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    Quote from Nachten»

    Quote from Bagstone»

    "it seems to be that the vocal minority is quite strong on this one with the urge to fight back to defend their botting. "

    Quote from Bagstone (Page 2)

    "Our letter and this thread is about botting. I don't think there are two different opinions about bots (unless you're a botter), something you cannot say about other issues."

    Meanwhile by your own words those of us calling for ALL CHEATERS to be punished "are defending our botting". I have to say that is disappointing especially coming from you.

    We're not talking about solutions to the problem, we're not talking about anything around the issue, we're talking about botting.

    So whats your opinion on a solution? Paragon Cap in Season? Captcha like mentioned so often? Something else?
    I*m realy interested to hear something additional than all this already mentioned stuff.

    First off I don't know if there is a 100% viable solution to the problem since Blizzard has let it get so far out of hand as it stands today.

    If Blizzard can truly detect Bots, and not just "bot like behavior" then at least we have a starting point. However if they just go after anyone who has 12 plus hours of playtime a day for example, then you could be banning a great number of legitimate players mistakenly. People go on binges with this game, they leave the game on and sit in menus for 6 hours, they enter and leave games repeatedly looking for the perfect grifts, they run endless rifts back to back with no let up except maybe a few minutes break. That can all be looked at as behavior that is "bot like". But the real question remains if their system in place can currently detect 3rd party programs playing the game, because if they cannot, then ZERO bans should be handed out.

    Now, on the other side of the coin, if Blizzard CAN see that third party programs are reading memory, injecting any commands into the game, or anything else that these programs can do, then by all means, ban them. Ban them all. Any and every player that uses a 3rd party program.

    Now for arguments sake, lets say they do not take that road. Lets say they realize that removing bots would severely impact their playerbase on a daily average. Lets say they find an alternate measure.

    Assuming they can identify bot users, one "solution" if they choose not to undertake a massive ban wave would be to flag these players accounts, in a visible way that ANY and ALL players can see. Lets say a new icon like a player portrait that cannot be changed, or maybe an asterisk next to their name when they log in or a message to all players when they join a party. Another harsher alternative would be something that may be too difficult to implement, but lets say any player who has been VERIFIED of botting is restricted from joining public games. They can play on their own or with clan/friendslist players, HOWEVER, if a GRift is opened in a group, no player who is flagged can join with other people. They can make their own GRifts, and they can push high GRifts, but they will not appear on the leaderboards, but there will always be a way to tell if the person has been/is a bot user.

    In addition, I think that the paragon system is simply out of hand. I think paragon should be harder to obtain, and be limited to 800 points in season. Non season should be unlimited, but for competitive play it is simply too powerful and provides too much of a bonus in damage. I have completed GRift 55 on my monk and will be slowly pushing it to 60 if I can, and for that I am proud. However there is ZERO chance of me competing with players who have 1300 or 1600 paragon levels. Cap it at 800 for seasons and it might also be time for an overhaul of the available pages/choices on the paragon system. That however is a different discussion.

    Captcha systems would work to a point, but would also annoy a lot of legit players who simply get tired of entering it. Also, when would the captcha come up......Beginning, mid game, would it pause the game, would it come up in the middle of a boss fight, would it come up when you just killed the boss and have 10 seconds to turn in the rift ? Things could go worse because of them.

    You wanted possible solutions. That would be mine.

    PS - Nachten You mistakenly changed the part of my quote from Bagstone's name to Arydor. (I changed it back for you)

    No idea why that happened, but lets keep the accusations with who actually said them.

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    posted a message on Open Letter against Botting
    Quote from Bagstone»

    "it seems to be that the vocal minority is quite strong on this one with the urge to fight back to defend their botting. "

    Quote from Bagstone (Page 2)

    "Our letter and this thread is about botting. I don't think there are two different opinions about bots (unless you're a botter), something you cannot say about other issues."

    For someone who is preaching to stay on topic and avoid the name calling and accusations, I would say to read what you yourself wrote. You leveling accusations like that (twice in this thread in 2 separate comments ) is better in exactly what way ? How is it justifiable in your eyes to call anyone in this thread a botter ? What proof do you have ?

    You mention people leveling accusations against signatories of the open letter. You ask what proof there is of that, well, open admission from at least 2 of them have been quoted in these last 10 pages. There have already been posts detailing accounts of botting/ account sharing/ turbohud using by several of your signers. However I guess that is something we can overlook because they are internet stars and we are not.

    Meanwhile by your own words those of us calling for ALL CHEATERS to be punished "are defending our botting". I have to say that is disappointing especially coming from you.

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    posted a message on Putting 1000$ into my monk need help picking the right gear.
    Quote from iNgLewooD64

    Quote from arandan

    Tell me what you think ill need to upgrade. that would help out allot. i think i have about 18 hours played so far :/

    Don't know much about monks per se, but from what I see in your profile, you lack crit damage and main stats the most.
    You need to balance crit and crit damage on your gear, getting a lot of one and almost none of the other is pointless.

    Note that all your items dont need to be legendary or set for your character to be able to be efficent, well rolled legendaries are really, really overpriced atm, you should aim for a good balance of stats.

    Check out this guide:

    Thank you man. Most help i have got all day :).

    Do you know what end game items are?. I hear my friend talking about them all the time but google comes up with nothing for me.

    If we are being honest, there are really no End-Game items because for now, there is truly no end-game aside from farming and raising your Paragon level. I would be blunt and ask him exactly what Items he is referring to. Is he talking about Lacuni's, Vile Wards, Nats Set, Hellfire Rings, etc.

    Truth be told, I think he is referring to BiS or Best In Slot and simply saying end-game.

    If you choose to spend money on your gear, all the more power to you. I and many others on here may see it as a short-changing yourself on the point of playing this game, but if YOU do not, then play the game the way YOU want to.

    Let me just you you a word of advice on the subject and illustrate a point if you will indulge me:

    My best friend has spent hundreds if not over $1000 on this game total, with a large portion going towards his monk. What he has to show for it is a Paragon 37 monk that pushes out over 160k dps, can speed through MP5-6 runs easily, and higher with some time devoted to them.

    I have spent ZERO dollars on the game. My Paragon 50 monk does considerably less. Approximately 85-90k dps. All found gear, or bought through the GOLD AH using drops sold. I can speed run MP0-2 pretty efficiently and can survive at MP4. Anything higher is a challenge TBH.

    Due to the terrible itemization of the game, on average, he and I find the same crap gear. He has yet to FIND a better piece of gear than I have found myself.

    With all that money spent, it will not guarantee better drops. It will simply mean that you are able to run through the monsters faster with less hassle and effort.

    I agree with arandan. You should check out the link in his post. Some good tips in there.

    Whatever way you decide to go, good luck.
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    posted a message on Paragon Levels... Did I miss something?
    Quote from BigEd781
    Again, take a moment to analyze the situation before responding. *500k elite kills*. Did you get that number? 500,000. Oh, and never beat act I inferno on the DH who got most of them. So what, your rationale is that this guy plays something like ~16 hours /day farming gold in hell difficulty? You really think that's a reasonable conclusion?

    It is obviously a bot. If that's not obvious then I don't know what is.

    Sorry, but while I am not above giving someone the benefit of the doubt, I think these numbers are simply ridiculous.

    96 days or more accurately 2324 hours from release date until today (give or take an hour or so)
    Removing JUST 3 hours a day to sleep / misc takes away 288 hours 2036 (virtually impossible for NORMAL humans to maintain for 3 months straight) This DOES NOT account for any downtime, patches, Hotfixes, or other unscheduled maintenance reasons.

    The numbers shown below show the amount per hour with 0 hours removed since launch/ subtracting 3 per hour as shown above.
    417851 Elite kills - 179.8 per hour / 205 per hour

    5754066 Total kills - 2476 per hour / 2854 per hour

    Every day for 21 hours a day. More time off makes the numbers go up much more.

    Yeah, maintaining that for 3 months straight without stopping is easy as pie.

    For the record, I am not comparing this to myself or anyone else, merely stating that these numbers are virtually unattainable for 99 percent of HUMAN players.
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    posted a message on Magic Find Gear Swapping and RMAH Commodities Coming Soon, Gold Not Included Initially
    Really guys........this is getting ridiculous.

    Let us play the game.

    Quit tinkering and driving away players with every single patch. You are removing EVERY chance for us to improve in a FARMING DRIVEN GAME. You nerf everything that will keep players here and not shoot them over to TL2 or GW2.

    I choose Option 6: LEAVE IT ALONE
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    posted a message on Hotfixes - June 8th: Monster damage no longer increases with additional players and more
    Absolutely counter-productive logic once again by Blizzard.

    Remove one farming spot after another in a farming-centric game. Freaking ridiculous. Remove this, remove that. Isn't this something that should have been covered in QA and testing. I realize that it is a Balance issue, but enough is enough.

    How about we focus on stopping the botting by gold farmers with mutiple accounts running 24/7.....wait, nevermind, once the RMAH opens, Blizzard will see a piece of that action.

    Carry on then.
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