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    Nice work man. Very nice
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    Quote from Malthael

    I think the correct spelling is Cydaea (pronounced sedeah).

    other evil could be Ghom, lord of Dressage/ The Larder. possibly the lord of Gluttony

    To pick up on Malthael's spoiler.. on this page there's a lot of in-game portraits from diablo3 http://www.diablowiki.net/Category:Portraits

    One of the portraits belongs to something called the larder. Tyrael also appears to be black! awesome.
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    Haha I hear you on the PS bit! that screen made me drool though.. I need a new screen :P not to mention getting a trip to blizzcon!

    *edit* it seems you only get a blizzcon ticket though, not an all-inclusive. You can however choose to get a check for $175 instead of the ticket.
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    Just wanted to let you all know blizzard announced their contests for 2011, somehow the page doesn't seem to show any information regarding the prizes. But given the sweet loot from previous years, this should be just as good.


    The deadline for each contest is August 29.

    soo.. sharpen those pencils my friends, lets unleash hell ;)
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    Umpa, thanks man. Trying to capture the Diablo II feeling, dunno yet how it will turn out. Got a lot of ideas.

    Caniroth, glad you like it!

    EmilB, I hope so too :P

    CritterCuttering, sorry about that, I tend to flip the image a lot while working on it and forgot about having it in the same angle as the first wip.

    hammerli, ofcourse you can! all it takes is hard work and practice. Hope to bring another update soon!

    Comedian, Haha cheers!

    Umpa, I knoooow :(

    sorry for not updating, other things got in the way, will clear them up as soon as possible and get back to work.
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    posted a message on Mephisto - a work in progress
    HolyKnight300 - Thanks man! good to see you! things are fine, getting back into drawing and painting again. And you?

    Richwood666 - Thanks! glad you like it :)

    here's an update.. lots of work left to do.

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    Nice work Umpa!
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    posted a message on Mephisto - a work in progress
    Quote from Chemedeiros

    Nice!! Can't wait to see it finished =D

    Thanks! cool to hear :)

    Quote from igy

    looks awesome so far :)


    Quote from Zubin

    Quul!!! When is the finished piece coming? :)

    Pretty soon, trying to work it some more today and the coming days.

    Quote from Donsro

    nice job man


    Quote from DesmondTiny

    Looks great so far! :)

    Glad you like it!

    Quote from Ophion

    That looks awesome, and I like the frame :D

    thanks :)

    Quote from -Mephisto

    I never liked this style of drawing. Not the dimensions or skill or anything, just the material, if I may even call them that, used, are annoying aesthetically.

    I'm not quite sure what you mean - if you're defining "material" as medium you're saying you dont like digital painting?

    Quote from Daemaro

    I think it looks good so far, no doubt that it will look better when it's done.

    Great work.

    Thanks, definitely!

    Quote from Winged

    So far so good! I checked out your other stuff on your blog and they're all awesome! I'm really excited to see how this one comes out.

    Thanks for looking!

    Quote from CritterCutter

    I think it captures Mephisto's personality well.

    I have some ideas in mind ;)

    thanks everyone, will bring an update around these coming days.
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    posted a message on Mephisto - a work in progress
    Hey there, long time no see! It's been tooooo long since I did some Diablo fan-art. I started doodling this mephisto inbetween other projects. More to come!

    check out my blog for more work! http://wefacetheday.blogspot.com
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    Quote from Richwood666

    (The opening sentence translates: "Nice André! It will be interesting to see where you take this")

    If you enter my website then my demo reel starts playing, displaying most of my work. If it does not you will need to update your adobe flash player. If the problem persists then perhaps try using another website browser, though I have tested it with all the current mainstream website browsers.

    As for your main statement, I do believe in a strong workflow! What I am doing right now though is in fact a quite loose base, there is not yet a lot of detail. I don't use standard primitives (cubes/spheres) to block out my work, it's just not the way I do things because I feel that it is a procrastination in a certain sense (personal preference). I segment my work and in due time a more clear result emerges. As you said I probably know what I am doing, and I think that I do in fact, so there is no need to worry! Your input is valuable though and I appreciate you taking the time in stating your concern, however small it may have been. :)

    Alright! yes I saw the demo reel, was wondering if you had a gallery though. Looking forward to see your updates in the days to come. Enjoy easter!
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    Snyggt André! ska bli intressant att se vart du tar det :D

    Checked out your homepage, pretty cool design, flashy and all but man, where's all your awesome 3d content? :) I'll have to back down from giving a crit since I don't know much about 3d in general, have been doing some 3ds max but nothing fancy.

    Something to consider, in drawing it's often better to start with a loose sketch of the whole character before going into details like the head or an arm. I don't know how your workflow is, though I've seen many people start out with a basic charactermesh and build on that. I'm sure you know what you're doing! keep it up man!
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    Awh come on! half of you guys mentioned decent characters haha.

    Now.. my first single player character.. christ. It was a druid with 1 point in every skill in every tree with the exception of 2 in lycanthropy and 2 in armageddon and a few points in grizleybear / fury. I somehow made it to nightmare, by god cannot remember how :D I remember just having cubed a greatsword into 3 sockets and put 1 flawless emerald, 1 flawless topaz and an ort rune into it. Damn I was proud.
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    This contest sounds cool! I've been wanting to do diablo art for a very long time
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    It's a cool brush I found in a brush set, I can send it too you. It's like a huge starshaped brush, perfect for isolating point of attention and really draw in the viewer. Gonna keep i subtle tho, you won't notice any lines but they will guide your subconcious.

    only a few of these brushes are realy my own, the rest are adaptions of other people's.

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    Dun dun dun...! lvl 19 necromancer with a haxed charm giving him +1 to revive (however possible?!) casts unholy magic on this thread. Laptop up and working again.

    Re-woking the sorc. More to come! :) (yes her skin should be darker)

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