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    I'm gonna try my best to NOT derail this into a mortality issue, but please show a little more credit and appreciation towards THUD's author. What that program does is not easy at all and requires a lot of dedication and man hours. Shouting "YES IM SO GLAD HE FAILED HAHAHA!" is very disrespectful to someone's work, regardless of the morality of that work.

    "...regardless of the morality of that work"?! Hmmm That is scary. Thinking about good examples in human history...
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    Quote from Demonmonger»

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    Check these 2 reddit links


    ( https://twitter.com/_johnyang/status/720010999898771457 )
    ( https://twitter.com/_johnyang/status/720013220069711872 )


    About time, finally good news.
    Now next ignorant devs should follow and D3 should get a fresh team that understands the game as it really is and not by making it into a wow freaking clone...

    Or just hire Blizzard North already :)

    WoW clone? How anyone can even think this is beyond me, but eh w/e

    Regaring Yang being gone, I say good riddance. He was known to be very block headed and ignorant about his features, and unwilling to change them. Rumor has it he supported botters as well, and is being moved to the WoW team in a lower position because Blizzard did not want one of the lead Diablo Devs in a supportive stance regarding cheating.

    I hope this means we see seasonal paragon caps soon, as well as less randomization within the items in the following expansion.

    They are absolutely still releasing either a second expansion or Diablo 4, which we will hear news about at Blizzcon, so to me, Yang being off the team is good news.
    Dude stop pretending you know shit and speculating about everything. How do you even assume (?!) he actually supported botters? I am cracking in laughter here
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    Quote from Demonmonger»

    Quote from SpellDoX»

    Well, you obviously dont understand the only point of view that matters for blizzard which is money. due to the fact that diablo neither got a subscription feature nor microtransactions diablo is basically just the 5th wheel of blizzard games.

    that stuff changed within the blizzard staff was actually pretty obvious just by checking the changes for patch 2.4.1 which is basically nothing. all they did was buffing all the old sets by a couple 100% and reworking the gems. no new sets, no new playstyles which made it pretty obvious that they got much fewer ppl working on it and the fact that legion needs to be the best expansion for wow at all times, because wow is done if its not (theyve lost 10 mil. subs since the start of mists of pandaria to an even lower sub base than in vanilla), its even more obvious that they take all ressources they can get.

    diablo isnt generating any income but a definately certain amount of costs. we can expect that atleast the season after the upcoming one will lack a ton of content aswell until legion released.

    2 years after the release of RoS we also havent gotten any advice for a second upcoming expansion for diablo 3 aswell, not even a little hint. 2 years is already way too much for a content lacking hacknslay and ofc blizzard knows that. so if they would have an urgent need or planning to release a second expansion theyd probably announced or hinted something already. it seems like they realised that the game isnt that profitable compred to the time and ressources they have to invest to work on another expansion. the playerbase of diablo is shrinking and shrinking anyway so we shouldnt expect anything spectacular in the future, no matter if staff changes or not

    I will just refer you here to how ignorant and uninformed you really are:

    Can you at least point out what the hell are you talking about? Except than being a smartass?!
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    Quote from JAR1972»

    Sounds like a personal attack (of envy) on Quin to me. Maybe your posting image should be a toon with a foot in it's mouth as opposed to a hand through the back of it!

    He is only trolling dude. Quin would definitely laugh :P
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    Quote from Archangel2736»

    I enjoy/not enjoy or both.

    I'm 1200+ Paragon in S5, if I had 2k+ Paragon, I could be top 10-50 monk/crusader solo.

    I'm still top 60-80 (was 40-51) solo monk, soon will break top 500 with crusader and maybe will be at least temporary in top 100-200 or higher.

    My goal is to finish 1300-1500 Paragon by end of S5 and in that way will be 1700-1900 NS, maybe I'll focus mostly NS and next seasons won't be something about Paragon, maybe I'll just play S6 for journey, focus much more Hardcore (S4, S5 played HC 100% solo, 300-500 P, still GR60+ solo).

    In fact, in Season 5, I decided weeks ago to go mostly solo (around 80%) grind paragon and upg gems.

    I did a lot speed but in a meta with 3 tanks, I prefer to pass and do minor and rest focus solo/duo or even public with 2-3 dps.

    I can run on my main monk and alt crusader GR65-70 in 3-5 min/run (15-18 billion exp), GR75-80 in 6-9 min (25-45 billion exp or more), GR82-85, depends on time and much more exp, won't post all my data here...

    I said it before...

    1. Cap for season (between 1000-1500), for non season can be unlimited.
    2. Other solution is cap just for leaderboards...something like "ProvingGrounds for WoW" (in WoW items is scale down to some req item level in
    3. ProvingGrounds at this moment).

    I would prefer the 2nd one...I have more to say, including divisions for range GRs but not the moment for now.

    For Diablo 3 can be like this: you have 2000 paragon in season but want to participate in leaderboards when you do solo/gr GRs, the paragon is capped between 1000-1500 and when you don't participate in leaderboards, you still have 2000 and can go higher paragons...

    I don't use bots (I know programming, if I want, I can make my own but no point yet. I started D3 in middle 2014).

    Agree and disagree or both! More to say about this, in fact, I can write a novel....

    Agree for persons that use to teach a lesson about flaws in this game with infinite paragon, grind, at least for seasons, etc...I can say much more.

    Disagree as most part because lead to more advantages in mats, grinding paragon (mostly because of keys), etc...

    I'm not like others, I usually find at least 2 parts or more in things, this is the reason, I said Agree/Disagree or both.

    I participate myself in competition in solo and not used bots yet, I'm still capable to finish usually season top 50-250 for monk, Of course, I try more classes, including Barb/Crusader as mostly after monk. Non Season, I go higher in solo leaderboards....

    In the end, Good/Bad or both, after all violence wins, so still BAD wins!

    Kill is "good" only to you or your team but overall is bad (evil) and at best necessary evil as a lot of things in this life.

    I'm done, no reasons to post again, said mostly my opinion, do what the fuck you want even sometimes others like/not like or both!

    This is not an autobiography Archangel. Every time you post a million things about you and honestly? We don't care. Stick to the main points
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    Quote from thatguy181»

    Quote from Arokhantos»

    To those that defended turbo hud, plz go ahead and keep using it, i dare ya :D

    You got it. If I get banned I get banned. I'm OK with the consequences.
    Sometimes I wish bigworded ppl like yourself will suffer the consequences just for a reality check! :)
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    Quote from Frolk»

    These scumbags will bot every fucking season and after ban, they get an new account and go back to botting, god i wish blizz would just blacklist their debit/credit cards to keep em away from the game a bit longer
    I would just prefer to let them pay again, put all these thousands of hours in and then ban them before the end of the season. gg
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    Quote from thatguy181»

    Nobody's posting anything on the THUD forums but I'll let you know when I get home from work if I'm banned and/or the length of time of it.

    Not a very intelligent answer...
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    I seriously believe nobody really knows. I have read on reddit that they proc around 10-20% of the times you are hit. No serious data tho.

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    Because you are working for Blizzard dude and you know.... I am bored of everyone talking like they know something when they know shit

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    Does anyone know if they fixed the area damage issue when using HotA? It would be great to know. Thx

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    Season 4 completely broke the Paragon competition. The paragon difference between different "classes" of players (casuals, intermediate and no lifers) is so big that non-season leaderboard competition does not even exist. If you are really objective, you already know where you can reach in leaderboards.

    Imo, the element of surprise or exceeding expectations are completely lost due to this huge gap in paragon levels.

    Hence, except for stash space or other cosmetics, this is another major reason to play seasons

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    Quote from Umbrasjg»

    Ok, now I'm totally confused. I apologize in advance.

    If I have a 2.3 version of a Legendary item, say an Ancient Gifted Gavel of Judgement with +34% Damage increase and the 2.4 version is 75% - 100% and I use the Reforge Legendary Cube what will happen?

    Thanks, and again, sorry to ask.....

    Unless there is a bug or something your item will ONLY reforge into a 2.3 version

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    OK I see. Correct me if I am wrong, are you talking about a legendary affix? Otherwise, I do not see how a blue (primary) stat can be cubed?!

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    Quote from The Zeph»

    Quote from GaborSz»

    Quote from welshwizardd»

    Personally, I'm collecting:

    1) grift keystones in preparation for the change in difficulty on non-4 player games; each player not present removes a quarter of the monster health you would experience in a 4 player, not a fifth as is currently seen. This will make it easier to hit a higher gem level in solo play.

    2) collecting the legendary items that are set to gain new powers (aquila cuirass, justice lantern, hammer jammers etc) in preparation for the cube. Worst case scenario it's reforge then extract, best is a straight extraction.

    3) any and all set pieces that drop for the reworked sets.

    I'm also attempting to decide which set I fancy the most from the seasons journey - Might of the Earth, Thorns of the Invoker, The Shadow's Mantle, Monkey Kings Garb, Jade Harvester or Firebird's Finery.

    2.) they arent retroactive

    True. however, you can still extract their new version's power from a 2.3 item. So if you save none reworked legendarys and then extract them via the cube in 2.4, then you'll get the new power extracted :)
    Excuse me??!
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