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    posted a message on Blizzcast #6 - Diablo III Senior Artist & New Monster Art
    Quote from "alspal" »
    I'm glad there will be less junk drops now, with no ammo or potions.

    This is a pretty interesting side-benefit. I guess there'll still be the other un-magical drops to compensate for this. There are also the health orbs, which if it isn't balanced correctly, could become a very irritating drop.

    Quote from "Flyarion" »
    I don't know if they will really implement that bows have unlimited ammo, doesn't that take out the reality in the game?

    I tend to agree with the other posters in this thread -- ammo was nothing more than an inconvenience. Since there isn't/wasn't magical ammunition in the game it's pretty useless as a game dynamic.

    As for realism: I don't really think that's an issue in the Diablo universe. In general I also think that moving away from the realism fad in favour of better gameplay is a good thing.
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    Quote from "Artemis" »
    RIP, my beloved assassin....

    I weep with you. But don't lose hope!

    The way I see it, we know too little of the Barbarian skill tree to know for sure which of the original classes are staying and which are going. What the Assassin and Paladin classes both have going for them is that they are relatively unisex by comparison to the Sorceror[sic]/Sorceress, Amazon and Rogue classes. As far as I know there's nothing in the lore to suggest that the Viz-Jaq'taar are only female?

    Based on history and a logical distribution of melee/ranged classes the class archetypes should be as follows:
    • Pure fighter,
    • pure caster,
    • utility fighter,
    • utility caster, and
    • archer/ranger
    Now the problem here is that the old games used to have a whole host of melee weapons which the fighter classes could use versus the more specialised equipment the other classes could use.

    There was equipment overlap between the pure fighter, utility fighter and archer/ranger: Swords, shields, axes, polearms, maces, to name some of those I can remember off the top of my head while the non-fighter classes had some specialist equipment:
    • Pure caster: Staves,
    • Utility caster: Wands,
    • Archer/ranger: Bows, javelins
    So I guess I have an open speculative question: Do you think it's more likely for Blizzard to opt for a design where each class has their own unique weapons, i.e. the Barbarian becomes the 'pure' fighter (in which case I think the mêleé classes might very well be the Barbarian and Assassin) or for the more Diablo-esque overlap? Perhaps it's more appropriate to ask what everyone is hoping for, rather?
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    posted a message on Φ Classes we want to see in DIII
    Quote from "Splaingy2" »
    Even in interviews devs have clearly stated that you will see things cross over because a good idea is a good idea. Diablo will be Diablo if Blizzard ships a box out with the name on it. Wether you like it or not or how you feel it should be made its in there hands.

    The interview I read (at Kotaku specifically) Jay Wilson mentions copying from WoW but in the context of skills and skill names. Furthermore he goes on to specifically say that Diablo 3 will not play like WoW.

    And I must disagree that Diablo will be Diablo if Blizzard slaps the brand on any old game. The same is true of StarCraft. Yes, for the most part the development of the game is in their hands but we as a community get to speculate, get to suggest what we want to see or how we would like to see it. The StarCraft commuity asked for grittier textures on the Terran units and structures and got just that. That's part of the fun of announcing the game a year or more before its release. And on top of that there's nothing more critical than the fans of an established franchise.

    Which leads into the next...

    Quote from "Splaingy2" »
    My comments relating to WoW are very relivant I played WoW and Diablo as well as SC and WC. ... A priest or healing class is just an idea and a guess of what they want Diablo to become. I simply am brainstorming around the idea of there emphasized comments on coop play. If they have them or not I dont care it would be cool imho if they had some bosses that were a little more than a 1 man farm job.

    I've also played Diablo, Diablo 2, StarCraft, Warcraft 3, and WoW... But that aside I must respond: Fair enough. You have your opinions and ideas and are entitled to them. I have mine and am entitled to disagree with you ^_^.

    Quote from "Luckmann" »
    Ah, thanks a lot. The official site only mentions that she's a sorceress amongst the otherwise male-dominated clans, not that she belongs to a all-female clan. But thanks a lot for the Wikia link. Btw, I took the liberty to fix your links.

    It's a pleasure. And thanks... I could have sworn that when I typed up my post last night there were no buttons for url tags. I'm also relatively sure that the url tags weren't working up until recently. Good to see they're working now, though.

    Quote from "Luckmann" »
    Thanks. It's bloody awesome to see another extremist quote like it's nobody's business, taking entire threads at a time. Some posts get really epicly overpowering that way.

    What can I say? I try :cute:.
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    posted a message on Thread subscription and notification
    My pleasure. If there's anything I can do to assist further, give me a yell. I know something about PHP and MySQL though my forum experience is limited to SMF.
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    posted a message on Diablo III Previews and Interviews Roundup
    Quote from "VanCrackin" »
    Also, go play games like GoW, Assassin's Creed, GTA4, CoD4... While most of them may be on the computer, they were initially designed for consoles and console controllers and play better.

    Just picking a quibble here about COD4 on consoles.

    I see your analog stick + aiming assist and raise you a mouse and keyboard. No matter how you slice it, a keyboard and mouse give you much more control than a game controller. Control feels more responsive and in my opinion your that much more immersed in the game because of it.

    Arguably I've not played COD4 on a console, but I have played Halo on the Xbox 360 and the control sucked (for me) compared to keyboard + mouse control.

    Quote from "VanCrackin" »
    The consoles are far from worthless, they better the industry. Furthermore, with the exception of perhaps WoW, console games sell way more than PC games do. If D3 is portable, then by all means, Blizzard should do it.

    Read the interview with Mike Morhaime which links to an interview with Gabe Newell (Valve) for other perspectives in the 'sales' benchmark. Other than that I agree! IIRC there was a console port of Diablo 1 (for PlayStation, methinks) and the more people that can get in on the monster-bashing goodness (so long as there's no detriment to the development of the PC version) the better.

    Quote from "VanCrackin" »
    PS: Told you D3 wasn't an MMO.

    And thank goodness for that! (I know you weren't talking to me there, but I thought I'd add my 0.2gp anyway).
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    Quote from "Luckmann" »
    And I cannot possibly think of anything that I care less about.

    <weeps for joy> Thank goodness I'm not the only one on here that feels that way! Or in forumspeak: CUE EFF TEE!

    Quote from "santaclaws490" »
    I think some people are looking to much at d1 and d2 when trying to speculate what the classes are going to be. They are trying to build a diablo that is similar in gameplay but I doubt that they will implement all of the same classes. I am almost certain that they will introduce similar characters(from d1 and d2) merged with some new and some old characters. As for the necro, I think the WD looks way more bad ass, and his skills look pretty sick as well (the only thing is that hes not as evil looking).

    One of the interviews linked to from the news section features a dev that says that very few classes from the old games will make it into Diablo 3. I think (despite my own wishlist) that you have it spot on.
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    posted a message on Φ Classes we want to see in DIII
    Regarding classes...

    Quote from "Luckmann" »
    More of a question than a subject of debate, I must ask you where the "Sorceress is female-only" came from. Apart from the feminine title, obviously from her being.. well.. female.. I can't really find anything anywhere suggesting that they'd be female-only.

    I'm sure the Blizzard, without any problems at all, could make the title different between the Sorcerer and the Sorceress. And as you said, there's more Clans than one - but is the clan of the Sorceress in D2 given away at some point, leading us to believe that they're an all-female-sorc clan? :)

    In short, yes, the sorceress from D2 comes from a group of female-only magi. Check it out at the official website. According to the Wiki (and I think the Diablo 2 manual) the Sorceress belong to the Zann Esu clan.

    The male Sorceror [sic] belonged to the Vizjerei Mage Clan.

    Quote from "Atrumentis" »
    Remember that the Sorceress is female-only, so whatever type of spell-caster we will have, it very likely will not be the Sorceress exactly. There are plenty of other mage clans to make a class from.

    I'm not familiar with any lore outside the games or the manuals. Could you elaborate? I know of the Vizjerei Mage Clan (naturally), and the renegade sorceress'. I've not come across another reference to a mage clan.

    Quote from "Sly_dawg19" »
    I won't be suprised to see "Sorcerer (Diablo1)/Sorceress (Diablo2)", "Rogue(Diablo1 and 2)/Ranger(Warcraft 1/2/3?/wow?)", and probally a new unknown class.

    This is kinda what I'm hoping for, but with a completely impractical twist. Lore-wise I think it would be a massive cop-out of the Sorceror [sic] and Sorceress share the same skill tree. The Zann Esu Sorceress' are masters of elemental magic while the Vizjerei Sorcerers had a more generic spell load-out, being able to summon golems and cast Blood Star and Bone Spirit.

    Since Rogues belong to the Sisters of the Sightless Eye it would also be a little lame if the male equivalent 'Ranger' had all the same skills.

    Random commentary

    Quote from "Splaingy2" »
    Priest: I think if they are truely making a rewarding coop play with distictive play styles a some what pure healing class may finally come into the mix. This would simply speed up the dungeon crawling. No waiting on globes.

    Have to agree that a healing class in Diablo will be kinda redundant. Diablo has historically been a game that can be enjoyed solo as well as in a group. Even if the healer has a 'smiting' tree (a la Guild Wars) or 'shadow' (a la WoW) it means that there will be at least one whole tab dedicated to healing that will be useless when playing alone.

    I also have faith that the Diablo devs also know (and have possibly experienced first hand) how boring it can be to play a healer class in an action game.

    Quote from "Splaingy2" »
    I am not sure a healing class would be so redundant. More DPS to kill faster to make more globes drop is understandable but you have to consider boss fights and where they want to go with those. Are boss fights gonna stay 100% of the time a 1 man farm job. I would like to see there be farm boses as well as some that require a bit more. 5 man groups to take down your not so average boss that some group heals and support with Holy DPS (considering were fighting Hells minions) could work for a coop. The thing we dont know is how far this coop idea goes. A priest can work especially a WoW priest who can also spec shadow for DPS.

    I'm going to try and say this in the calmest most rational way I can muster.

    Blizzard now has 3 distinct niche game franchises:
    1. World of Warcraft
    2. StarCraft
    3. Diablo
    A fourth worth considering is Warcraft 3... but no-one except DotA players are giving that attention of late thanks to the SC2 and D3 announcements.

    Diablo is a distinct game franchise from WoW. There are some similarities but *huge* differences. Just like Warcraft and Starcraft have some common ground but in the end are vastly different games.

    All 3 these franchises have releases announced, of which WoW will probably receive Wrath of the Lich King way before SC2 and D3 see the light of day. Please go play that and leave Diablo for the Diablo fans. You don't see Warcraft fans clamouring for heroes in StarCraft 2 because they know it's sacrilege.

    On top of that Blizzard have also announced that they are working on a next-gen MMO. Another reason to please let Diablo be Diablo, without healer classes or DPS.

    (reading over this again I see that it's relatively difficult to read and this last section is completely off topic... <sigh> it's so difficult to stay on topic sometimes).
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    Instant email notification of new posts in a thread doesn't seem to work for me. I haven't tried other subscription methods.

    Is this a known bug/feature? Anyone else having this issue?
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    posted a message on Classes and Skills - Please keep all KNOWN skills and classes discussion here
    So, um, in case no-one noticed there are 2 stickied threads regarding classes in the same forum ^_^.

    As I posted in the other stickied thread, I'd like to see the Sisters of the Sightless Eye and Vizjerei Sorcerors [sic] again. It'll be interesting to see what Blizzard does with the classes now that they want both male and female versions of classes.

    I know this is unlikely, but I would like to see the archer and mage classes split by gender as follows.

    Archer: Ranger (male) / Rogue (female)
    Mage: Vizjerei Sorceror (male) / Renegade Sorceress (female)

    The reason for the distinction is because I'd also like to see a difference in the skill trees - enough to match up with the lore but not so much that they might as well be regarded different classes.
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    posted a message on Characters/classes we want to see/be in Diablo 3
    Quote from "Archie" »
    SCREW YOU!!! This is Diablo 3, not Wariablo 3.

    I see the Diablo fans are touchy about WoW. Maybe even irrationally so. From what we've seen in the Gameplay trailer there really seems to be no reason to believe that Blizzard will WoWify D3.

    Quote from "zombie0dan" »
    No. Nothing should be taken from WoW. Nothing. Ever. No, elves, orcs, or factions. Good/Evil thats it. No more. Game over.

    QFT - and as stated, I think there's no danger of that happening. The only non-humans in the Diablo world are evil and are only good for killing. From the looks of it it'll stay that way.

    Quote from "vladir" »
    “I don’t want to spend 60+ hours in a dark and gloomy dungeon. I want to see vivid landscapes that bring contrast to the dark and gritty realism of a hellish dungeon.” -> One fo the previous comments ...

    If this is what you want to see, then go play wow! Diablo is not WOW! It never was and I see no reason for it to be! If you dont want to see blood, go play WOW! If you want to have a mount, go play WOW! If you want to see gunpowder weapons, giant armours, robots, smilling statues, shinny brigth rainbows, elvs, orcs, dwarfs, maybe some leprecons and unicorns, GO PLAY WOW! If you want another WOW, ask blizzard for WOW 2! But dont ruin diablo’s series mixing it with WOW concepts!!!!! STOP trying to fit the two together! ...

    Whoa dude, ease up on the exclamations there. ^_^ Your Zeal is impressive and I agree with most of your points (mount, gunpowder, elves, orcs, dwarves) but you're straying off the point there.

    I almost launched into my opinion on the whole artistic direction debate here but I figure there's a different thread for that... I'll go find it.

    Quote from "REN" »
    I can't see how the ranged class can be a amazon anymore with the fact you can choose either male or female, what do you call the male amazon? they don't exist as far as I know ;)

    So it'll be interesting to see what they do about that choice, could limit amazon to only female (and we all wouldn't mind) but i'm thinking they've got something else planned for ranged myself.

    The paladin being able to turn death knight would be a awesome idea, I could see them doing a spec tree for that kind of thing, imagine combining the paladin with necro skills.

    Ahh yes, back on topic. I'm not keen on the whole Death Knight concept. Plus it's a WoW thing so don't talk about it too loudly around the fanbois :P.

    Firstly, Diablo has always been a game where you fight on the side of good against the evil of Diablo and his siblings.

    Secondly, from a storytelling standpoint it'll be very difficult IMO to build an immersive game if you also wanted to try and allow for players to side with evil. And please don't suggest the concept of evil characters that turn against their masters because they see the light -- it's so clichéd.

    Something I've always loved about the Diablo lore is the dark gothic feel to it. Evil's power to corrupt can not be undone. Once an angel or human has fallen to the darkness there's no getting them back, there's only killing them. It would really suck to include some sort mechanic in the lore now by which a being which has become evil may be turned good again.

    I also think it's going to be interesting to see what Blizzard does with the classes now that they want both male and female versions of classes. As you (REN) said: There's no male Amazons. Just like there are no male Rogues. And there's a huge difference between the male and female sorceresses. Males come from the Vizjerei clan and females come from that elementalist clan that got all angry at the Vizjerei for not allowing women in their clan.

    I know this is unlikely, but I would like to see the archer and mage classes split by gender as follows.

    Archer: Ranger (male) / Rogue (female)
    Mage: Vizjerei Sorceror (male) / Renegade Sorceress (female)

    The reason for the disctinction is because I'd also like to see a difference in the skill trees - enough to match up with the lore but not so much that they might as well be regarded different classes.
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    posted a message on Just another newb
    Hey all

    I haven't done the forum-thing in awhile mainly due to time constraints but what can I say... Diablo 3! :cool: I have a lot to say and the people around me are tired of hearing it, so I figured it's time to join a community.

    I checked out the official Blizzard boards but people there don't seem to have much respect for one another. Basically I try to avoid forums where it has become acceptable to attack people's opinions rather than discuss them and almost every post ends off with some sort of namecalling. I guess that's why I've been avoiding forums for the last while. ;)

    Looking forward to a great time looking forward to Diablo 3! :D :thumbsup:

    (Is it just me or do these smilies rawk?) Can't wait to use these: :necro::offtopic::spam: Yeah!
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