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    posted a message on Weapons that deserve to be in D3
    Butcher's Cleaver.....but alot more powerful!!! Now that's a cool looking weapon!!!

    Forget Arkain's Valor, I want the Demonspike Coat!!
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    posted a message on Please, Blizzard, let there be a monthly fee.
    No to monthly p2p.

    Quote from "dad_" »
    Wouldn't you rather have it as it actually is, being the WoW kids paying for our beloved Diablo?

    Yes, I would. :thumbsup:
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    posted a message on Characters/classes we want to see/be in Diablo 3
    I hope they bring back all the classes, from D1, D2 and LoD. That's what? 10?

    The only problem is some class can't have male/female version.

    Let see....

    Warrior = male and female
    Paladin = male and female
    Sorcerer/Sorceress = male/female
    Barbarian = male and female
    Rogue = female bow user.
    Amazon = female spear user.

    Possible male version of the Amazon = the Act 2 merc.

    Necromancer = male and female
    Druid = male and female
    Assassin = female, and male?
    Witch Doctor = male and female

    And maybe a couple of new classes, lol

    I'm can wish.
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    posted a message on Will we see the Prime Evils in Diablo 3?
    Quote from "micahmatthew" »
    How can you not see them being main bosses?

    They are the rulers of hell, even defeated the Prime Evils.

    They are super badass and I hope to fight them :D

    Did they really defeat the Primes?

    Didn't Izual suggested that its all be staged by the three and him. If that's the case, then Belial and Azmodan was either playing along......or played for suckers... :thumbsup:
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    posted a message on Worldstone - The Prime Evil's ressurection?
    Well, since each time we kill Diablo or any other demon, all we did was destroy their mortal shell.

    So they can come back anytime they find a suitable host. Isn't the soulstones are just a host for each of the prime...one that let them invade a mortal body and take over?

    Now that the barrier is down (worldstone), I don't think D and his bros need the soulstone anymore.

    You know, that bring up another question. How did Tyrial reach Sanctuary? Isn't he on par with the Prime, an opposite of them?
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    posted a message on Hello! I'm new....sort of!
    Hello everyone,

    I tried to register awhile back, 2 times, but never received the activation email for some weird reason......so here I am! :cool:
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