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    posted a message on Tyrael widescreen 1680x1050 simple
    Just a simple Tyrael wallpaper. Made by doing a full-size screencap of the home-page Flash on Blizzard's Diablo 3 site.

    Simple, nothing added, just nicely centered on a 1680x1050 background.

    Link for non-forum-members:

    Enjoy :)
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    posted a message on Music by Matt Uelmen
    Check this out man: http://www.battle.net/diablo2exp/mp3/

    Very very cool. Has all the "mp3 of the week" post with Matt Uelmen's own words about the songs.

    Only problem - the mp3 download links don't really work. But check around (such as that ffshrine link) to find the songs.

    ALSO, you CAN extract the music (in 22khz 16-bit stereo WAV format) from d2music.mpq data file, using a tool such as "mpq tool" Or "Mpq extractor" or so on.
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    posted a message on no diablo 1 for DL?
    Well you CAN order the boxed copy of the Battle Chest.

    Another thing that sucks? No way to purchase WarCraft 2 :( You can often find these for sale ultra cheap at the video game stores but I imagine the CD keys will not work for battle.net due to already being used by someone. Teh sux :(
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    posted a message on One thing that's been bugging me about the gargoyle...
    Word, it's acceptable that some of the architecture might have been built in a suck-tastic manner (speaking in-game-world here).. However I guess ideally the majority of the stuff should be of reasonable detail and complexity. I mean, some of the stuff our own ancestors created with the most absolutely primitive of tools, was of surprising detail. Check this sculpture for example which was made around 447 BCE (Um, except I don't know how this relates to our current date, wouldn't that be 1561 years ago?) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Athena_Parthenos
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    posted a message on What's with the GEM this time?
    If someone REALLY wants to check.... why not grab the .swf file and try to see if they can spot any actual scripting in it?


    SWF file of the chat gem is located there. I don't know how to check for ActionScript but it's easy to grab images out of SWF files by simply importing 'em into a blank Flash project. ;)
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    posted a message on Diii.net has a d3 wallpaper gallery...
    Why doesn't that site let us use numbers in username? I had to use the ultra-name username of "necrotwosixzeroseven". What the hell. Even though I actualy saw your username on there, with the "3000" in it no problem??? Lamecore. :(
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    posted a message on "World" section pro-looking wallpaper
    Hey guys,

    I whipped up this wallpaper which almost looks as if it's a legit Diablo 3 wallpaper from Blizzard.

    I ripped the graphics from the Diablo 3 website (specially the "World" section), and then used Flash to grab a decent quality version of the Diablo logo, which I added in with Photoshop. Simple, but I think it looks awesome. Good thing Blizzard has such ultra nice site designs, eh? :)

    1600x1200 size. It's the only size I made, because the source images from the Diablo 3 site were 1600px wide - this way there's no notable loss of quality. Let me know if you need a resize (anything smaller), and I can scale it down or crop as needed.

    If you want to include this on your own website, at least send me a note at necro2607 at gmaildotcom. Thanks in advance for anyone who wants to feature it on their fansite. Hope you like!

    Link for non-forum-members: http://i32.tinypic.com/wapydt.jpg

    Actually, one funny thing this wallpaper shows to you - notice how the world sphere is slightly off-center? I kept thinking I had the logo misaligned but it's just that Blizzard got the planet image off-center. The stuff above and below is nicely centered at the 800px mark. hehe, guess they didn't expect such critiquing of their webpage background.... ;)
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    posted a message on Diablo II Battle Chest Topples Sale Charts Post-Diablo III Announcement
    Yup, I went out and bought the battle chest last week. I never really played d2. I just borrowed a friend's copy and played approx the first Act. Not sure why I didn't play farther than that. I LOVED the first Diablo, bought it the second it was available for Mac (no thanks to Blizzard for making us wait something like an entire year before it was available for Mac :P)
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