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    Both diablo games have included a "stealth" type of character, the rogue in Diablo, and the Assassin in D2. But I never really thought the rogue was.. rogue-y enough, and the assassin was never assassin-y enough. I always felt like they were missing something.

    I was wondering, how do you think they will approach the stealth class in D3 ? What do you think they should include ? Should they use the previously established rogue or assassin, or go for something completely new ?

    Personally, I'm all for the assassin. She was a great addition to the game, she provided a mix of damage, and versatility. I always remember my martial arts assassin as being one of my most fun to play characters ^_^.

    Many people have been asking how these 2 characters are stealth based, and in truth, they aren't. Blizzard intended them to be stealthy, but failed. They are the closest thing to stealth characters that the Diablo games have. Stealth in diablo basically involved agility based characters, and characters that had to be more careful than the other classes in combat.

    And also, yes, the rogue is more similar to the amazon than to the assassin, but as I said, the rogue filled the "stealth" role in diablo.
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    Quote from "angelmaz" »
    Not me. I enjoyed the fact that wealth was accumulated through skillful trading and not mindless grinding. If gold is worth anything, some assholes with 12 hours a day to play will automatically become uber (remind you of any games? cough Wo..)

    I completely agree with that, the D2 economy was great.
    It gave the players more control over the game, it let them decide prices for items, and introduced bartering and trading.
    And yeah....people with no lives will become uber if the D3 economy is anything like WOW.
    Not to say that didn't happen in D2, but anyone could randomly stumble upon rare items, or rare runes.
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    posted a message on What to do until Diablo3?
    I'm playing Gothic 3 right now. The game itself was full of bugs...but with patches it's actually an incredible game. I'd highly reccomend it to anyone who enjoys massive amounts of freedom, and great storyline. It's pretty much oblivion.... but better.
    Also playing Eastern Sun diablo, that was a great mod ^_^.
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    I'm also pretty worried that they're going to lean towards the warcraft style.
    The thing that really got me going was the massive shoulder plates... Dunno why but it just screamed "warcraft" at me.
    I really wish that Blizzard would take some artistic advice from Blizzard North, even if they are gone.
    I'm still going to buy the game tho, no matter how much they butcher the graphics:P
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    Quote from "Daemaro" »
    They'll just have to make sure to stay above half health. :P

    Im pretty sure he only does that when people are real low on health.

    Thanks, ruin my hilarious mental image. :(

    But yeah, that does make alot more sense than him randomly eating people.
    I'm glad to see that bosses have more ways to kill you, it will make the game a whole lot more interesting to play.
    I know I'll be spending a lot of time dying over and over near him just to see all the ways he can hand your ass to you. :D
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    With that seigebreaker assault beast ripping off heads ( Watch the gameplay video! ), D3 hardcore is going to be incredible.
    I can already picture thousands of players screaming at their monitors after that thing finishes eating their face.
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    posted a message on Where is God in the Diablo Universe
    Finally joined the forum !
    I wanted to throw in my 2 cents. :)

    I'm defineately on the fence when it comes to religion. I'm open to the concept of a higher power, but i don't beleive in organized religion.
    Organized religion has done more bad than good in the world, while the idea of god has helped many people get through life, even if his existence is questionable.

    About the whole "world created in 6 days" thing, that's bull in my opinoin.

    As for God in the diablo universe, I doubt that he will be included. That would be a subject that Blizz would stay the hell away from. It would be quite interesting if he was put into the game however, I would really like to see how they would fit him into the game, as well as how they thought he looks. Knowing blizzard he would have some badass armor on..maybe a hammer the size of a small child.
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