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    This is a little starter kit for everyone who has a stream, or considers to build a new stream. Therefore I provide some D3 aligned graphics, which can be used to improve the visual appearance of a stream.

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    More stuff is coming soon...

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    after some pottering, handicrafts and several months of testing internally (stream / clan / friends), I like to make the tool countONme available for an larger public.
    The main functionality of this tool, as the title suggests, is to count your legendaries. It provides a graphical interface including several variations. But the striking feature is the online mode. So you can share your own counter-value with your friends and a list of values of all participants is displayed. In this way it is very easy to count your legendaries (and possibly make the visible in your stream) and furthermore start a private legendary-competition where all intermediate results can be tracked live.

    Download: http://countonme.idea-cloud.de/countONme_2_1_1_9.zip

    Note: Unfortunately some browsers (cause of the executable in the ZIP) or antivirus-softwares (cause UPX-compression-signature is reported by some heuristics in general) seem to show up false-positive warnings. I can guarantee that neither a virus nor malware is included.


    • At least Windows XP (Internet Explorer 5).
    • [optional] Diablo 3 in windowed / windowed fullscreen modus, if the counter should be placed on top of the game.

    • Download countONme .
    • Extract all the included files. If necessary make sure, that no program file is blocked by your antivirus-software of firewall. Otherwise the values can't be exchanged.
    • Launch countONme.exe -> the graphical interface (you can drag and drop it to the desired position) and a tray-icon (right bottom) are displayed.
    Basic usage:

    • Rightclick at the tray-icon in order to display the menu-dialog. All settings can be made here (counter-type (legendary, death, keys, ancient legendaries, ...), sound, ...).
    • Increase the counter-value by F8 and decrease it by F5.
    • Once the counter-value is changed, all values are stored in count.txt and onlinecount.txt respectively. (this makes it possible to use the values in other programs (e.g. OBS))

    • Set an online-name. This name is diplayed besides your value in the list.
    • Set an online-tag. The online-tag is a name / identifier of your counter. All participants using the same online-tag are displayed in the same list. In order to start a new counter (online mode), just invent an online-tag (combination of characters and digits (e.g.: CounterCompetition24012014)) and provide it to all participants. Online-mode is disabled if the online-tag is empty.
    • [optional] If you want to compete in teams against each other, you can specify a team name. All participants with the same team name will receive a joint team value. If the team name is left blank, the team functionality will be disabled.
    Since this tool neiter interacts with Diablo 3 nor reads its memory, there is no violation of any terms of use.

    I hope you like this tool and you can make use of it. For questions, suggestions and further ideas simply send an email to [email protected].

    Have fun and good loot

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