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    Heres the facts, Blizzard has made an incredible ammount of money from WoW yet as one person said about BC has totally corresponded with my theory. WoW is dieing, and quickly. BC is blizzards way of beating a dead horse and still getting the blind kids to pay for rides around the bail of hay. Therefore WoW will not completely die (as diablo 2, starcraft 2, ECT { People think being oldschool makes them badass at school or whatever [sometimes it does]})

    But what will blizzard ever do with their many, many servers?!? I am sure they will leave some for WoW but when the cost of the servers per month rises more than the income per month from WoW something will
    (not surprisingly) appear. We all know Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 WILL be coming out. Its not a myth and people who think otherwise (such as negating proof "THAT DOESNT MEAN ANYTHING RAWR") will just look over their shoulder and hope no one was listening. The rumors or leaks of Diablo 3, such as Heaven vs Hell with guild housing ect lead me to believe that there is no way this can be a 8 player click 2 button-fest. It will be strategic PVP most likley because...
    • The current projects Blizzard is trying to accomplish is World PVP ( Heaven VS Hell ??????)
    Why wouldn't Blizzard let us know! Because anything that takes away from WoW is a sin at this point in the game. They still want money to make their future products completely take the market.

    Is this any proof that Diablo 3 will be a pay per month mmorpg? In my eyes, no doubt. They have done it once with a rts... why not do it with an actual rpg? The success of WoW is only miniscule to what Diablo 3 could be and Blizzard knows it. Diablo 2 sold more copies than Paris Hiltons sex tape. Thats alot of Diablo 2s!

    Now the problem... Will this be a 'Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me'? I hope not, but the way Warcraft lore was completely destroyed and the repetitivness of right clicking and using the same spells (like diablo 2) the same thing could happen to Diablo 3.

    How do we fix this... You keep posting on this site ideas and what you want because i can promise you they read sites like this to see what fans think because they want to please you... not themselves... Blizzard loves you... so even if Diablo 3 turns into another WoW... it wont make Starcraft 2 any less special... And if it does... Blizzard will turn into some kind of EA games (who has game diarrhea constantly spewing crap in the form of games) and I do not want that because I have been playing Blizzard games since Warcraft 1... I sucked because I was like 10 but I loved the game. Do we not want our 10 year olds to love Blizzard too? That is why we must keep writing and keep posting ideas good and bad... Radiohead kicks ass...

    Please post any comments (positive or otherwise) about what I have said. Feedback = <3 from waddlez!

    wth are you talking abou tman lol you are the biggest cook ive ever seen man its a friggen game franchise not some super crazy corperation lol. did you know orignally WoW was suppost to be free and payed for by advertisement but later on decideed to get rid of that idea cus it wouldnt work out th ey said. but besides that were the hell do you think t his up? thats just weird how you could thing this crazy scheme up WHY THEL HELL ARE YOU THINKING OF THIS LOL? it just blows my damn mind lol dude you got wayyyyyyy to much spaire time on your hands man blizzard is bitchen they didnt charge for D2 did they? or any of there online feautres thats free on the house for B.net and i hope you know WoW runs on the same serversd as thoughs games.... why do you think servers f#CK up so much on WoW. anyways im high and your crazy have a good day! :D!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :P:thumbsup::necro::confused::cool::necro::offtopic::spam::necro::necro::necro:
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    Dude just becuase you want the currency of the game tobe gold doesnt mean we all have to go your way? hwat is the matter with trading items for items why should we use gold or coins for items? i live go these 2 shakos for that Vampire-Gaze? thats how the game is made top tier items dont have drop rates like in WoW do some research on Diablo 2 before you get to thinkin gup ideas on it. Grand fathers and WF's didnt drop every 10 kills or something they dropped like one in 100 or 1000. also stop posting this retarded threads like this we already have one we dont need every nerd to come up in here and telling us about this BoP and BoE system we know how it works suprisingly only very very few people bring up that idea why becuase those people played WoW dont lie you played it. diablo isnt even a mmo so why would you think something used in a MMO could work in diablo 2 different games. keep your damn WoWness away from Diablo next thing you know we'll have gnomes mages....
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    sticky this thread alot of useful stuff in here
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    i woulda tapped it lol...
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    Quote from "robertjanvaneijk1988" »
    Announcement from 25 june.

    "Something that hasn't been noted yet is that EA and SEGA are signed on with us for DX10.1 titles, we've also signed a fairly major deal with Blizzard."

    Source: http://rage3d.com/board/s...1335512390#post1335512390

    This means Blizzard will make a game, maybe Diablo 3, with DX10.1 support/graphics.. :P

    What aee you people think about it....?

    they stated in 1 of the movies it will not be DX10 sorry to let you down but graphics are still good :D
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    i remember SOJ'S i find it odd though by the end of my d2 carrier no one even equiped it it was like money.
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    so any awesome experiences with the diablo series you wanna share heres mine!!

    I remember one night my Freshman year of college, my friend and I got stuck deep in a level and werent able to get our loot back, since it dropped on the ground, so I had to wake up another friend in the dorms with a much higher character to join our game and save our gear. He was like WTF m8 its like 3 am. we explained the problem lol and he was like oh shit alright hold on. so the story ends with 3 college kids beating crap up at at 5 am with new loots :D Only a truly great game would make us go to that extent.
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    posted a message on 3d Moving background?
    okay re watching the diablo gameplay footage i just noticed that the black background in the beginning has a huge creature moving in it. start the game play trailer at like 9:12 and pay close attention to the background in the left. thats pretty interesting i just wonder if any 1 els caught that?
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    Quote from "valok" »
    I think Blizz may be trying to give us a big surprise here with D3. A few points to notice.

    1) D3's announcement came very long after D2 had been released, it seemed that Blizzard had maybe put Diablo on the back burner

    2) If I remember correctly (and I could be totally wrong on this one), Pardo makes a sort of face when he is talking about how Blizz usually releases games 1 1/2 years after they are announced. Kind of sly, like he knows something we don't (obviously) or he knows that Blizz has trick up their sleeve.

    Maybe Blizzard decided to do something different with Diablo 3. I have a feeling that they purposely delayed the announcement of the game by 6 months to a year for a couple reasons. To give SC2 its time in the spotlight, and also to shock the Diablo community with how soon after its announcement the game is released.

    I believe that Blizzard is much further along in making this game than they are letting on, and they will release it much sooner than the usual 1 1/2 year time frame.

    All this mixed in with the photo / video dating evidence and I think we have a good case for this game being out for X-mas or shortly after.

    iim with you on this also i want this game to come out asap but again their is a bunch of new job ops for this game... idk maybe just patching nad new content liek expacs they are looking for devs for. i hope this game comes out in december or within a year i friggen love diablo series. but again take as much time as you want cus now i have something to play besides lame WoW
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    Blizzards Diablo 3? vs Flagship Stduios Mythos?

    so both are working on games that run similarly in play. which 1 would you think is better? Blizzards Diablo 3? or some of the ex workers of blizzard norths Mythos?
    what ever happend the the Diablo the blizzard north made but got shot down why did they leave?
    so many unanswered questions surround diablo 3 and the blizzard north team. i wish blizzard would let us know what happend, now that they released info on diablo 3 what was the this whole mess about?
    why did they leave what was the delay on the 3rd game all sorts of things cus this was kept in the dark for a long time. so basically let me finish this thread up easy with 2 questions.

    1# Diablo 3 or mythos which one is gunna be more successful. im leaning toward D3
    2# what Really went down between Blizzar dand Blizzard north and there Diablo 3 game.
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    Quote from "psyfect" »
    Periodical update: 1,985 views, 91 to 44 in favor of changing graphics with 135 votes. If people viewing actually voted Blizzard may take note (of the fact that we do or don't want the graphics to change).

    Diablo art direction. Blizzard states: Stylization over realism/Don't be afraid of color. WoW vs Diablo 3.

    My official stance: While the images are stirring, I find the game to look phenomenal in motion. With the exception of the outside area looking a little bright (contrast/gamma wise), which is obviously intentional (by comparison to the inside area), the colors are great!

    This is a petition to either keep or change the current scheme of colors/effects/etc. The outcome of the polling results will represent this communities (at least those whom view and vote) acceptance or refusal of what has been presented to us.

    It has been said that Starcraft 2 has incurred changes due to fan based feedback. Diablofans.com is obviously of great importance to Blizzard, so let's make a difference by either inspiring changes or asserting our approval of Blizzards current theming conventions.

    Here is a continuation of what I last posted in a poll that has since been closed (This poll shall not be closed):

    Edit: Your additional suggested changes (represented by pictures) are to be added to the bottom of this original post for a quick summary of visual opinions; should Blizzard ever come across this and want more information than just the poll results.

    Edit: If you know who deserves credit for these edits (and can prove it), let me know so I can add it, please.
    These two comparisons are by far the most compelling data. The first picture of the last set comparatively delineates an unrealistic burst of power from the Barbarians weapons; whereas the second picture drips with realism. In fact, these pictures should be the focus of such a campaign as it really supports that more than just the landscapes would benefit, drastically, from such a change.

    Succinctly, in my opinion; while the blue is prettier in the first picture of the first set, the second picture depicts more power in the attack.

    I'm satisfied with whatever the developers choose and couldn't stop shouting things such as "Oh my gosh!" and "Whooaaa!" as I watched the game play trailer; However, (as Blizzard and the developers seem to understand) the community which will play the game is of extreme importance not only financially, but in the satisfaction of a job well done.

    Voice your opinion, but be sure to remember it is just that; an opinion.

    Edit: The first stage is inside the Tristram Cathedral. This stage is great without any editing and, while it could be scarier/darker, my major focus is the spells. Considering this, the second stage is located outside (rainbow, foliage), and is reasonably brighter. The edited image seems to represent what it should look like if it were, instead, night time. There are other images that have been edited (see: addendum) which may, more accuratly, represent the outside changes. I still state, however, that the power from the weapons and spells appear far more realistic in the edited images.

    Edit2: A lot of people keep stating this is pre-alpha and should be dismissed as inaccurate data. Here, they are quoted as being further along than we knew and, according to the speaker, they are intending to change the color: Stylization over realism/Don't be afraid of color.


    there is probably Night and daytimes built into the game like D2 im pretty sure it would kinda be lame to be dark all the time. you want the game to be realastic and daark and evil well there is also a mid day time in real life were the sus is up and getting 2 scoops of raisins so yea constructive but again its too early to bitch about anything wrong with a game. hwn all we have seen is lil glimpse of a alpha.
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    posted a message on Please, Blizzard, let there be a monthly fee.
    Quote from "Murderotica" »
    I been lurcking around this forum for about a week and finally registered. I just wanted to add my thoughts in about this. Read before you flame please.

    There are many reasons I would like there to be a monthly fee, or at least wouldn't mind it.

    1. Keep the kiddies out. I am tired of 14 year old punks ruining my gaming experience. With a monthly fee, that is payable by credit card not game card, it would get rid of a lot of immaturity and would result in a better game. The game is rated M for a reason. Go watch your bob the builder and leave the gaming to the adults, thanks.

    2. If blizzard plans to regularly update this game like wow, then I don't mind one bit paying for the content. It would give extra money to blizz for new enhancements and whatnot. We were all complaining about how d2 hardly ever got updated. Well, why should they when they have no reason incentive to. Added levels, bosses, items, bug fixes, and world events is way worth the cost to me.

    There are many other reason however those are the main two.

    Also, something else i thought of. Let say they start out with a fee of 5-10 dollars a month. Thats cheap as hell. However, every time you are caught using a hack, cheat, or exploit they raise that price 5 dollars. It would be a incentive not to cheat because it would start effecting the wallet.

    Lastly, to the people who say they they cant afford a monthly payment. Honestly, if you cant afford 15 bucks max a month then you really need to get a better job or something and not play games. Im sorry, but if you are struggling to pay that small ammount of money you have other issues.
    Bring your lunch to work 3 days a MONTH and save that money.
    Dont spend 19 bucks at the movies and have that money.
    Dont buy a case of beer and you can have the money.
    If you are responsible with it you can easily find extra money.

    Well thats my two cents, flame on.

    you're an idiot my friend in WoW are you forced to play with like 12 year olds even though little kids do play WoW?? no

    The game is gunna be hosted on Battle.net so this post is already retarded to make one due to Battle.net is free for all its blizzard games. WoW was suppost to be free and Advertisements were to suuport the game costs.

    if you dont like little kids leave the game creat your own put a password on the game you make your not physically forced to play with litte kids so stop being a QQING moron have a good day :)
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 looks great to me?
    Look i played diablo 2 since the release all the way up to patch 1.11 when they killed my ith swords and bugged smalls charms with the 90 vit 90 dex 90 strength and so on.. loved the graphics were good in the day. graphics dont make the game WoW proves that decent graphics + good story and ui = best mmo ever made. i think blizzard is doing a fine job on diablo 3 if you dont like the look dont buy it, just because its not all shiny and using unreal 3 engine. honestly every 1 els is gonna buy the game except your dumb asses who are whinning and probably are gonna buy it in the end. when you become a graphics coder and make games then be sure to let blizzard know you think they are fucken up big time but if your not working on a next gen MMO dont talk shit about a game you haven't even played yet. played that game since i was like 11 now im 20 and waiting for the 3rd one woot woot!

    P.S. love you blizz for making me live my child hood again with this game :D i so cant wait for D3!!
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