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    I don't know about most of you, but after completing each act, 3 times, doing that again on a new character isn't exactly always the most fun thing to do.

    However, could they not put in some kind of leveling feature where you get absolutely lame EXP if you don't... do anything? Or don't get the quest completed on your character?

    In the end though, putting these types of restrictions may seem like a good idea in the first place, but after getting level 70, 80, 90+ on a couple chars, I'd be bored as fuck going through all the acts over again.

    And anyway, I'm sure people will find ways around whatever kind of restrictions they put in place, if they do infact do that..
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    posted a message on Φ Complete Barbarian Skill Tree!
    Quote from "DGLG" »
    I believe that I am one of the rare who like/will play battlemaster tree:(
    I like it as well...

    though it's still really early... I imagine the last tier of spells is what will make or break the skill trees for most people.

    Quote from "italofoca" »
    Why should I not say battlemaster tree suck if I really think that it suck ?
    The forums are not made only for tell what you like, but also to tell what you don't.

    And things are not that simple for me. I've played diablo for long and I've reached lvl90+ with all characters. I've tryed to use every single skill in many diferent builds. And i will do it again in D3.
    Thats why for me every single skill in the game must be good for me or else i complain.
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    Quote from "EnragedMaNg" »
    Any one else notice how overpowered death proof is?
    So lets say an enemy gets a lucky crit on you and actually takes you out but you have death proof so you dont die and you just leach all your hp back or w\e and then he kills you again later but after the 300 seconds (which since theres 15 skill points for it i assume will lessen) and bam ur not dead still and come back with 30% which im assuming comes back with the speed of a rejuv potion *instant* seems like it might be overpowered?

    I don't see how that guy says the Battlemaster tree is crap. From what I see, there's plenty of really nice passive and active buffs for increasing damage, a few decent attack skills, furious charge, which seems like an okay aoe, though probably not as effective as whirlwind. Personally the Battlemaster tree intrigues me the most; critical hits, pretty strong defence, resistances, blocks, and an instant heal which can prevent you from dying... with a given build, seems it'd be pretty hard for a Battlemaster to die.

    But ofcourse, I'm sure a pure build of just one tree won't be as effective as making use of a few skills in each tree.
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    posted a message on Potential Build Ideas for Wizards
    a nice mix of conjure and either storm or arcane talents seem like it would work very well. I'd probably try and focus on the aoe's like blizzard, along with a decent amount of armor/resistance abilities. Though a strong arcane wizard with the possibilities of multistrike seems to be pretty powerful too.
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