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    Hmm alright something bad, well the bumps on some of the areas on my body aren't THAT important RIGHT!!!!???? jk jk. I just learned that I got the dread and HATED blue screen on my old laptop and now I have to wait until next paycheck to get another one
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    My first quick reply everyone hahaha. I like all the evidence you put out there, now we all know if they don't make number 3 blizzard will be getting bombs in the mail from most of us RIGHT!!!!??? They will make it though, the market is ready for it and also the players are very demanding of it, there was rumor though that the entire gameplay would be changed. Even as far at to try and make it 1st. person RPG. If this happens then I will turn into Mephisto and rain down on them with all my ungodly strength MUWHAHAHA
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