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    I dont mean to offend anyone, but have you guys read any fantasy by authors not tied to a franchise like George RR Martin, Gene Wolfe or Steven Erikson? Not trying to be elitist since I like and read books based for instance on the Mass Effect game or the Forgotten Realms books. :)

    Also before I start ranting I should say thar I kind of enjoyed the books and will probably read the others except the last sin war book. Its like watching a really bad cheesy tv show like Buffy can sometimes be enjoyable. :D

    But I have to say the depth of the story and the way, in my opinion, the sin war trilogy offers the backbone to the diablo universe (as opposed to fanfiction), I find it really good.
    Thats the thing that dissapoints me the most ruins the books for me. All the parts with the super powerful mythical beings like Inarius and Lucion, where i expect something really cool to happen, plays out like an episode of a soap opera with some generic fantasy mixed in. The way the author portrays these beings they might as well have been powerful, influential humans, not cold, calculating inhuman overlords determined to enslave the human race to their will.

    Then there is the story of Uldyssian. The unassuming nobody suddenly gains powers and wants to use them for good! Where have I read that before? The beautiful noblewoman randomly develops a crush on a nobody. What? She had an ulterior motive? Never saw that coming. Also, his adventures seem really trivial and stupid. He wins his fights by really wanting to win, and his superpowers just takes care of the rest.

    Even the subplots suck. A demon in a ancient building in the jungle sends "rage" at him so he goes over ther and wishes it dead. Uh what? Thats it? Can you at least explore the building for a cool artifact?

    I admit that its the 'cool' factor that really sells it for me
    I also got the books for the cool factor of the Diablo universe, but the author has turned it into generic fantasy. I guess i was just expecting a much darker and complex story.
    The "Ask Lore Questions Here" thread is more enjoyable and informative to read than the books, ant to top it off, better written.

    VARY BAD!!!! YOUR INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE SIN WAR IS AWSOME!!!!
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    So are any of the Diablo books any good? I have read the first 2 books of the Sin War trilogy and they are very very bad. The language and story of those books are comparable to internet fanfiction, which is a shame since the setting from the games is very interesting.
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    Totally agree!

    Something that is as important is the character models during the ingame conversation. In the trailer they looked exactly like Warcraft characters. Hopefully that was just a placeholder for a better model.
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