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    Zippy, allow me to apolagize on behalf of the forums for the fact that the only defense the pk bullies can come up with is the 12 year old's equivalent of "STFU n00b." Not all pkers are like this. I'm not.

    edit: And murderface, plz keep me posted on how the duel ends up. Better yet, get me a screenie of his corpse. I need a new background. :-)
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    That is what Tyreal would look like if diablo 3 was at all like wow like people claim... I see why they would be pissed. Was that just a re-skinned dwarf? Damn, how the mighty have fallen. Lol Deckard Cain song ftw
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    Quote from "Luckmann" »

    It's already SETTLED that the Barbarian we're going to play is the exact same character & person as the Diablo II Barbarian. I don't like it. It's ridiculous and inconsistant, but it's the truth. It's already been settled. It's ON THE VERY LAST PAGE PRIOR TO THIS ONE!

    All I'm asking is that you don't start posting and beating on dead horses before you've READ or DONE A BLOODY SEARCH!

    /agreed, but slightly more quietly
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