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    Looks like Guild Wars.
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    Quote from "IceBlade" »
    Yea. Only allowed 20 games per cdkey per hour. Least I think that's it.

    Yeah you're right. That's what I last read.
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    I wouldn't mind. Could go either way. Just all depends if Blizz could do it correctly. They didn't have much like putting Starcrat Ghost on a console; but that's kinda apples and oranges I suppose.
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    Quote from "3rdfoundation" »
    I was wondering why games like Diablo continue to cap character levels around 100. I imagine this goes back to D&D.

    The thing that makes Diablo so fun for me is that you can replay it and stuff gets harder and loot gets better. Why cap the number of difficulty levels at 3 (normal, nightmare, hell) but instead let it go up indefinitely or at least much higher, like 10-20 times around until it get insanely difficult, only the progression would be a bit more moderate than going from nightmare to hell.

    Each level would be something like this:
    gain around 25 skill points
    loose 25 resistance
    unique loot to each difficulty level
    > loot modifiers could programatically match the difficulty level with minimal development effort.
    more monster immunities

    Some difficulty levels could introduce incentives such as extra/random skill tree entries.

    At some point a level 85 character gets boring because they've got nowhere to go besides collecting a set or amount of magic find / defense. Having many difficulty levels would keep you interested in ramping your character up for the next level.

    I always heard and read that it was because for it to go up to 100 it would require another digit in the game coding or something along those lines back in the day. Has to do with internal numbers. So they just left at 99 to avoid all the extra and thought of useless effort.

    Someone might have said already. Didn't read all posts.
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    Quote from "Nyalite" »
    Hi. My name is Nya.

    In case you didn't realize, there's no need to panic. The title of this thread is a joke. I'm not here to subjugate. Jeff (who you will all know as Daemaro), who is an old friend of mine, brought me on board today to test the waters as another moderator here for the new years.

    Don't worry, though, I know from experience just how scary a new person can be. So I want to make it clear I intend to learn all the rules of this site and get to know you, the members, and become acquainted with this community before I do anything of any importance. Even then, my importance will likely be slim.

    I'll start off with a little about myself:

    My name is Nya. I'm 20, going on 21. Currently a University student in New Jersey (I moved here from Canada to live with my Dad's family - go free room and board!). If you couldn't tell: I'm obsessed with the movie Avatar, at least for now. If there's anything else you want to know about me, please ask me. I don't bite. :)

    Welcome. What ya think of the new patch?
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    Oh no!! The Nazi'ing begins! My pants party picture's gone!

    You guys are so uninvited from my pants party :( =*(
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    posted a message on Diablo 1.13 Patched Dupe Method Still Affecting Realms
    *sigh*.... Shameless plugging...
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    posted a message on Where the inspiration for the Monk class comes froms
    Very nice posting! interesting. I wouldn't want to fuck with any of these dudes.
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    posted a message on Greetings My New Subjects
    Quote from "Jeru5" »


    Yeeeahh.... weird to see a moderator with only 2 posts..

    Quote from name="Mephisto"s Lament" »
    So like, no already existing member deserved to get modded, so a new one had to be brought in? No disrespect to the new blue person, I like her and all, I'm just a tad bit confused, that's all.
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    posted a message on Least favorite and most likely.
    Quote from "Clew" »

    *Ohh and now I read "Diablo 3 Expansion"*
    However i?ll ignore that... game isnt even out

    Still a good question though. This is all speculation fun so no reason to "ignore" it.

    My least favorite would probably be the Druid. Kind of fun but in the long wrong, kinda blew. I probably just never played him right. We just weren't compatible.

    Most likely to return would probably be the Necromancer, but everyone already so that so I'mma go with Amazon :thumbsup:

    Quote from "scyberdragon" »

    ^ I like how everyone who quotes that interview as a chance for the necro to return leave out the FOUR statemets made about the chance of him not returning.

    <input type='button' class='bbc_spoiler_show' value='Show article' />
    If Jay had said that the WD was nothing like the necro, I wouldn't have a problem with it but he said"We are TRYING to design [the Witch Doctor] class so that IF we did bring back the Necromancer, there's room for him." That just doesn't justify it for me to include him and get rid of someone who could be potentially different and amazing.

    As far as the necro being in an expansion Jay wilson has said "Our approach for classes in 'Diablo III' is that we don't have a strong desire to bring back classes from the previous game," . "The goal is to try and give people new gameplay and not just re-hash old gameplay. We're not just making a 'Diablo II' with updated 3D graphics." and "The problem was, we looked at the class and didn't think that we could really make him a lot better," he explained. "We could add some new stuff to him but for the most part -- curses, corpse explosion, skeleton pets -- done. That's the class. We wanted to create new gameplay, so we chose to do the Witch Doctor as a different kind of class."

    That article is the dagger in the heart of all my Necro hopes =/ I was depressed when I first read it. Necromancer was definitely my favorite D2 class.
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    posted a message on Trippin out as a Witch Doctor?
    Quote from "jlane" »
    Well reading through the Witch Doctor summary on the official Diablo3.com website, I found this:

    "The witch doctors are finely attuned to this Unformed Land and are able to train their minds to perceive this reality through a combination of rituals and the use of selected roots and herbs found in the jungles. They call the state in which they interact with this other world the Ghost Trance."

    Now if we were to translate this into our reality.. That means we'd be trippin out on some natural psychedelics of some sort, lol. Do you think the Witch Doctor class will make surroundings change if we can gather and consume these roots and herbs? It would be a amazing new way for classes to "train", maybe we can find new spells or summons depending on what herbs we find, to learn more about this alternate reality they call the Unformed Land.

    Holy crap you bring up a good point. I have a no favorite character :D I'mma kill my enemies with my mumbling, incoherent slurred speech and hippy fun and games.

    Gunna be AWESOME
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    I don't see it happening soon, or right after D3. The thought has always been tossed around since the early Diablo days. I, of course like every other fan, would love it; IF it were done properly. It would have to come together and align perfectly for it to work.
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    Quote from "Daemaro" »
    Basically yes, as you can see by the date that was over a year ago. Staff changes means rule changes.

    Basically yes what? lol I realize things change, and obviously they have because this thread isn't locked. Just pointed something about because I was curious after doing a forum search and finding an old Emulator thread that was locked.
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    That's why I'm thinkin' the 5th class might be a Warlock-type character.
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    Quote from "Don_guillotine" »
    Yes, farming will obviously return, just not in the way it was in D2, you ignored all the preceding monsters and just did the boss over and over again.

    I hope you're right. I just have this feeling with knowing B.Net players that some cheap method will emerge.
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