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    posted a message on Starcraft II Delay Won't Affect Other Blizzard Titles.
    Okay this is just a random thought or opinion, wich ever way you want to look at it. If I remember correctly and if I'm up to date with the latest gaming news etc. StarCraft 2 will be launched in 3 parts Wings of Liberty and then 2 expansions... The delay is due to not being up to scratch yet. Something tells me we'll be seeing 2 SC2 releases next year and D3 will only follow in 2011 if we're lucky... But that's just an opinion....
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    posted a message on Next Class To Be Unveiled
    My geuss would be the Paladin will be replaced with something like a 'Monk' a melee type class that makes use of holy powers etc... I know there was a Monk in D1's expansion, Hellfire but Sierra released that not Blizzard, so technically speaking it's not a returning class
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    posted a message on Bashiok on "Diablo 3 Fees"
    Woooooooooooot !!!!


    Obviously, none of us would like to have to pay additional fees in order to use If nothing else, I believe anybody who buys the inevitably pricier "Collector's Edition" of Diablo 3 when it comes out should never have to pay fees to play the game.

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Does this mean there is DEFINITLEY a Collector's Edition on it's way???
    AWESOME !!!

    If so can any1 tell me where I can sell my kidney's on the black market Lol
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    posted a message on The Diablo 3 Rainbow T-Shirt Survey
    Yeah Definitly get it if there were black ones available
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    posted a message on No LAN, first clue for Pay2Play?
    This sucks :( If they decide to take out the LAN capability of the game... I kinda feel the game that I've been playing since way back is not gonna be the same anymore... (OBVIOUSLY) know some of you will say yeah graphics blah blah blah... but I can remember when DII launced a bunch of my friends and I LANed weekend after weekend for most part of the year... It was the best way to spend time just hanging out with your friends killing monsters... And alot of my friends don't have high speed internet connections at home plus the cap options we get here are rediculous !!!
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