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    posted a message on Maltheal not Death? Lore Speculation (Spoilers?)
    At the end of the cinematic, Tyrael says to Malthael: "The Nephalem...will...stop YOU!" and Malthael responds: "No one...can stop...DEATH!" which implies that Malthael is indeed the personified Death, if you will.

    The expansion is called Reaper of Souls, and it seems that our title character is Malthael, because he's the Angel of Death. He reaps souls. At the end of the cinematic, he takes the Black Soulstone, which contains guess what...souls - seven of them. His cause could be just, which is why Tyrael's sword didn't hurt him. He wants to destroy the souls of the seven Lords of Hell. But of course, something will go wrong. :P Perhaps Malthael himself will consume the souls from the Soulstone, and then he will become Tathamet incarnate. Ahhhhh, speculations, speculations, speculations...
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    Umpa, you little devil! :d3d: I must say, this is refreshing. I haven't seen Diablo related artwork this good lately, which puts this immediately at the top of my fav list!

    Do you take requests? ;)
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    Thanks for mentioning it, no one replied in the thread you linked, so I guess I can take it here, if the OP is okay with that. :)

    It seems Leah's necklace plays a more important role than we actually realize, as it appears on the Book Of Cain! There is a much larger pic of the amulet/necklace on the back of the book, but I can't seem to find the pic. I could only find this one, with the necklace appearing on the side of the book:

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    Anyone noticed that Leah's necklace appears on the Book of Cain?

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    posted a message on Skyrim Bugs - What have you got
    Quote from Tenhi
    When is Thanks Giving? the patch is announced for the week after thanks giving...

    That would be this Thursday. I really hope they will stay true to their word and release the patch!

    I want to rotate my items and hear Max Von Sydow! :angry:
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    Quote from GhostLoad

    How do you screenshot while in Skyrim? :(

    I had trouble with this, too, but I figured it out!

    Go to My Documents/My Games/Skyrim and in it, you should see Saves folder, RendererInfo
    , Skyrim and SkyrimPrefs. Open Skyrim file using Note Pad (it should open it on default with it) and on the top, you will see this:

    sD3DDevice="Your graphic card model"

    Under that, just add bAllowScreenshot=1, and it's all set up! Use Print Screen to take screenshots. Enjoy! :)

    Here are my screens:

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    posted a message on 150 pics from Blizzcon, Mostly D3 related
    I think it's actually this guy! :)

    Also, Azmodan full body artwork:

    And I can't wait for this to be out:

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    posted a message on Closed Beta Has Begun!

    When I look at this video, I feel like I'm ages old, like some heavy burden was lifted from me. The end of the journey is upon us, Diablo Fans!
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    posted a message on Blizzard Hinting A Beta Date?
    Take a look at this page!

    Here's the rough translation from Google translator (those whose native language is German should take the liberty and try to translate this better ;)):

    The program schedule this year, many interviews with the persons named above (we strongly suspect all times that the visitors may again ask questions), a full orchestra that will play songs from the Blizzard games and much more. As a special surprise gamescom During car will be built on a street Rudolfplatz paintings of the "diabolical manner." There is so much to see. The entire program can read it here.

    So yeah, no beta announcement! :(
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