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    posted a message on Servers down for anyone else? Error 3003.
    If it's for WoW only, how long should we be expecting to wait for D3 to be accessible again? heh
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    posted a message on Thanks for nothing Blizzard
    "shove all the responsibility over to someone else and then start whining".... what? Battle.net uptime is the responsibility of no one but the people at Blizzard.
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    posted a message on Want a rip of the D3 beta music converted to mp3?
    I ripped all the music from the Diablo 3 beta .mpq 's and converted them to 192kbps.

    If anyone's interested I can share a ZIP of all the music. There's about 1h45m worth of music just in the beta alone!

    No comment from mods after a day or so - if you don't want this on here just edit/delete my post.

    Here's the download: http://is.gd/HwwTLC Enjoy! :)
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    posted a message on "One of the Chosen" Feat of Strength
    Man, I'm going to be totally honest here because I think a dash of honesty might open some eyes. I find it totally disheartening and pretty depressing how so many people are dishing out personal attacks and insults towards people who aren't happy with the whole FoS/sigil thing. This kind of crap really reminds me why I rarely post on forums.

    Seriously, I want to have some real discussion but nearly every response I receive is some kind of insult or attack. I don't see why I'll ever post here again when this is the way people are treated here. I'm here to have a discussion - whether right or wrong, whether we agree or not. I didn't come here to have people tell me I'm "mentally deficient" or to "get the stick out of my ass" or "stop bitching like a 5 year old for christ's sake". What an unbelievably worthless excuse for a "discussion".

    Edit: I'm not even exaggerating, I'm now going to bed in a totally shitty mood because I thought I'd have some genuine debate/discussion about this issue but all I got was a bunch of people totally shitting on me and plenty of others. Thanks, I really appreciate it.
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    posted a message on "World" section pro-looking wallpaper
    Hey guys,

    I whipped up this wallpaper which almost looks as if it's a legit Diablo 3 wallpaper from Blizzard.

    I ripped the graphics from the Diablo 3 website (specially the "World" section), and then used Flash to grab a decent quality version of the Diablo logo, which I added in with Photoshop. Simple, but I think it looks awesome. Good thing Blizzard has such ultra nice site designs, eh? :)

    1600x1200 size. It's the only size I made, because the source images from the Diablo 3 site were 1600px wide - this way there's no notable loss of quality. Let me know if you need a resize (anything smaller), and I can scale it down or crop as needed.

    If you want to include this on your own website, at least send me a note at necro2607 at gmaildotcom. Thanks in advance for anyone who wants to feature it on their fansite. Hope you like!

    Link for non-forum-members: http://i32.tinypic.com/wapydt.jpg

    Actually, one funny thing this wallpaper shows to you - notice how the world sphere is slightly off-center? I kept thinking I had the logo misaligned but it's just that Blizzard got the planet image off-center. The stuff above and below is nicely centered at the 800px mark. hehe, guess they didn't expect such critiquing of their webpage background.... ;)
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