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    Thats the way u do it exept u cant go in a T13 as lvl 1, it can be max T6 and the booster should open so u get "his" T6 and not T6 at "your" lvl 1, but yes 1 cowrun would be enough if booster have a gem of ease.

    GL in S11 ^^

    lvl70 T6 grants the same exp as lvl1 T6 for low level characters, so you should open at lvl1 if the booster doesnt have much gear to carry you fast.

    I'm pretty sure it's quite opposite - in season i usually boost on lvl 70 and it seems way faster then lvl 1 rifts.
    Anyway i dont get why people want to boost new class to 70 especially when season is 4 weeks away, why not enjoy campaign in NS and discover necromancer ? (this is what i plan to do)
    I am going to go through the campaign on Torment 1, and will write down my gold count when I start, only using gold I earn on Necromancer.

    I do not understand why people want to rush the Necro to 70 myself either, to me it shows why so many people complain about the content, because they flat out do not remember how to even enjoy it, getting so fixated on "end game" for no real reason at all.
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    you don't need endless scaling to have something to do, though.

    I agree, but only in terms of how and where you actually obtain loot.

    Greaters really need to be strictly about competition. Leave regular rifts and bounties for where you collect your loot.

    Then, stop giving us a set for free, and seasons actually become a fun event for many again.
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    Quote from Freyja»

    Thank you! I did click on the cows but since I apparently didn't click them in the right order, nothing happened except making them look ghostly. And I did collect the Rotten Mushrooms - I was going to ask what those are used for too, but I forgot. So thanks for bringing it up.

    I don't play D3 very often so my skills and knowledge of the game are, let's just say, lacking.


    I did the Rotten Mushroom/click on the bodies/get the plan for Wirt's Leg/craft Wirt's Leg thing. I also went back and clicked on the cows in the 2-1-3 order, but nothing happened. Isn't there supposed to be an Abandoned Farmstead entrance that triggers when the cows are clicked? I definitely didn't see anything like that.

    Did you salvage wirts leg?

    I believe that is required in order for the farmstead entrance to spawn.
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    Quote from Freyja»

    I just slayed Diablo, the Dark Lord himself. The whole thing was pretty cool, although I was a little frustrated that there are so many levels in the Labyrinth. Got a couple of questions though: in the ruins of Old Tristram are the bodies of Griswold, Farnham, Pepin and Ogden. When I click on them, I get messages that say "I can't open this" and "this can't be opened yet". What do I need to do so I can open them? Also, where's Wirt's Leg? I'd be very grateful for any help you all can give me.

    Those bodies are part of getting Wirts leg.

    On level 9 there is a black mushroom. You use that mushroom on the cauldron just outside of town in the event. The cauldron gives you an item that you use with one of the four bodies in town. Each body will drop an item that is used with a different body until you get Wirts Legs Plans. You create the item, get the transmog, then you salvage the item.

    If you click in the cows in the order on the note (2,1,3) you will get a cow pet. The cows are located by the cauldron inside of the event.

    Hope that helps :)
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    Quote from vinnehehe»

    as I already played through it on PTR I already knew what it looked like.

    It was pretty cool seeing items like the godly plate of the whale and kings sword of haste back.

    Overall tho, it was quite dissapointing as it was just D3 maps (and layouts) with a big decrease of gfx (which is fine by me)

    additionally the new leg gem is just totally useless, even for a lvl1 seasonal it's useless as you are unable to level it anyway at that point.

    I would've lloved if they gave it a little more attention and added some items that would actually be nostalgic and in some way useful

    I get that people create lavish expectations, which is awesome.

    But to hold someone accountable for your own expectations makes little sense to me.

    If you just take a look at games in general during anniversary events, this event is tops bar none. Most games just give you a small in game boost for 10 days and some form of in game pet. Diablo gave us a rendering of Labyrinth inside of Diablo 3, with a lot of memorable loot, including fan designed loot, on top of that we get two pets, and a pretty sweet portrait. AND STILL this event is going to return each January, which is pretty sweet.

    I think people are being over the top with their expectations and need to real it in one of these days to really appreciate what is happening.
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    Quote from sikeone83»

    official patch note ;)
    Today will get the patch

    If you read the first paragraph of the article you link to us......

    With the new year here and Season 9 right around the corner, Patch 2.4.3 should arrive any day now. However, it looks like today, Tuesday, (which has been the normal day for patching Diablo III in recent history) is not that day.

    That being said, if I remember correctly, patches 2.4.1 and 2.4.2 did not release until closer to 5pm PST. So if it does release today, we have another 4.5-5 hours.

    In the end, we know one thing, it will release before Friday, January 6th at 5pm PST in NA :)
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    Quote from Skelos_bg»

    End game build diversity is the clear winner - number 1 problem as voted by the fans. Let's see if Blizzard manages to do this one right in their next aRPG projects.

    I expect a big Blizzcon 2017 announcement - a new game, maybe WarCraft 4, maybe a completely new project. Whatever it is, let's wish Blizzard and Diablo a successful 2017. And let's hope they make an in-depth analysis with all the things that went wrong with Diablo 3. Happy new year to DiabloFans also - stay the best as always!

    They could even fix it for every season moving forward with relative ease in D3.

    1 - Remove rewards from the Greater Rift system, infinite scaling higher rewards is the sole purpose this game is beginning to fade.

    2 - Make set item drop rates lower than an ancient item. But they always roll ancient. If you want them to be the best, put your money where your mouth is Dev Crew!

    3 - As stated above, the devs want sets to be the focus, so make them all really good, but really freaking rare. Balance them within 10% of that classes strongest set, and keep it that way, ALWAYS. This means when a new item is released, you tend to set power again, and adjust as needed. It is not rocket science.

    4 - Also, this means no more Haedrigs Gift, the gift ruins any phase of mid game progression this game had in the past. Terrible idea.

    5 - Tune torment difficulties to actually scale with power creep. Right now, Expert, T2-5, as well as T7-9 are all rarely played difficulties. Remove these, whether you keep using torment or a new name, does not matter, just make it a 1 by 1 progressive scale to the highest difficulty. Allowing a player to skip entire tiers ruins a key component of character progression that is ultra important. A sense that EVERY STEP MATTERS.

    By doing these 5 steps, you fix inflated xp gains, you fix diversity issues, you add a sense of accomplishment and progression back into the game.

    Once the Necro pack launches, these things need to happen, or the Necro pack sadly will be a flop. But I hope Blizzard understands that their next title is not going to sell by name alone like D3 did. It is going to take a lot of trust rebuilding. The community is torn regarding this game, many are just burnt out, but when you have sales of 32 million copies, and peak periods of only 30,000 players logged into a NA server, you clearly have an issue.

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    Quote from Moboroshi»

    We complain this much because this game has no equal when it comes to combat feeling and fluidity. No Other ARPG comes close to this, except Devilian but that is some crappy mmorpg. We are sad to see DEVS making mistakes after mistakes and showing us that they don't really understand some aspects from the game that they made.

    Let me say this with a little example.

    Next patch they changed Barbarian Set Wrath of the wastes making the 6 piece bonus.

    from this

    Whirlwind gains the effect of the Dust Devils rune and Dust Devils damage is increased to 2500% weapon damage

    to this

    Whirlwind gains the effect of the Dust Devils rune and all Whirlwind damage is increased by 800%

    now your usual casual noob o the neighborhood would say well 340%*800% and another 120%*800% is better than 120%*2500% damage right ? ( 340% is ww skills damage could be 400% if ire rune is used and 120% is dust devils damage ), WRONG

    You see the damage of this set even tho was crap it came rom AREA DAMAGE and WW it self generates crap area damage when compared with the Dust Devils so there you go a BUFF that is actually a NERF

    And I could give you more examples of devs incapability to understand how certain things work in this game.

    Don't get me wrong this game is good but when compared to the other two games it becomes obvious that it not up to par whit what they were, true gems that revolutionized the genre then maybe we expect to much from Blizzard, the yare not the same Greed changes many.

    You realize you are doing the wrong math in your discussion right?

    Also, it has been proven to clear a GR96 with the right gear and paragon, but MoTE and Raekor IK can do GR99 by this same player. So really, if you buff it to 1,000% and add rend to the 6pc bonus, it is right there.
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    None of these ruined the game, the game itself is just fine.

    Everyone who votes for one of these issues has something else in common, THEY HAVE PLAYED THE GAME FAR TOO MUCH AND ARE BURNT OUT.

    That is the common factor in 99% of people who complain that D3 is dead, yada yada

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    posted a message on Coming back to the game, need some help please..

    Do yourself a favor and play Path of Exiles instead.

    Yeah, play PoE on an Xbox One.....

    You trolls are terrible!

    If you like the game so much, go play it, and stop diverting topics involving serious questions. Thanks, and good day!
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