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    posted a message on Best weapons for 2.4 Invoker build

    Bear in mind that the slight boost to attack speed from the Pig Sticker is probably quite minimal in terms of what you can actually achieve in the build. You'll probably get more benefit from augmenting an ancient item or two and using a hack than simply changing weapon from hack to pig sticker.

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    posted a message on What to cube when you don't have blood brother?

    For speed runs I've been using a Swiftmount as my main weapon, then an In-Geom in the cube for further cooldown reduction.

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    posted a message on Diablo 3 reaper of souls paragon chart 101-200
    You can manually boost pickup radius? That will be awesome for some skills which rely on pickup radius (Witch Doctor!)
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    posted a message on New Paragon discussion.
    Should take the XP from the most advanced character of each class and combine it that way.
    If you have a PL 100 Barb, then you gain nothing by levelling it more, and you need to use another class to make any future gains for the new expansion.
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    posted a message on New Paragon discussion.
    My assumption was that points are account wide and "gaining a point" would be effectively gaining a point for each character.
    I assumed the characters shared stats, but that would simply mean resetting and re-tweaking when you change characters.

    As for the infinite levels, I assume the Core/Attack/Defense stats will have caps on them (the 50 for each core as shown) but the Utility Stats (at least some of them) being infinite (Magic Find, Gold Find) so once you've maxed out all your stats, you can still have gains from increasing your paragon level, but if you're going from 500% to 501% gold/magic find, then obviously it's very diminishing returns.
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    posted a message on Converting the paragon levels - Your thoughts?
    If you do it by total experience, it encourages people to keep playing with their higher leveled characters (which have higher stats thanks to the current Paragon system)

    For that reason I assume it will be done by total Paragon Levels. If/when they announce this, it will encourage people to get each slot of 10 characters to roughly the same Paragon Level, because of the diminishing returns.
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    posted a message on PS3 Preorder Item Infernal Helm in Gamestop
    Helmets are an integral part of your gear selection, and part of an important set (for Witch Doctors, at least) If they include Paragon Levels (which I *think* they've said they are) does this point to individual pieces of gear being able to be upgraded?

    Or, is the infernal helm a mod to any helmet you are wearing that gives +xp?
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    posted a message on Multiplayer vs Extra Monster Power (Single Player)
    Further to this, now that Nephalem Valor stacks are multiplicative, we have new values to consider when a player is at 5 NV stacks.

    The below tables assume that a player is not wearing any +XP% gear.

    Running at Monster Power 7 with 4 players gives you more experience than previously running Monster Power 10.

    MP7 (4 player) 1253x2.5 = 3132.5% Monster Health
    MP10 (Single Player) = 3439% Monster Health

    If you spend most of your time running at 5 NV stacks, then it is much better to team up with more players (for a pure experience point of view, completely ignoring the fact that monsters become relatively easier, and the bonuses to MF and GF)

    I'm unsure as to whether this multiplicative bonus applies to gear you are wearing as well. If it does, all the better for XP grinding, if not, then a 31% gem in the helm makes a relatively smaller amount of difference.
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    posted a message on Multiplayer vs Extra Monster Power (Single Player)
    I've just gotten into this, and am wondering about the worth of playing 4 player multiplayer on the same monster power vs going up a monster power in 1.08. This is the XP for Monster Power in Inferno

    Monster Power XP 1 Player XP 4player Monster Health 1 Player Monster Health4 player Magic Find 1 Player Magic Find 4 Player
    MP 1 1.25 162.50% 1.5 3.75 1.25 1.55
    MP 2 1.50 195.00% 2.25 5.625 1.5 1.8
    MP 3 1.80 234.00% 3.26 8.15 1.75 2.05
    MP 4 1.01 131.56% 4.57 11.425 2 2.3
    MP 5 2.65 344.50% 6.39 15.975 2.25 2.55
    MP 6 3.15 409.50% 8.95 22.375 2.5 2.8
    MP 7 3.75 487.50% 12.53 31.325 2.75 3.05
    MP 8 4.40 572.00% 17.55 43.875 3 3.3
    MP 9 5.20 676.00% 24.57 61.425 3.25 3.55
    MP 10 6.10 793.00% 34.39 85.975 3.5 3.8

    Taking the health out of the data gives the following graph (With health values being so high it makes the other values indistinguishable)

    The magic find bonuses are constant

    Most notably, doing 4 player runs of 1 monster power, always gives you more XP AND more magic find, than going up to the next monster power solo. Ignoring monster health (which is pointless because you need to factor that in) it is always better to do 4 player assuming you can.

    When it comes to monster health, 4 player on 1 monster power gives monsters 1.6 to 1.8 times more health than going single player on the next monster power (MH4player [MP] / MH1Player [MP+1])

    If you deal the same amount of damage, you can afford the other 3 players to be 55.5-60% of your ability (each), and you should clear at exactly the same speed, whilst gaining more XP, and having more Magic Find and Gold Find.

    Conclusion As it stands, whatever Monster Power you are currently doing, when 1.08 hits, do it multiplayer. If you have a 200KDPS character, you can afford to have 3x130K DPS characters (ignoring any multiplayer benefits you may receive, including increased protection from damage from shouts)
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    posted a message on Combatting Item Devaluation in 1.0.5
    Just keep it in your battle net account and not your paypal account. Only lose 15% not 30%. You lose the potential to cash it out in the future, but get an extra 15%.
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    posted a message on Fiery Brimstone price is going sky high
    Prices fluctuate with new information, regardless of how accurate it is.
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    posted a message on Luckiest dude ever??
    I started a game at the Core of Arreat, was about to TP to change my gear, but a hulking phasebeast was about to hit me, so I killed him, the first monster of that game, and he dropped a legendary (think it was Firewalkers)
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    posted a message on Lets make a list, what to fix?
    To fix crafting.

    How about making it that the random properties on crafted gear (or maybe just crafted rares) can be any property, and not limited to the item type. This way, you could potentially craft Belts/Shoulders with Crit Chance/Crit Damage, or craft Weapons with Crit Chance, Armor and All Resistance.

    I still think the crafting costs are way too high for the potential reward you can get, and they costs either need to be reduced, or have some sort of tool to minimise the randomness of items.
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    posted a message on Max MF MP1 Quick Run build
    I've created a build that I don't really have a proper name for.

    I wanted to start farming MP1 (for consistency across acts) with as much MF as possible, going through as quickly as possible. I originally started to go with high int/vit as a build, without going for Crit, but after much testing it's a lot more efficient to go with a crit build.

    The whole idea behind this build is to simply slay through mobs and travel as quickly as possible, using Grave Injustice to assist with this.

    Passive Skills:
    Pierce the Veil
    Grave Injustice - Whenever an enemy dies within 8 yards, regain 2% of your maximum Life and Mana and the cooldown on all of your abilities is reduced by 1 second. This range is extended by items that increase your gold pickup radius.
    Gruesome Feast

    Active Skills:
    LMB: Firebomb (Ghost Bomb)
    RMB:Zombie Charger (Zombie Bears)
    1:Spirit Walk (Jaunt)
    2: Soul Harvest (Swallow your soul)
    3: Zombie Dogs (Life Link)
    4: Gargantuan (Humangoid)

    With Grave Injustice, you can travel really quickly between packs, and depending on your gear you kill really really quickly. I've got a cheap build going so I don't have much survivability. Because you use Zombie Bears a lot you want to be regaining mana as much as possible. Using a Thing of the Deep you have a 28 yard effect for grave injustice which helps, but Gruesome Feast helps with this as well.

    Because you slaughter enemies really quickly, your Spirit Walk takes much less than 12 seconds to reset (15 -3 that it is active for). Using Soul Harvest to also regain mana (and deal loads more damage) is also great.

    How much MF you need depends on what Paragon Level you are, so you can trade out gear as you need it.

    For this build, the key item is a one handed weapon with high crit damage and a socket. Most likely everyone has one of these. Mine is a 875 dps sword with 83% Crit damage and a 100% emerald socketed. It also has 197 INT (got very lucky with this)

    For the item slots which can have Critical Hit Chance, you want to get as close to maximum as possible with these, and get some MF on them.

    For all other gear, you're looking for 3 key stats. Magic Find, All Resistance, and Vitality. Depending on your weapon

    The two exceptions for gear are the Helmet and the Off-Hand. For the Helmet, search for a Zunimassa's Mask with MF. They are very cheap (I picked one up for less than 50K gold) and the boost to Maximum Mana is great.

    For the off-hand, search for a Thing of the Deep with Magic Find. The 20 yard pickup radius is key, and worth the 1.5% sacrifice in Critical Hit Chance.

    I wish I had a video, because I clean through packs really quickly, and having 395% MF on MP1 with 5 NV stacks is pretty sweet.
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    posted a message on Best farming class with budget gear?
    I'm in the middle of getting a decent MF set for my Witch Doctor. I'm Paragon Level 18 and am just buying some gear for very cheap (less than 50k/piece) and am going to try farm MP1. I'm not going for a crit build, just searching for Int/Vit/All Res gear with a high MF. And, combined with my follower and due to my Paragon Level, I can go down to 18MF on gear and get some decent damage dealing, yet survivable gear.
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