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    posted a message on Boters paradise D3

    someone sounds like a botter<_<

    Like all and no-one :)
    Just cheated once in AgeOfEmpires2.
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    I dont really get your point here. Yes botters are bad for legit players, who want to go to leaderboard high as possible.

    But you cant do much against it. Only Blizzard can. You can blame Blizzard. But then this is the false forum for it, when you want a change.

    Because of the bans:

    Like in all Seasons (also for non-seasonal): 2 - 3 weeks before season end, Blizzard starts a new banwave.

    Some got banned, some doesnt. But "crying" for a banwave because "I want to", doesnt really care bizzard too much.

    In my opp. bizzard dont have the interest, time, money & manpower to ban frequency botters, modders, account-share or HUD-users.

    For them it´s not worth it anymore. If there is new content like a ~new addon~ or more likely a new class (even unlikely), maybe they create a new ban-mechanic. Else, they wont do much more for diablo3.

    But "wasting" time and energy to post a video about botters, or list up some players who are botting etc. doesnt work, because even "they" see the video or list, they need to check all the gathered information. And again, they dont have time for it. No offence @Angry.

    What possible "could" work, is a userbased (private) leaderboard, like in d2.

    You need to register in a forum (like here) and link your official blizzard-account into it. After check your account with a blacklist - you will be add to a leaderboard.

    All required information should be gathered from official blizzard-leaderboard into a database and should be shown on a public site.

    When it comes to a (bot-)Report - some mods or specific players need to check this request and blacklist the Player if they need to.

    After this, even they register again, the account is blacklisted and will be not added to leaderboard again.

    Buuuuut ... who should start this massive Task? Also who would work on reports / bans? And someone need to write a script or "bot" who automaticly gather data from Blizzard to update the private database frequency.

    To make it easy, just play the game, have some fun and wait for the next banwave.

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    posted a message on D4 or new classes?

    We dont need to open 10 new topics about the same thing. See: http://www.diablofans.com/forums/site-related/news-announcements/229741-blizzcon-gives-diablo-no-love-or-no-news?page=2#c28



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    posted a message on BlizzCon gives Diablo no love or no news...
    Quote from Nachten»

    Quote from Numenoo»

    I'm not expecting much in the next few years either.

    Oh well i do. Blizzard is a stock company. If they loose investors trust, they won't be worth anything anymore. Wow Expansions won't be enough in the future with shrinking playercount in world of Warcraft. So they need to bring up something new.
    You mean... like a Classic WoW-Server or a shooter with RPG-Elements aka Destiny2 ;)?

    in my opp. they bring some updates only for cash. Well, it´s a Company after all.

    Without rating it, they bring Content for the current games: WoW, Hots, overwatch, hearthstone.

    This games has some kind of cashcow-elements like lootboxes, pets, Skin-, exp/gold-boosts or other gamble fragments. And this seems to be Blizzards new and "only" game-model.

    For SC2, Warcraft and Diablo it´s hard to get a good Point of making cash and so they update it barely.

    As for SC2:
    The mainstory is finished, the nova-campain wasnt sold at all. The Skins are "not" necessary and coop-heros are the only one that brings some kind of cash.

    Like in a earlier interview, WC3 isnt "balanced" at all to bring WC3 remaster and a WC4 has some serious problems with WoW. Where to start in Wc4? where to end? Where to get money after the first game + expant.? One-time-sells are out of date, becourse they bring not as much as cardset for heartstone for example.

    And last but not least - Diablo:
    (I think) It was two years ago at blizzcon, they bring a timeline for diablo to show all People that they doing "something" (list is out of my mind, so dont Point me with some dates:)
    -> 2012 Diablo 3 PC
    -> 2013 Diablo 3 Console
    -> Early 2014 Diablo 3 RoS PC
    -> Late 2014 Diablo 3 RoS Console
    -> 2015 Ultimate Edition for Console
    -> 2016(beta) / 2017 Anouncement + release Class DLC for PC / console

    So what are we expecting that blizz anounce or release something for this or next year?

    In the whole time(2012-2017), they patched for free from vanilla -> "loot 2.0"-> till 2.6 - with Bugfixes, balance-changes and contentstuff like bountys, greater Rits, cube etc.
    And for this, they patched a ingame-shop for pets&stuff. But they dont want to bring in a gamebreaking change like "increased drop-chance, exp or bloodshard-boost". So they got some problem to get money out of this game in a long term.

    Dont be mad at me. This is just my opinion of the current state of diablo and blizzards handling of the games.

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    posted a message on 2.6.1 new damage affixes vs items skill damage

    As far as i know, it is additive.

    %damage is shown in your stat-screen and will be add as one number. (for example condemn or %fire damage).

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    posted a message on Season Preparation
    Quote from Chayy»

    Quote from Nudel»

    Sorry, stopped reading after "do not masturbate" I mean who would ever be able to do that?

    sleep til 5 mins before the season starts, join a public game and masturbate while you leech xp

    now you're playin like a pro
    If you can do this 4 hours at once... respect...
    And afterwards rip in peace. :beg:
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    posted a message on Upcoming Group Compositions for S11

    After PTR-results of necro-solo 110+ (120+ with a broken set) it could be possible that necro replace the WD part.

    Maybe it´s possible that necro got a globe Support roll, but i dont think that Monk will be replaced by necro yet(without other classes got a buff or Monk nerf).

    After all, without min/maxing - it´s possible to Play sader supp/pull, Monk supp, barb supp - pull/supp, without Problems till gr100 - 105.

    DDs would be sorc for Guardian, DH for Guardian / Group, WD Group, necro Group (not for sure yet, couse of no real patchnotes), Monk Group, sader Group (hammerdin).

    Before i got flamed - DDs and Support-rolls all goes to GR 90~100+.

    After 100~105 it´s starting with min/maxing + paragons.

    As always, play your class you have fun with.



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    Quote from Tchevs»

    There is a new N1 on the Korean Ladder and thats running WD HT Garg and Wiz Firebird Archon dps, and thats post hotfix (new era on asia already). The group is fully 4k+ paragon so its kinda hard to base on that.


    Logged in the asian server and the top 4s ladder is being 2 support (monk/barb) and 2 dps (HT Garg, Fire Bird Archon). Some comps run double wiz, some run double doc, some run one of each. Lets keep watching.

    Good point is that RoE got fixed before season is alive. Just think about this desaster, after season runs for 1 month.

    After some videos of q69s, im sceptical about the damage-reduction at gr95+ in group.

    GenMonk lives from LOH and will be dead after some knockbacks, if there is no additional damagereduction and now without temple.

    Dashing around and spread the mob isnt effective i think. When hit later pLvls dex will fix some squishiness while WD need to be careful.

    Also Monk is immobile while Pets can stay on molten, laser etc. for days, thanks to 90%damage red. gems.

    In the other hand WDs got 10% more damage couse of range-class and have less lifesteal / sustain in later paragons.

    Hm... Lets see how it goes.
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    posted a message on RIP WD META

    DId i miss something? I just checked Season 6, overlook patchnotes and see that all classes can do 95+ solo and more or less have the same power as in s6 soloplay.

    in Season 6:

    WD - GR98 (Gargs)

    Barb - GR98

    Monk - GR98

    DH - GR101 (knife)

    Sader - GR102 (bomberman)

    Wizz - GR111 (thanks to twister or bugged FB i guess, but this should be changed in S7?)

    As for groupplay wizz got some changes to stick at the same Level as the other classes. Monk on the otherhand got some nerfs to survability.

    Not sure about DH and sader, but it seems that WD also have good chances to stick to the meta.

    For RoE - well yes - its a bit late to hotfix this ring out of PTR in my opinion.(1 day before S7 start)

    But like the skilldiscription says: buffs damage for two skills and not an open muliply for your skills / pets. So whats the point crying about a "bug" who only applied to two skills.

    Funny Thing is - Monk got an itemnerf before s6 starts and all guys was like "omg blizzard, you so dumb- what should we do now with no damage" and see we had a good time in s6.



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    posted a message on I Need a Group for Season 4 Launch


    HC or SC? Would start as monk in SC and also need a group. My nic is Colius#1703.



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    Quote from Glica»

    You guys got trolled, he didn't get banned. He showed a email of an account closure email, but the email stated RMAH items would be canceled meaning the email was from vanilla D3 when RMAH was still open.

    I dont think so. His accout is banned - http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/MannerCookie-1362/hero/43477848

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    posted a message on Mannercookie banned!

    I mostly agree with dallten.

    The Sader-, also the barb-community are grown course of mannercookie.

    We got a lot of information about the class, builds, items combinations etc. because he was testing a lot and share it with us.

    So i dont understand this shitstorm.

    Its just sad that this guy, which doesnt need to exploit, make a bloodshard-tournament on twitch, exploit live with x-people on screen and *wonder* why he got banned...

    Anyway, Manner- Rip in peace and have a good time.

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    posted a message on Analysis Carnevil 2.2
    Ah damn, generate-spells only. You are right, it is a signature spell. Taught darts give mana aswell. Shame on me :).
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    posted a message on Analysis Carnevil 2.2
    This build looks awesome. Great Job! :)

    Want to start with WD on S2, so need a build to start with. It seems to be my playstyle so i need to test it while pre-s.

    Just one question about the legs. Could you test Depth Diggers(50% damage with primar-skills +%poisondart) with this build? Would it work with fetishes?

    On the paper it must be more damage then Cain-Set and Swamp land Waders.



    ps: Please excuse for my bad English as Im not a native speaker.
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    posted a message on Analysis Carnevil 2.2
    *Delete Post *
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