 2, 3
    Quote from Kiken

    I really appreciate the effort u put on your videos, but clearly this is not intended, i mean its just plain stupid for as to tank up as much as we can to even think to do Act II its just stupid...

    Here, look at my stats:

    I drop very fast when i come close to a whites pack on Act II, not even think of elites, they just 2 shot me...

    Its really lame to work all damn day an then come to my house to farm for maybe like 2 months or so to even have the gold necessary to go to Act II, pretty shitty by Blizzard.

    All i wanted to do was smash some monsters with a big weapon and im stuck with a shitty tank spec to farm act i lol...

    SOrry mate, but then Inferno is not for you. If you just wanna have fun smashing away, Hell is the place to do it. A stated before Inferno are for those who wants the biggest challenge and yes, I'm dying horrible in Inferno, just like I thought I would.
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    posted a message on Do You Miss Boss Runs?
    Quote from Aever1

    Being able to do a boss run with only 20 minutes of free time = Win.
    Having to run a truck load of content (with very little randomization btw) to reach a boss = Fail.

    First one is D2, second one is D3.

    You can still do those little boss runs, you just wont have a 5 stacks buff. To counter this, you could use MF gear, just like in D2?

    Back to the topic, I don't miss em because it's still boss runs, just with a longer bit in the begining.

    Do people even remember boss runs before runewords and all the bots? it wasn't that fun
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    posted a message on Power for money ? Is that ok with the D3 Community?
    Tell me, would you feel better if the items where bought from a 3 part?
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    posted a message on Buy Stormshield or wait for patch?
    Quote from SaracenS

    I farmed in game until I had enough to buy a 1710 dps 2hander ;)

    Picture please
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    posted a message on Inferno Belial Instagib
    Quote from Nyaldee

    Yet all "killed in a mere seconds" videos belong to DH, as well as their dps being miles ahead of wizards and wds. Just saying.

    I saw a WD doing Butcher in 9 seconds, the only reason DH has so high DPS, is because SS makes the calculator think you have 100% critt chance all the time. So yeah they have good damage, but only the starting burst
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