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    I'm leaving decisions like this up to Blizz.
    I don't want my ideal hero picked out for me.
    I want to have to learn and adapt to theirs.
    To step into their world and out of mine.
    The hell would I want to know my general plans of a build before I even buy it?

    But.. how the Hell does a Samurai not fit?
    You got a bitch with a bow, another casting spells.
    You got some dirty musclehead out of the mountains.
    You got a Crusader.
    You got a nutjob raising the dead and making hunks of flesh and shit.
    How does a man/woman specialized, highly trained and forever considered the most sophisticated of warriors NOT fit into Diablo III?
    Deckard Cain: "Why would I want you and your decades of training since a baby in the ways of a warrior? I'm picking the meathead from the fucking mountains as my heroic adventurer!"
    A Samurai makes all the sense in the world. Sanctuary and Earth.

    Some people should be squelched from posting.
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