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    Are you some sort of stalker?
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    I wouldn't put it past Blizzard to at least toy with the idea of a Diablo based MMO but I doubt that it would happen. The Diablo series is too strongly tied to lore to create a bastardized storyline for an MMO. I can see them keeping the Diablo Franchise as an RPG, Starcraft as and RTS, and Warcraft as an MMO (for now) but after they release the new MMO I can see Warcraft returning to RTS and both Crafts moving into RPG. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see a Warcraft RPG be used as Blizzard's return to console gaming.

    They have previously announced that Diablo III will not be the last game in the franchise but it will be the LAST GAME IN THE CURRENT STORYLINE. A new storyline in the realm of Diablo will allow a great deal of gameplay change. I would not be surprised to see a Fallout3/Oblivion/Fable2 style game produced in 1st person. So in short I doubt we will ever see a Diablo IV but we will see another title in the franchise.
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    A game such as DiabloIII would work fine on either the PS3 or Xbox360. As 'complex' as Diablo is the control systems already in place aren't very taxing and with a few minor adjustments can be fitted to the standard PS/Xbox controller. I am not so sure that the present Wii controller has enough buttons for a seamless transition but Wii-motes are much more adaptable with extra game-specific peripherals.

    Example DIII Control Layout for PS3/Xbox360:

    Primary Attack/Open Object - X / A (PS3 / Xbox 360)
    Secondary Attack - Square / X
    Spell Hot-keys (4) - Right/Left Triggers and Bumpers
    Directional Movement - Left Toggle (only one needed for 3rd person isometric view)
    Aim/Select - Right Toggle (specify spell/attack direction/in-menu select)
    Inventory - Circle / B
    Show Items (on ground) - Triangle / Y (press once to activate 'Item pickup mode')
    (^this will allow one to see all available loot on the ground - like holding alt used to - one then uses the Right Toggle to highlight and item and hits X/A to pickup)
    Party Screen - Select
    Skill Tree - D-pad Down
    Character Stats - D-pad Right
    Quests - D-pad Up
    Spare Hot-Key - D-pad Left (potion/tp/whatever)
    Anything Else - Start (would pause game)

    To specify skill/attack placement simply open the skill tree, use the right toggle to highlight the desired skill, push in the right toggle to select then hit the desired Button/Hot-key to place. To abort hit Circle / B since it isn't an available attack.

    To change weapons/armor/runes/ect. open the inventory screen and use the right toggle to highlight desired object. While highlight push in the right toggle to select and then repeat for the desired allocation. This system would work much more efficiently with the 'bag' style inventory. When one selects a rune it will automatically bring the user to the skill tree where one may select the skill to be affected.

    Only one menu/stat screen will be open at a time to allow the player to still interact with the game environment. This shouldn't create any problems except if one wishes to see the effects of skills/items on ones base character stats. This can be resolved easily by showing in one way or another any stats that are directly affected.

    Hitting the Start button will pause the game (like ESC) and will also allow the user to see/use any of the menu screens (quasi-Fable II).

    Player to Player Chat will have to be voice only and since most people who pay for online gaming with their consoles already own a headset it shouldn't be a problem.

    There is no need for a Map On/Off if the map is stationary in an upper corner of the game screen - full map view can be available through the start button.
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    Quote from "Psyxix" »
    I'm pretty sure the 3 headed deamon is belial simply because all the mouths on his body do not represent the lord of TERROR and rather more a lord of lies.

    This was all discussed more than a year ago when the initial trailer was released. There are countless theories as to how Diablo will have manifested himself in the new game but what is known is that the demon (with three mouths) is the Lord of Terror. As someone has previously mentioned there is an official Diablo III statuette featuring the barbarian standing atop "the conquered Diablo." This can be seen on the Official site I believe. The demon in the official trailer is identical to the one used in the statue.
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    Quote from "Kelevra" »
    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew how naming a character is going to work. Will it be like world of warcraft where if somebody else on battlenet (instead of your server) has the name you want, you won't be able to use it, or will it not matter.

    I was also wondering if diablo 3 will be similar to diablo 2 in that you can choose to either create and save a character on your computer, or on the blizzard servers, or will it only be on the blizzard servers as WoW is and will this effect not being able to have the same name as a character owned by another player? Thanks.

    From what has been said in various interviews and articles, as of right now the system for character creation will be the same as it was in Diablo 2 - minus open battlenet. So in other words, you will have the option of creating and saving a single player only character on your hardrive and will create/save all multiplayer/online characters through b.net.

    Because of this I will doubt that they will be allowing multiple characters to use the same name with the exception of dopplegangers in different realms (USEast vs USWest). Having multiple characters with the same name would convolute the messaging/chat system for unnecessary reasons.
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    Quote from "DryIce135" »
    actually i have played both diablos and d2 since .07 so i have some experience with the games. and if you actually read the posts you would see that this topic isnt about charging attacks its about adding some sort of visuals to indicate the power of an attack other than just how pretty the particles look. so before you come out with your flaming at least read the posts

    A simple edit in the attack animation to emphasize some sort of preparation and release would be nice as long as it doesn't take too long. And in a side note.... though the many people who post on this site have never actually devoted time to the original 2 titles many of us on here have played the series since the games where first released so saying that you have played them for roughly a year and a half doesn't pull any weight... but then again I regress in the case that I have simply misunderstood an innocent remark of basic understanding for a qualitative proclamation.

    But anywho, as far as some sort of charge-up that would allow for multiple intensities of the same skill... I think it could work fine in Diablo3 as long as there isn't too many degrees of charge. FableII has pretty much the exact type of skill charge-up that has been talked about here where you have five levels of the same skill and the length of time the skill charges determines the strength of the skill used.
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    My first reaction to the Diablo3 gameplay trailer was that it looked like the arcade game Gauntlet Legends lol.
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    Quote from "Loonie" »
    Fallout 3 is an FPS with some RPG elements tacked on. The Diablo games are RPGs.

    I kind of hate to keep yapping off of topic but I really have to disagree with you. I suppose it does come down to what is your personal definition of an RPG so I would have to ask what are your criteria? I mean by saying that Fallout3 isn't an RPG then by extension you are also saying that Oblivion isn't an RPG since they are virtually the same game just with different 'time periods' and therefor one game uses swords and the other pistols. Both games use:
    -Quest systems that outline a specific storyline with many tangents and outcomes.
    -Chacter stat manipulation and growth.
    -Skill-point development that greatly affect character strategy.
    -A great deal of character customization in overall appearance, weaponry, and clothing/armor/accessories.
    -Dialog in which the player can steer the conversation.

    And its not like any of these traits are merely tacked on but instead are heavily focussed on, which by my definition means RPG. The Diablo games which barely touch these traits are RPG so why not a game that is also FPS?
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    Quote from "Siaynoq" »
    Yes it's a very fun game. But by no means is it an RPG.

    it is very much an RPG

    - you have a skill tree (one skill per level)
    - you build character stats
    - you follow a story line (role) where you have variable outcomes
    - you customize you character appearance, armor, and weaponry
    - there are quests that both affect the main storyline and side quests
    - the developers even made homage to classic turn-by-turn fighting style

    in actuality Fallout 3 is more of an RPG than any of the Diablo games, its just that people generally can't accept that a game is both a RPG and a first-person shooter
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    Zakarumite would make a good name, and it isnt gender specific
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    though it is a different style, you need to buy it, and has completely different gameplay, Fallout 3 is an extremely well balanced and addicting game
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    Quote from "Dimebog" »
    You didn't even play the game (not yet finished) and you say it failed. Well you just failed.

    The game has been in development for 12 years with countless posthumous release dates but was always delayed for one reason or another and just this month it was officially dropped/canceled. I would call this a failure - a grave disappointment - but a failure.:offtopic:
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    Quote from "Jamoose" »
    Where is this logo from... sorry but i got no idea what this thread is about.

    The new font/logo for Diablo III has virtually the same logo/font as a brand of Callaway Golf balls
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    Yeah that is kind of funny/wierd

    They did have the 'crescent-A' in the previous two titles but the crescent part was the right leg; not the left as it is currently.
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    This is a really old topic....... you can probably find a plethora of other threads on these things that go into full blown "conspiracy theory."

    But in short - we don't really know what role the girl will play in D3 (most likely the central figure of the cinematic storyline) and the pseudo-three headed/ shoulder-mouthed beast is Diablo. Some have argued that it is Belial (sp?) but the 'new Diablo' in the trailer/cinematic is the same beast that is in the figurine/statue that Blizzard is selling which in the description states that it is the 'Barbarian standing atop a defeated Diablo.'
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