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    posted a message on Runewords 2018 :: [ Final Suggestion ]

    This would be a great addition to D3 as we wait for D4.

    The only thing I dislike is them taking the space of regular gem sockets. Instead, I would rather we have a rune pouch which will have three grids. A triple connected row, much like your armor example above, a double connected and one single row (equating to pants and helm), and than a triple non-connected row, which would compromise the jewelry sockets. In all, you can have 9 runewords equipped like above, but it leads me to allow this following addition:

    MODIFIED LEGENDARY GEMS USEABLE ON REGULAR GEAR SOCKETS! Simply put, when leveling a gem to level 75, create a cube recipe that costs 300 forgotten souls, 1,000 deaths breaths, and 100 of each bounty mat in order to modify a legendary gem. By modifying the legendary gem, you unlock a level 75 gem bonus related that gems theme, as well as the ability to equip that legendary gem in ANY SOCKET.

    Yes, that would be power creep, but honestly, NUMBERS ARE NUMBERS, and this would allow a more in depth optimization, which is truly all I care about in my ARPG's!

    *PS Bring back Charms in a similar fashion to my rune pouch idea!!!

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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Content Patch Priorities - Results

    I would love a new system in the game for more character optimization. I would also love if we had new variants of rifts. Trading would be fun, but I feel that ship has sailed for D3. I would also like a paragon rework, but I doubt they deliver on that as well.

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    posted a message on What do you think about the new Challenge Rifts mode?

    I did not expect the things many of you did.

    I expected a beat the time challenge based on everything they said, and I am really enjoying it atm. Not going to go all out for that top 10 spot, but will try to get into the top 100 times, and maybe play it 2-3 hours a week to learn the maps and time the best routes.

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    posted a message on Non-season leveling gear for Necromancer
    Quote from lyx»

    Quote from BlackcurseLT»

    Quote from hayabusa73»

    Thats the way u do it exept u cant go in a T13 as lvl 1, it can be max T6 and the booster should open so u get "his" T6 and not T6 at "your" lvl 1, but yes 1 cowrun would be enough if booster have a gem of ease.

    GL in S11 ^^

    lvl70 T6 grants the same exp as lvl1 T6 for low level characters, so you should open at lvl1 if the booster doesnt have much gear to carry you fast.

    I'm pretty sure it's quite opposite - in season i usually boost on lvl 70 and it seems way faster then lvl 1 rifts.
    Anyway i dont get why people want to boost new class to 70 especially when season is 4 weeks away, why not enjoy campaign in NS and discover necromancer ? (this is what i plan to do)
    I am going to go through the campaign on Torment 1, and will write down my gold count when I start, only using gold I earn on Necromancer.

    I do not understand why people want to rush the Necro to 70 myself either, to me it shows why so many people complain about the content, because they flat out do not remember how to even enjoy it, getting so fixated on "end game" for no real reason at all.
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    Quote from Zt1mQ»

    Xul the Necro was the first hero in HotS from Diablo universe that hadn't existed in D3 for that current moment, and now necro is close to release.

    Few month ago Amazon was added into HotS, her video has a reference about Skovos Isles. I believe - she will be the next hero with her own pack) will see in future)

    Skovos Isle is the home of the Amazons, so it would make sense to reference that.

    That being said, it would not shock me if they decide to take the route of making a male druid and female amazon, while adding some maps and background story regarding Skovos Isle.
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    posted a message on Future Character Packs
    Quote from Triceron»

    I'd like an Amazon but I don't see how they could retrofit them into D3 with them being exclusively female. I don't want a male Amazon, but I don't want a generic alternative for such an iconic class either.

    Druid is definitely a must though.

    I feel they should just rework the Immortal King set for Barbs into a Javazon build and then release Druids.

    Problem solved!

    Edit* THough I would prefer if they created a Lancer/Dragoon instead per my post right after Blizzcon, located in page 1 of this thread.

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    posted a message on Diablo 3: Rise of the Necromancer
    Quote from GiveMeaName»

    Im struggling to understand why so many of you think the necro is an Expansion when its pure DLC, and even then I wouldnt call it a DLC.

    Its nothing more than an "Unlockable Micro Transaction" imo.

    Well, your opinion is fair, but almost all DLC is technically "unlockable" material.

    DLC packs typically offer small story elements, and class tweaks.

    Blizzard gave the class tweaks for free, but is using a DLC for a brand new class, which is far more than a Micro Transaction as the Necromancer could change several key elements of the game for longstanding players who care about the 4 man meta. It also shows that even though the game was thought to be dead, there are still some small and subtle plans for it.
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    posted a message on Diablo MMO/ARPG?

    welp then we need to wait 15 years again before that comes out :P

    Well, it was 11 years from LoD to D3, and they cut production for 6 yrs. That means D4 was actually produced in 4 years, but due to constant shifting teams, there were many flaws present in the game. This shift was a big reason that the Blizzard North guys eventually said "F*** this, we are out". At Blizzcon 2016, major players in Blizzard suggested that they absolutely support the future of this universe, meaning that they realized they took too much focus away from D3, and are going to put all the focus they can into their new IP

    If I had to guess, they have already been working on the new Diablo game for over a full year now, based on job postings that they had on the website late 2015 that were filled. Though it is not likely that we get an announcement at Blizzcon, it is probable because the Diablo universe is literally the only universe that could potentially have something new come Blizzcon 2017. WoW, SC, Hearth, HotS, and Overwatch all have fairly new major content updates. That is, unless they decide to make Warcraft 4!

    If I had to put a peg on a release date, I would suggest summer of 2020, which would be 8 years after D3, and roughly 5 years of consistent production.
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    posted a message on Diablo MMO/ARPG?
    Quote from IceAge»

    Please read your own link :

    The Production Director post makes it sound like a new game is in the works:

    "Blizzard Entertainment is seeking a Production Director to bring the Diablo franchise into the future. We’re looking for a well-practiced producer, deeply familiar with the art of game development, our industry, and the AAA environment."
    Yes, it is for a new game.
    The details for the position include MMO experience, which suggests Diablo 4 will feature some MMO features. It's unclear how extensive the MMO themes will play into Diablo 4 (if the listing is indeed for Diablo 4).
    • A passion/interest for developing online video games
    • Massive multiplayer game development experience
    • Strong knowledge of the software / game market and platforms
    The Creative Director listing mentions the 'future' of the Diablo franchise, which kind of confirms Diablo 4.

    This thread is about that specifically position , meaning a new Diablo game. No Diablo 2 HD or some short of .. new expension for D3.
    So it's simple. As the author of that article said, Diablo 4 might have MMO elements , if it's not a full Diablo MMO game.
    That being said, Blizzard has always called expansions, and even the SC 1 remake "New Games" so the theory that this could be for D2 is not unfounded.

    However, it is more likely that this is for D4 because D2 would not need the extensive resume's that they are looking for. The game is already done, and in good shape, would just need rendering and the likes, something which an intern can do.
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    posted a message on Diablo MMO/ARPG?

    Apparently Halinka is leaving the WoW team for another position in Blizzard, but he cannot announce it.

    Given that this project is the only one looking for work at the time, it is likely the "New Game in Diablo Universe Project".

    Halinka has extensive experience working on PVP elements, so there is also a chance they could be looking to improve PVP in D3 since Brawling is straight up bad.

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    posted a message on What Should D4 Look Like? (when it comes out 15+ years from now)

    If they move away from the top down traditional ARPG style, I would personally be done with the series.

    If it is not broke, do not fix it.

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    posted a message on No new Necromancer Legendary Gems???

    They have not done anything to any of the other classes or items during the Beta.

    However, that does not mean nothing will be done. My guess is the legendary gems will be later, but the fact they even have a design for them certainly means they are coming, just have to find out when, and pray they have a large affect on the end game diversity.

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    posted a message on Okay, who's doing seasons AFTER getting all their stash tabs?

    For reasons already stated, the fresh start putting builds together is a great feeling!

    That being said, we all share that feeling, which is why I do think the Necromancer will bring life to D3 again.

    Think about it, we all love grinding for loot, trying our builds etc.... Well, Necro is going to be completely fresh, not only will we have sets, but LoN will be worth trying for tons of combo's as well. It will be a great feeling!

    In fact, I wish they would just release a new class each year for the next 5 years as they work on perfecting D4. That new class feel would allow many to try new things related to builds and gameplay, which is really what we all want!

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    posted a message on Greater Rifts 2.0
    Quote from Shapookya»

    you don't need endless scaling to have something to do, though.

    I agree, but only in terms of how and where you actually obtain loot.

    Greaters really need to be strictly about competition. Leave regular rifts and bounties for where you collect your loot.

    Then, stop giving us a set for free, and seasons actually become a fun event for many again.
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    posted a message on Primal Ancient Legendaries

    I wonder when people are going to realize that primal items are a nerf to paragon, not an increase in power creep.....

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