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    posted a message on 10 Year Anniversary
    so if the anniversary for everything is on the 29th june .. does that narrow down the release date for diablo III to be june 29th next year ... if not then it will be the following year..lol
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    posted a message on Waiting for Release?
    nice idea there crazycapnmorgan :) gets my vote

    i have a stupid question .. on the picture in the 1st post of this thread , who is that guy ??
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    posted a message on What Do YOU Want To Know About Diablo 3?
    i'd really like to know what the minimum PC specifications will be for the game ,

    surely they must have something in mind to enable them to design everything , and i would really like to get a new pc soon , but dont want to spend all my money on something that wont run the game on highest settings smoothly .. if i know what i need then i can save up more to buy something better ..

    blizzard want to take their time to get the game just right ,and thats fine with me .. but id like to have a goal for saving up for a pc that is just right to play their perfect game on :)

    also i second a vote for the question about will there be voice abiity in game over battle.net , that would rock not having to use a third party software for voice
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    posted a message on D3 New Inventory Layout
    http://www.diablofans.com/images/blizzcast8/character-screen.jpg.. looking at the inventory .. the glove looks a little odd having the right hand one on the left side of the body ..id much rather have the correct left handed glove image instead of the right one .. it just looks a bit silly to me
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    posted a message on BlizzCon -- Submit your questions
    Quote from "Oddity" »
    Seems like most of the questions are from people who haven't been paying much attention to what Blizzard has been saying
    Quote from "Dimebog" »
    We already know answers to all those questions...

    feel free to answer any of the questions here that blizzard has already been talking about .. not all of us have enough hours a day to spend reading every ounce of info released ..and it may even help out the mod of this thread incase he missed reading the blizzard release of that info .. which in turn will save him from looking silly asking that question on the day :P

    it will also stop a second person asking the same question hopefully (if they read everything in this thread).

    An old chinese proverb says:
    ''He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not remains a fool forever.''
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    posted a message on BlizzCon -- Submit your questions
    Quote from "InterrogatorChaplain" »
    The mercenary system of diablo2 was nice, but the equipping of them was very limited, and you could not customize skills, here are a few questions about mercenaries.

    1. Will you Be Able to name your mercenary?

    2. Will your mercenary change looks depending on what you equip him with?

    3. Will your mercenary have a limited skill customization, or occasionally yell things during combat? (more interactive)

    4. Will your mercenary have an inventory to store things? (i never saw why they could not carry items in d2, haha)

    5. Also, if there are 5 acts like before, (or more lol) will act 4 still jip us with only half content? XD i hated act 4's lack of stuff to do.

    top notch questions .. i really cant see why they cant wear the exact same things as normal chars .. like rings, amulets carry charms etc and have an inventory the same size .. fair enough if you have to pay them gold per day for carrying it etc but they should implement this
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    posted a message on BlizzCon -- Submit your questions
    Quote from "Decay" »

    1a) If there is a cow level, can it please be brightly colored and be full of rainbows? lol


    Quote from "Decay" »

    5) Character stuff: Is there going to be any "fluff" for the characters? I mean like will we be able to dance/wave/etc like in wow? 'Cos having a bad-ass barby kick the proverbial out of a boss demon and do a dance on his corpse would be RAD. I guess I could settle for more num-pad pre-built voice clips though. Although I know a lot of people get irritated when I do this all through a game lol

    Excellent idea to implement .. the num pad voice was always hard to tell who the hell it was needed the help anyway..lol

    My Questions are:
    1) is cain ever gonna teach someone the horadrim ways .. as he's the last of his kind it would be a shame to lose all that knowledge ..lol
    2) Will Diablo III be the last ever diablo ???
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Boss Damage States
    Quote from "Stormcat" »
    Yeah - that would be nice - or grab up a leg or arm and bash them with their own limb. :P

    Quote from "Ivaron" »
    Reading that post after being in the "Should Demons have genitals" thread makes for a very weird line of thinking. Damn. I need some sleep before I scare the crap out of myself and everybody else.

    pmsl .. reminds me of a scene in the film lock, stock and two smoking barrels .. lol except that was rubber, and i presume a great deal smaller than you might expect on a monster boss such as diablo or the siege breaker...lol
    i don't mind chopping bits off , but im not picking it up without any gloves on:thumbsup: ....lmao
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    posted a message on Sorceress Guides
    Quote from "tRaDiNgYo" »

    Btw this is PVP btw, i doubt anyone plays this game other than for pvp.

    i for one hate PvP :), and everytime i log onto battle net theres an average of 50,000 other people playing .. i'm sure they don't all play the game for only PvP :-s ......PvM ftw :thumbsup: ..lol
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    posted a message on Angels exist, yes? no? maybe?
    Well ... i researched a little more ,and again this isnt because im trying to win any argument etc ... i just love hunting facts ...

    The intelligent design movement all happened after einstein died .. i can't disagree with that .. but ...the origins of intelligent design seem to stem all the way back to plato , here's some references;



    and ive cut out parts of the conversation for quick reference from this link that i posted before

    MICHAEL: What I’m saying is I agree with Steve completely that intelligent design theory which goes back I think the last eighties, 1980s, and certainly...
    STEVE: Actually, earlier than that.
    MICHAEL: Well, certainly -– well I think it goes back to Plato of course, cause I don’t think you’re saying anything new, but certainly as we know it, I think certainly was started by Philip Johnson in a big way with his book Darwin on Trial in 1991. And certainly that was the thing which got the movement going.

    STEVE: It’s a science. Looking at information in the field of seismology. And I went to a conference on the origin of life. I was in my mid-twenties and it was in the early eighties and there were three scientists there that were arguing the digital information that’s encoded in DNA is evidence of a prior intelligence. And they were suggesting that the classical argument from design that goes all the way back to Plato and Aristotle could be resuscitated on the basis of modern scientific discoveries.

    WATTENBERG: Let me see if I can get this right what I think. All people who believe in intelligent design may or may not be creationists. But all people who believe in intelligent design are not creationists. (Freud) believed in an intelligent design, Einstein believed in an intelligent design, and Charles Darwin believed in intelligent design. He had an idea as to how the world works. And uhh…

    so if this is the case it would seem that intelligent design had been around for 2300 years
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    posted a message on Angels exist, yes? no? maybe?
    I don't intend to join the argument or side with anybody , but some of you seem to share different views about Einstein's religious outlook, which made me decide to investigate it ..lol

    1st from what i can gather he was'nt atheist , he was agnostic (according to wiki) (which is the best view in my opinion as it does not restrict you to such a narrow view) or Pantheistic (according to other references) .. my ref =


    and 2nd .. it seems to me that einstein did actually support intelligent design .. here's some references


    anyway .. don't shoot the messenger , i'm just trying to help set some facts straight so you can atleast eliminate one thing from the argument .. which has come a very long way from the original question..lol
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    posted a message on Angels exist, yes? no? maybe?
    i'd just like to say " how the heck does she hold a sword with a handle like that" lol looks to spikey to me ...

    i'm a pretty open minded sort of person , and i'm equallly interested in religious views and scientific facts , and how they interact with each other proving and disproving each other etc , both of which can provide a person with a well rounded sense of morals and intelligence etc .. or not as in some cases..lol , i am not religious atall , unless you believe jedi is a serious religion :) (i was one of the many people that put jedi on the census that year..lol) and i much more prefer tangible evidence for anything that i'm gonna believe in, science generally provides more tangible evidence than religion does , so until i see a god or angel or anything such as aliens etc i'm just gonna keep it as myth with the open mind to accept it when im shown proof.

    as for believing in angels , well when the day to day reality of life gets boring or just plain hard going then its always good to have a place to escape to , that place is a whole other world full of fantasy such as angels , demons , goblins , aliens , dragons and every other mythical creature you can think of , and for me atleast , maybe others .. to fully indulge yourself into this fantasy world you need to forget reality somewhat which i guess in a way means you need to believe in everything your fantasy entails to a certain degree .

    so i'm gonna vote maybe on this one , as i maybe not believe in the extreme ways some of you do and do not but in my own way i do ..lol
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    posted a message on Graphics: Official Petition
    Just wanna say i dont mind whatever happens but i do prefer the darker colours compared to the cartoony look ..

    Anyway i also wanted to point out to Drier that its not a necklace chain around deckards neck .. its a chain that holds his cloak together around his shoulders , you will find this common in much fantasy media

    Quote from "DRIER" »

    puls!!!I think some of character design is wrong..
    just look this,the man is a knowledgeable master who experienced untold hardships but dressing like that funy..with a
    gimmicky clothes and chain around his weak neck!!..how can they did this!!!
    obviously, some of new of dev team is not understand diablo...kaen is a plain person in my mind...
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    posted a message on My Diablo 3 Desktop Image
    Quote from "jordan17772" »
    This is mine :P

    hope you dont mind but ive stolen your desktop picture ..lol

    if you made this yourself then wow your furgin amazing .. but if not then id like to see what else this artist has done before .. do you know his/her name??
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    posted a message on D3 New Inventory Layout
    oops .. what happened to the poll .. it has closed already and i entered 0 in the options for it to remain open ... :(
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