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    If you ask me there should be a small beta test. Many (id say bout 1/2) of the diablo players are within school ages. It would be cool for Blizzard to come out with a small beta where we get a small taste of the classes (all of them or even only 1 or 2) and run them through a dungeon made espectially for the beta. It would also be cool if this beta were released during this summer break while many of us youngins who are in school can try it out. They could even make it cost a price to play the beta, im sure many of us would pay? Good idea ?

    Official Edit As of July 1, 2008 :

    The beta should consist of:

    2-3 Classes

    A dungeon specificaly made for the beta

    None of the games story line revealed during the beta to keep players wanting more

    No gear drops, and maybe only 5 levels of character available, just to simply get ideas and suggestions on how the levling works

    and a small elaborate sample of any skills they think might need to be changed

    sound good?

    anything i should add, change, or remove ??

    The point of a public beta is to squash bugs, run stress tests, and make sure the game flows smoothly. What you're describing is a demo with a price tag. If there were to be a beta it would be the newest working build they have running at the office. It would be the full game to date or nothing. Have some patience, the game will be here eventually. Play D2 in the meantime.
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