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    Quote from "DaChinz" »
    I don't quite see why anyone would think an "e-petition" would do anything.

    While it certainly cannot force them to do something, it can show that people are upset with their decisions.

    And they can choose to ignore them to feed the WoW population.
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    Quote from "madeyez" »
    I 100% agree with ya. I was planning on posting something similar but you saved me the trouble. =) Of course, assuming the item is legit. I work for a living. If the item is like really rare, I wouldn't mind dishing out like (no more than $100) to buy it. Better that than spending a month magic finding for it. I am a casual gamer. I play the game for fun. But those people spending more than hundreds, thousands of dollars for virtual items, those bastards.

    See how that works?

    Poor people jealous of me.
    Me jealous of richer people.
    Richer people jealous of even richer people..
    so on!

    And when you get banned for it, you cry like a baby.

    You're not a casual gamer, you're a cancerous gamer.
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