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    I think am evil force from the outer world would be cool. Not Star craft kind of outwer world. But an isolated Sanctuary where this dark evil arrives that can even rival the prime evils.
    I think breaking the world stone breakes Sanctuarie's connection to the other planes, but this new evil reopens it and even threatens the other planes. but that happens after a while when the human race developes some... limited technology from not having to rely that much on the religions of the outer plane. I don't want the outerworld evil to be like a UFO thing. Maybe the evil from outer space had no origin from another world. Maybe it originall ycame from Sanctuary but was cast away. That gives it a much more dark mood. Maybe it can be from an isolated rock and was released in the impact with Santuary.
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    King leoric was sooo hard! I tried to Ironman solo it! Thats when you don't go back to town and go down till level 16. I had 2 holy bolt staves (what a relief!) but those skeleton archers hurt alot. so, i failed misserably on level 3 :( suck that they can still shoot you from off screen.
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    Diablo 1 really had a much better story.
    Throughout the game, there were these tomes that tell stories and poems about the past of the sin wars. The game sets a mood with the story of "who's diablo?" It goes more in depth. Sure, there are some explanations in diablo II, like tal rasha, but it was just a little script there or a little detail there.
    Hey, and that Halls of the blind poem REALLY sets the mood O_o.
    Diablo 1 really had the touch of using tragedy. I remember about that one knight in level 14 who used to be king leoric's faithful knight, but he became corrupted when the king fell to the dark side. But even though he turned into a demon, the knight still retained his humanity and he helped us out in the dungeon. It was reaalllllly nice to see someone there when ur waaaay down in hell!!!
    And speaking of hell. In diablo 2, hell was like nothing to me. You go down there, even if you get mobbed and killed, it was nothing. Theres no mood that was set in diablo 1. I actually was compelled to fight for my life in diablo 1. I reaaally didn't wanna die down there! But in diablo 2 it was just.. "there" it wasn't "DOWN there" you know?

    The whole mood of the town was great. It's like in the middle ages when no one knew what was going on. Their town is in an isolated yet unsettling mood. You're relieved to go back to town away from the dungeon, but you still have the lingering creepy feeling even in the town.

    In diablo 2 i felt rushed. There wasn't depth in the demons. I knew who andariel was. she was a demoness born from fire, but fears fire, she corrupted the rogues. But how the story was told, made me didn't care. There wasn't an urgency or creepyness. Throughout act 1 to act 5 there was no depth. You see, everyone ALWAYS stays in the act 1 town because their too lazy to "hang out" in the other towns. If there was more reason other than hanging out, we would be in the other towns too. All the towns in diablo 2 didn't feel much of a safe haven from the horrifying "outside". I mean, sure it's uncomfortable to be left outside in any of the acts and you wanna go back in town, but the same goes for the towns in act 2-5 themselves. You just wanna go back to act 1. SO, diablo 2 feels like a cram session for the AP World history exams...(lol thats another story).
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    Quote from "Jas" »
    Most memorable...

    * Walking 500 miles to get a mana potion.
    * Going back through the TP before checking the inventory for another one.

    Best.Game.Ever (subjective up wazoo I know, but I would rather play Diablo that 90% of the newer games on the market now)

    Diablo ftw!
    lol that's so true!

    This was the first pc game i played when i first got my computer on the internet. My first experience wasn't that satisfying because i had AOL :(.
    So, later when I got DSL, the MOST memorable thing was when i was in the caves hearing the music. The part in the song when the girl screamed scared the shit out of me! I TP'd outa there IMMEDIATELY!
    Also, I remember when i entered a tp into level 16 that someone else opened. Diablo was behind that portal. I was awe struck with how scary and strong diablo was. I haven't even beaten catacombs yet.

    I also remember how i defeated that one quest with the demons that stole the tavern sign. I had a scroll of lightning and scroll of flash and i thought"Oh yeah i could beat them with this!"(although i didn't know what those spell did yet). So when i gave the tavern sign to the little demon, a whole mass of those things came out! I rapidlyy used my 2 scrolls and i wasn't aiming with them so i killed 2. (I used flash when no monsters were near me O_o)
    But then i ran out the door to the other side. To my surprised, only 1 can fit through at a time! So, thats how i figured out the door trick :)

    My favorate character was the rogue. The most memorable moent for that is when i saw another rogue shotting fire arrows! I was like "cooooooool! how'd u do that!" and so she gave me another bow which was... i think fame dart.
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