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    I just saw the video...

    There is only one thing I'm afraid of

    What if it turns out to be just like Titan Quest?

    You have only one road u follow and kill a lot of bad guys...u follow one path and that's all. No exploring and stuff.

    This is why this is Bs, Hellgate London was NoN-Linear with all randomly generated maps, yet I quit that pile of garbage in 2 weeks. Titan Quest: Immortal Throne on the other hand, I've completed well over 6 times over the past few months, over a year now, and still enjoying the game. Your wrong to a certain extent about the no exploring, Titan Quest had exploring in their maps, just not as open as Diablo. I like Linear Hack N Slashes, when a game is wide open like Sacred 1 it feels to overwhelming, you don't really know where to go or start without spoiling any parts of the story or going against enemies out of level. I like knowing where I'm supposed to go to keep the pace going. Titan Quest has good randomization of mobs and items, that's all I really want for terms of randomization. I'm glad the outside areas of Diablo 3 will be static. 1. It makes everything look more graphically appealing 2. It gives you more immersion in the environments. I really could care less if Diablo 3 was very similar to Titan Quest, since it's about the only Hack N Slash I'd recommend fully Excluding the PvP which was not a focus in the game I guess. But yeah, I actually happen to like Linear Hack N Slashes that have good environments. Hades in the expansion of Titan Quest is a perfect example.
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