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    posted a message on New GRift and Paragon ranking website

    love this site and want to use it exclusively. but not being able to hover over chars in 4 man groups to see their gear is really a huge limitation. If you had this this website would be near perfect.

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    posted a message on question about measuring group monk dps effectiveness

    Hi All,

    As posted on reddit by me, appreciate thoughts of the community here:

    Hi All,

    I am running the group gen monk build (http://www.diablofans.com/builds/82503-yolo-gen-monk-group-only-gr-100), and I sometimes wonder how to measure effectiveness. I definitely have all bufs up and ensure DS, 6 piece, and spirit guards buffs are always up. Is our effectiveness measured by how fast we can kill elites, RGS? our AOE is sup bar to wizards, who literally melt an entire screen of trash while we are sitting there still hitting elites.

    How do you measure gen monk effectiveness in group and how do you min-max this? Has anyone measured their ST DPS? and what is it at? Is ST damage overrated since AD is a huge factor? At what dex # do you feel u can start "melting" elites/mobs in 85? Lots of questions to discuss.


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    what the requirement for which bot we should be running?

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    posted a message on is it worth augmenting past level 100?

    Hi All,

    What do you guys think on what level its not worth augmenting with gems anymore ? Some say 90, some say 100. Some say if you have infinite time go as high as you can. For someone who doesn't bot and has limited time to play, where is the cost of levling up gems vs the benefit the gems offers balances out or significantly diminishes impact to pushing GRs. I am Para 1000 right now expect to hit 1,200-1,300 by end of season.

    This question is mainly for solo builds such as Twister or LON WD.

    There is probably some spread sheet that can answer this so if one exists would appreciate a link.


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    posted a message on how to acquire better gear

    THis is NOT a re-roll thread but a question on gearing strategy.

    I am currently focusing on tal/woh speed farm builds. I currently mostly have non-ancient armor and weapons with all the proper stats (mostly). I can't get the life of me to get ancient armor to drop and I am para 600+!

    I also have normal CHC/CHD/Int restraint, and a focus with int/chd, and really bad compass rose (for eventual solo)

    question is should I be spending kadala shards on rings? THey cost 2x, or should I just gamble for armor and look for ancients and minor upgrades and hope rings drop over time since I do expect to farm alot?

    I have been also upgrading rings via cube, but I wonder if I should use those rare upgrade mats to find a 2nd ancient wand of woh (and maybe reroll if its not ancient) instead of rings. I don't want to screw up my current

    woh which has 98% EB! My char for reference.

    http://www.diabloprogress.com/hero/sairam72-1673/Kapow/71221325Thoughts on what I should be doing to prioritize getting the right end game farming gear? Kinda lost on how to proceed.

    I see people like blatty with 2M sheet dps!!! I am so jealous.

    Thanks in advance

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    I can tell for a fact lag is worse now than ever before. I have been playing hc since d2 and never made another non hc char. I lost my char on Sunday due to rubber banding in gr55 solo. i have top of the line internet machine and routers. In fact when I was lagging my wife had no problems with the Internet and no she wasn't downloading anything crazing to choke my upload. Servers just are no good.

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    posted a message on greater rift keystones with parties

    Hi All,

    Few questions about how greater rift keystones work when in a party. If a party member opens for example: a grift 25 and you only have a 27 and a 37 key, does it just use the 27? i.e. pick a 25 or next keystone closest to 25?

    doesn't this mean that if your party member has a bunch of 25 keys you can just use your one 27 key and essentially just upgrade it over and over again, and use just 1 key to enter the rift multiple times, while the opening party member needs to use multiple keystones?

    Sorry if its a noob question still very new to this stuff.


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