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    Quote from phatosen

    Diablo 3 is a great game and I still find many hours of enjoyment from it, but the story... Being a lore geek, the story/presentation alone makes it so this game doesn't deserve a title like that. Unfortunately.
    The primary way the story is presented when playing the game as it is intended is indeed lackluster, I'll give you that. Then again, had it been more detailed, you'd see even more complains from those that simply do not care about it. However, luckily there are plenty of alternative ways of dipping into the lore, and the way the universe has been expanded since Diablo II is just magnificent - if you look well enough into it.

    Without sidetracking too much from the original topic, I agree that Diablo III doesn't deserve the reward of Game of the Year by a long shot - but it is indeed turning better and better.
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    Being able to do this, which I loved from the earlier games:
    • Enchanting Items: Turning a white item of your selected type into a rare.
    • Naming Rares: Honestly, do I need to say why? In either case, it should probably be expensive, obviously. Option to remove the name (as I can forsee this being a focus of whining in combination with the AH)
    • Monster Shrines: As mentioned above, those were pretty cool :)
    ... aand, let's see:
    • Ability to Search in the Journals: My goodness, it annoys me. Only way of managing is within the few categories. Sorting would be great too :P
    • Free Play Mode: A way to link all the acts in one game, with the game acting as on the very last bit of the last quest of each act, just with everything being alive and killable - and being able to go back and forth between acts. Would logically require you to have completeled everything in said difficulty first.
    Obviously, the obligatory new act(s) and class(es) too. All I can think of, at this point. Still, I'd buy it no matter what :P
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    While the Lut Gholein piece certainly reminded me of the good old times, this piece from Diablo 1 left me with with a much more significant mark. I'm not trying to sound like one with rose-tinted glasses, but... yeah :)

    Then again, yeah, there's a ton of nice pieces in all of the games, and I think it would be good to include these two other pieces from Diablo 2:
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    If You base it purely on the fast-paced dialog, then yes - no doubt You're feeling disappointed and wondering. It helps quite a bit when you read her lore journals, while keeping her past with Gillian in mind.

    Still, yeah, the dialog leaves quite a bit to wish for, but that's the thing - that part is really only there to give a rough idea of why we're doing the next step, not giving detailed lore information and explanations. THAT is what the lore books and other things are for.
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    It would certainly be a good expansion addition, at some point.
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