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    Does blizzard even read these suggestions?, or are we wasting our time?.

    Even so i will suggest some stuff myself.

    1: The gore- in previous Dgames the gore was good for its time and i loved the way the bodies stayed and bloodied up the place, i also loved the gore of the bodies which where already there part of the environment stuck to walls and ect, with D3 the gore once killed is great but the environment has none of these previous thoughts especially the gore of the bodies, which from what ive seen vanish just like in TQ all i can say to this is WTH?????, dont make the game childish and lame stick to the old ways keep the gore dont make it vanish leaving clean unsmelly floors.

    2: Character classes- another person spoke of this either in here and on other forums whats the go with only 5 classes? wtf are we back tracking now?, D2 had 5 classes and then LOD made it 7 its only logical to bring out 7 or even 8 with D3 so that area also has to be fixed.

    3:- As another mension the loot system no matter what game it is if the loot system sucks the game will fail.

    4:- Story line- I really hope the story line is indeed a good continuation of D2 im worried about this because blizzard no longer have the previous boys/girls who made the D series under there belt such as the great Bill Rouper if thats how his name is spelt, also the cinematics have to be dark and i mean dark.

    5:Minnie story quests- such with D1 and D2 they had introduced mini off quest story lines such as for example in D1 the butcher, it would be great if D3 can introduce these things and not be like TQ where u hack and slash your way to the last boss.

    6: Also i would love it if the enemies in this had somewhat of a great AI with most games these days they lack a great AI and the game becomes to easy and repetitive.

    All in all i hope this game succeeds because i love diablo, but alot of things so far from what ive read/ seen need to be change and the GORE is the main thing in my eyes that needs to be fixed.
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    i agree with makenshi here its so WOW
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    hey guys new to these forums but have been a diablo fan since it was made, female and male classes is a great idea in my eyes.
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