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    Quote from Syllix

    OK I'm gonna keep it plain and (hopefully) simple here. I'm a hobbyist music producer, and am about to purchase myself an iMac, primarily using Logic and Ableton. But I would love it if it was able to play Diablo 3. I want more utility out of the iMac than just a Digital Audio Workstation. So rather than buying 2 computers (one for music, 1 for gaming - which would be stupid and too expensive), I'm wondering if this particular iMac will able able to handle playing Diablo 3, on say, medium graphics all around. I know my way around sound and music and computers, but when it comes to these video cards, It seems I can't get a straight answer out of any website or forum, or review. Please help me out guys before I make my purchase! I hate to ask this kind of question here but, hey, it IS general "intelligent" discussion. Thanks in advance!

    Specs (the ones that matter, at least) for the iMac:

    -21.5" iMac, Resolution: 1920 by 1080 pixels, 1TB HD
    -3.2GHz Intel Core i3 processor with 4MB level 3 cache; supports Hyper-Threading
    -ATI Radeon HD 5670 graphics processor with 512MB of GDDR3 memory

    Some higher end video cards will actually slow down DAW performance (Heat dissipation, power consumption, etc). I've always gone with two machines. One for music, one for games. But I really think there's more important aspects to focus on for using your DAW for other purposes, and getting the most out of it (Dual Drives / External Drives, RAM, etc)

    You figure the specs for Diablo III should be similar to SC2, so if you have a computer that can run that it should, theoretically, run Diablo III as well.
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    Quote from "Kwic" »
    But i meant that those who loved Diablo 1/2 graphics shouldn't say that they love Diablo3 graphics as it is totally different. So we don't talk about taste. Coz taste would be : i didn't like Diablo 1/2 but i like Diablo3 OR i liked diablo 1/2 but i don't like diablo3. I just think you shoulnd't say that you love shit and then you claim that you love vanilla. How can you love them both? You can love one and like another one if so.

    ...people aren't allowed to like, or love, many things? Since when?

    Most gamers play different games because they love different aspects of each game.

    I love what UEIII games do in terms of graphics, and especially love the sound and music mod friendly aspect.

    I loved the graphics behind Okami and thought they were beautiful.

    I loved the graphics in Gears of War, as they were gritty and really set the atmosphere.

    I don't even know how to counter argue that...because...it's common sense.

    I mean graphics only, nothing else. The thing that Diablo1 and 2 was different than other games was graphics and atrocity. When i wrote that Diablo3 looks the same as other games i meant other RPG and H&S games where the graphics is very similar. I don't see the difference between them. Some one difference to say that it's unique game like previous series. Where did you have so much blood, atrocity and dark places? I don't remind such a game before (maybe i didn't notice). And here what we have? Colourful background with vanish corpses and no bodies hanging on the trees. It looks like other games, just. Do you want me find screenshots? I'm sorry i didn't give you NOW as coz i have pretty much to reply and i want you to get reply as fast as i can write it. But if you will insist on screenshots i will certainly post them for you. But mind you, i mean that Diablo3 doesn't look unique as previous series. And that is why i'm complaining about it.
    Yes, I would like screenshots as well showing that Diablo 3 looks like "every other game". The last time I looked at a game and went, "Ya know, this looks just like an oil painting only brutal and brought to life" was...never.

    Diablo I and II didn't really "look" all that different from other games. Mainly because of technology. They all looked pixelated and "grungy".

    No no, it's not like that. I can accept opinions of even C,D,E etc. but they have to tell me why they think like that, it's first, and second is that they CAN say that they loved some of previous series and they like D3. I really don't mind someone like D3. Even Love the look of it. But if sb's love previous one, can't love this one as it looks totally different, and those who claim that they LIKE this one (as they loved previous), are right to claim so. I did kinda mess now, but i hope you understand my point, if you don't i'm sorry. I will try to do this better next time ;)
    Again, people can like a lot of things.

    However, people really liked Diablo because of it's gameplay and it's mechanics. Because the gameplay is still there in part III people will "love" it as well.

    Ah, so maybe you want a screen to help you out?
    No need, I gave you one.


    Yea, if you have 2 minutes more you would tell me that the background is same cruel as Diablo 2 background and you never seen so scary game before.
    Diablo wasn't scary.
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    Quote from "Kwic" »
    You are right with what you wrote here, but you will not tell me that more detailed textures are impossible to do? ;)

    The textures are detailed, they're just not detailed to your liking.


    The detail is in the cracks in the ground, the cement look of the floor, the statues and bricks, etc. (Also, there's no green glow *gasp!*)

    It retains the feel of a painting, which would make it seem 2D, but in a 3D world.

    Simply put: Art - Brought to life.

    And it's impossible to make sth similar to light radius known from D2?

    Some of us didn't like the light radius, myself included. Call me crazy but I'd actually like to see the world, the environments, and the art in the game. Not let it be shrouded and covered up in blackness.

    And pastel colours are necessary too? Like hand painted.

    Exactly, a painting. Many employees, current and ex, have stated that the painting look was to retain a 2D feel. From the color palette to presentation. The very fact you acknowledge this means they artist did their job.

    I'm not specialist about it, but i think it can be done in different way, more Diablo-look way.

    Diablo was more than a "look", as the looks changed throughout each game and each act. It's about lore, character, mood setting, and more.

    It was generally about his statement that faith is all what we need (he didn't write that with Diablo, but generally). The rest you wrote is a bit exaggerated.

    Nobody exaggerated anything. You made the horrible analogy, not us. We're talking about faith in a developer that has never let it's fans down. Who demands quality from every title they publish. Whose games are loads of fun to play for years to come. Certainly something to have "faith" in.

    If gameplay qualifies your ratings then why are you worried about look? You realize they're two different things, right?

    Textures are lack of details, colours are pastel-like, hand-painted, colours could be a little bit more desaturated, i don't like catacombs with green light not knowing where from, lack of bodies around and it looks like sb clean the place up everyday, everything is very smooth like baby's ass. Enough?

    See above.
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    Quote from "Kwic »
    '>Tell it to kids in Africa who have nothing to eat and drink. I'm sure they will understand you.

    Because having faith in a game developer equates to starving children in Africa.

    Everything else Kwic said

    I have to say, the more and more Blizzard talks about this the more humorous it all gets.

    Blizz: "We give you, Diablo 3!"
    Fans: "WTF IS THIS SHIT?! This is not Diablo! Look at those colors!"
    Blizz: "Um...Diablo II had colors too?"
    Fans: "Well...the rainbows! There's no rainbows in Diablo!"
    Blizz: "Yeah, we uh...we put them there on purpose. To piss you off"
    Fans: "But the grittyness is gone!"
    Blizz: "Here's a technical reason why..."
    Fans: "If only the guys at Blizz North could see this! They'd hate it!"
    Blizz North: "We think it looks great!"
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    Quote from "Luckmann" »
    That doesn't mean that he does. Pardo is not the Lead Designer for Diablo III, which is what you said he was - his job is much more general in the sense that he's not just responsible for Diablo III.

    Funny, I don't remember saying he was soley responsible for Diablo III's duties.

    As a matter of fact I just said he's the lead designer, as his title dictates. As well as with whatever else Blizzard puts out.

    If you're trying to insinuate that he has no influence in the Diablo team, then I'd like to know where the hate comes from.

    Unless of course...he's...ya know...a lead designer...calling just as many, if not more, shots than Jay.
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    Quote from "Luckmann" »
    Wrong. Jay Wilson is Lead Game Designer for Diablo III. Rob Pardo was Lead Designer for World of Warcraft. Now he's "Executive Vice President of Game Design" at Blizzard - a much more general position.

    General how? Being the "Vice President" of "Game Design" for the entire company it'd be safe to say that he's the one man even Wilson has to answer to, along with the rest of the team. The one who calls the big shots and ultimately gives a yay or nay for whatever decisions Jay comes up with.

    So to say he's not a designer on DIII would be bull, and the "true fan" (I use that term very lightly) outcry further proves the point.

    And yes. He's the anti-christ of Blizz Oldschool.

    If you say so
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    Quote from "Luckmann" »
    A lot of people are calling a lot of different shots, but the higher you go, the greater the influence becomes dependant on their level of involvment.

    So.. yes.

    Add to that the Rob Pardo is also a lead designer on the game. No doubt he has a greater influence over the entire team. Which means a new Art Director position (Which could just mean they need more) doesn't mean much.

    Cause...ya know...Pardo is the Anti Christ...er something. So I've been told by the "true fans" anyway.
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    Quote from "Luckmann" »
    While that's entirely correct (afaik) and I do agree with you (tool indeed), I get the vibe that.. well, seems to me someone either got fired, or someone got pissed and left.

    Personally, I think it's the former. Art Director is a Rembrandt, and paints a Rembrandt. His Lead Designer is a Salvador Dali, and wants to drink absinthe and do coke.

    You do know the director calls all the shots, right? Saying yay or nay to what goes in the game.

    But im pretty sure he was the lead designer at WoW, then got the art director spot for D3. but i could be wrong.

    Yes, you're wrong.

    Personally, i don't even think that job opening is related to the discussion we're having.

    Chances are it's not.
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    Quote from "Kenzai" »
    1) Check the old posts with an objective wiev, then tell me whos being an ass.


    2) Wow your actually being more of an ass if you look at those words. Whining? LOL
    So...you do have experience in game design and know what's practical when things are put in motion, rendered in 3D? You're a full fledged artist that knows what art will work in a game, and not just some kid with a cracked copy of photoshop thinking he knows what's best?

    3) Sure the game has to please as many people as possible, and the old fans are one of the important parts. There are even senior members around here who think the game needs improvement in several aspects.
    Again, you can't please everyone. Just because senior members here aren't happy with it doesn't mean anything really. It means...senior members aren't happy with it. Nothing more, nothing less.

    4) So the game is made to please half of the fans or what? Theres a way to please both sides.
    No there's not. It seems most of those unhappy with the game are unhappy regardless of what's said by Blizzard in an attempt to calm the Diablo Fanboy Defense Force.

    5) Not MY opinion. Yeah, not fact either, but well mass opinion. Cant be overseen.
    ...mass opinion is still opinion.

    But, again, mass opinion doesn't equal fact. Take a look at the various religions around the world for further proof.

    6) Again, whos being an ass? The pauldrons in Diablo II (just a damn example) are kickass AND realistic. Why change it to this?
    Because it's your opinion they look fine, and they shouldn't fix what isn't broken. Other people think otherwise.

    Creepsville's apprentice... :rolleyes:
    I don't even know any of the members here so that's a bit...moot. My line in regards to that was more in a joking manner anyway.

    Oh, and welcome to the forum.
    And what a welcome you've given.

    Whats actually everyone problem with making improvements in the game like better lighting, models, animations etc.?
    Because "better" is subjective.
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    Quote from "Kenzai" »
    Well if i say something in a normal manner you dont understand it, and if i use exaggerations you act like that.

    How i the hells am i going to make you understand?

    By not being a condescending ass.

    Since when did debating include being an ass to people? What the hell ever happened to a civil debate? Hell, atleast Luck even had more respect.

    Im only giving examples, you dont seem to understand that. Am i supposed to make the game or what? I am -No, we are- trying to guide, not make the game.

    The problem when ignorant people try to "guide" others on how to do their job is that nothing is practical. You're "guidance" comes off as mindless rants and whining.

    There's a reason others are game designers and you're not. It's because they know what's practical and what works. While you just create ill conceived theories in photoshop, back handing the artist that get paid to do what they do.

    Guide to what many people would like to have, and its their job to find a way to please both sides.

    It's their job to make a great game, as is the job of all game developers. It's not their job to please everyone. Any game designer will tell you that, and Blizzard has said it themselves.

    I want contrast, but what i see in the game isnt really a good contrast and im %100 sure that there are a lot of people who would like to agree with me here.

    And there's a lot of people who don't.

    What's your point?

    Great colors and dark themes is great but they have a lot of work to do to absolutely reach that. NOT my opinion, there are others etc. etc. (I think i have to add that after every paragraph to make some people understand better.)

    It is your opinion, and the opinion of others. Just because the masses have the same opinion doesn't make the opinion fact.

    Those pauldrons dont look badass at all. And there are others who think like me, you know.

    So? There's others that do think they look cool, such as myself and others on this very forum.

    You seem to be stuck in a heard mentality. That if everyone in your group believes what they say is true then it must be true! Thankfully the world doesn't work like that. Perhaps you should try thinking out of the box, and thinking for yourself for a change.

    You're like Luck's apprentice...only a bad one.
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    Quote from "Luckmann" »
    Loosing a job is a bad thing? Not necessarily.

    Jobs tend to provide income, and losing that income tends to be bad.

    I'm not going into the philosophical debate of how it can be "good", finding a better job, blah blah. It's pretty clear that the people you've mentioned enjoy where they are. Wishing them to be fired due to your ill liking of them is slightly childish, and over all not needed.

    But it would be such a boring forum if everyone went "I don't like this." or "I like that." and "I don't agree." and nothing else. Where's the passion? Where's the discourse? Where's the linguistic ACTION?
    Agree'd, it would be boring. But the fight it old and tiresome. Reading post after post of crying. Reading post after post of you correcting peoples own opinions, explaining why their opinion is wrong.

    When people on the internet start debating about the physical properties of a rainbow in a game and if it's scientifically accurate due to lighting angles then it's time to unplug and find a hobby.

    There's a difference between being passionate towards something and eerily obsessed with something. Something such as a made up virtual fantasy world.

    Seriously though, the "large" shoulderpads on the Necromancer are much more ornamental than anything else. I wouldn't even consider those huge skulls shoulder pads.
    Ah, good response!

    "Those don't count, they're just for looks!"

    I was always a fan of Rembrandt, rather than Salvador Dali, myself.

    Now I'm almost a bit let down! :( You said you've read so many of my posts!
    Indeed. Most are forgettable repeats of everything else that's been said since the games announcement.

    I don't like WoW. I make no secret about that, but I don't mind it's art direction anymore. I just don't think it should be a part of the Diablo IP.
    Was there as much fuss in the community when WoW was released? Because there's obvious things stolen from the Diablo series.

    Which is also a whole 'nother topic! Go figure! :cool:
    Not really. My replies to you are simple: Stop correcting peoples opinions just because they clash with yours. Some people like the way the game looks. It's shocking, I know. It's relevant to the thread at hand because people have been expressing their opinions in which you quickly rush in and slap their hand telling them no.

    Now, should I expect another round with you? You strike me as the type that always has to get the last word in and just won't let things be.
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    Quote from "Luckmann" »
    I don't wish THESE particular people any harm. I just want them fired for what I percieve to be the greater good.

    I didn't say "harm" I said "ill". Meaning anything bad. Losing a job is a bad thing. There's no doubt that they'd find other jobs. But why want them fired because they're not to your liking, or for some "greater good" - whatever that may or may not be.

    And as usual, I'm just voicing my opinion. If you feel.. whatever the word is.. offended? Condescended?
    No, I am not offended by you nor do I feel belittled by you. Considering this is our first encounter. I was merely making a statement of observation.

    But enough about me. Who are you,
    Text on your screen.

    Except possibly the light you put me in; I'm not deliberately being condescending.
    Deliberate or not, you are. Your post tend to be in the, "No, you don't understand. Let me explain it to you" manner. Which is fine when it comes to factual information. But an opinion is neither wrong nor right. Telling them they don't understand their opinion and why it's wrong is talking down to them as if they have the brain capacity of a two year old.

    There were insanely oversized shoulderpads in D1 and D2? I didn't see them. They were big in D2, on the barbarian, yes - but the Barbarian was a huge dude, the shoulderpads actually fit him.
    The Necro has some larger than average shoulder pads as well. No, I'm not going to post pictures.

    But, regardless, if the large shoulder pads fit the Barb in the first two games what's wrong with the direction in the third? He's still quite large. Are they not fitting anymore?

    True. But that doesn't mean that people would swallow it if Batman suddently sported a pink tanga, skulking the night, hunting down the forces of darkness with his care-bear-stare. ;) It's about a sense of internal realism, not about a factual "physical" reality, just like I couldn't care less what way a rainbow faces, depending on hemisphere and angle. :)
    The point was that in a fantasy world things tend to be romanticized. Weapons and armor blown up in proportion, colors changed, etc. You do that, artistically, for many reasons. But also because it just "looks cool" (from a personal view anyway).

    It seems the only thing people have against them is that they are too "WoWish". Because that's all the arguments are when it comes to the art direction/graphics, or whatever you want to call it. Many of them being hypocritical in their arguments in the first place.

    "I hate WoW, it's so dumb and childish! That's why I've never played it"

    However, the WoW issue is a whole 'nother topic really. The point of my posts have been to tell you what I've said above.
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    Quote from "Luckmann" »
    I happen to know that out of the people that buy pastries from this specific sub-section of this bakery at this time, 52000 don't like raisins.

    And I'm not whining like a baby to make them throw away the old cake, or ask them to bake another cake entirely. I just want them to make cakes without raisins. There's plenty of cakes with raisins for those that like raisins, I argue. But I also argue that it's entirely up to the bakery to decide wheter or not they want to sell me the cake without the raisins, and sell the raisin-cakes to other customers, or even bake two cookies of the same type; one without raisins and one with raisins.

    It's the bakers bakery. For years that baker has ran a very successful bakery due to the choices that they've made and the products they put out. If you do not like the products that the bakery puts out, you have the right to seek out another baker. Be it a good decision on the bakers part, or a bad one, they still choose to put whatever they see fit into their products.

    No need to be the customer in the bakery crying about raisins when you can easily seek out other bakers who don't put raisins in their cakes.

    I've read these boards for a while now. It seems that every time someone voices their opinion on why the game should stay the way it is you feel the need to come in here with your believed superior intellectual skills and be condescending to other members and their opinions. Talking down to them as if they're a child who misunderstands everything. Presenting long over analyzed diatribes about why X is wrong, but that it could all be solved by a few self suggested tweaks. Even going so far as to saying employees at Blizzard should be fired, because they're not of your liking. Nothing says maturity like wishing ill on someone else.

    Never once have you stopped to consider that it could be you who is wrong. After all, what you present is merely just another opinion to the argument.

    But, alas, I expect you to respond in your typical manner. A lengthy novel sized post about how I'm wrong and why. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if you wrote me a few paragraphs on the physical properties of raisins and how they shouldn't be in cake in the first place.

    Diablo is, and always has been, a fantasy game. I expect to see many fantasy elements, just as their were in the first two games - including over-sized shoulder pads.

    Frank Miller said it best:

    "People are attempting to bring a superficial reality to superheroes which is rather stupid. They work best as the flamboyant fantasies they are. I mean, these are characters that are broad and big. I don't need to see sweat patches under Superman's arms. I want to see him fly."
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