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    Quote from DieHardDiabloFan
    Oh, yeah, I get dreams within dreams quite often. It usually happen when I became aware that I'm dreaming.
    When I read this, I had a weird feeling and I just had to check if I was dreaming O_O . But yes, that's when it happens to me too (very rarely).

    Wow guys, this article is very interesting and seems to explain alot of things mentioned by multiple people in this thread, especially Umpa. I'm gonna have to try this (in fact, I think I already did this once without realising it).

    Edit: it works. I haven't actually had a lucid dream from it, but I'm pretty sure it works because I got the exact same thing Umpa was describing and it frightened me so much that I just couldn't go through with it >.<
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    posted a message on Skill Swapping and Rune Changes
    They should seriously take a page out the book of Guildwars 1 here. Get rid of the town portals completely (I don't know why they're back in) and if you then restrict skill swapping to town only, that means skill swapping can only occur from waypoint to waypoint at most, hence eliminating swapping skills for a dangerous fight completely! In fact, it becomes sort of a mini-game of choosing the right skills for the next part of the game to be able to progress.

    I loved the open skill/stat swapping system in GW all the more because I knew it was balanced - I knew it was just part of the challenge. You had to choose the right skills to get through a certain part of the game. Sure, most of it could be done with just your cookie-cutter build, but you still had to switch out 1-3 skills each "mission" to be succesful. Managing your heroes (read: followers) made it even more complicated and interesting.

    Now, I'm not saying D3 should be like that, because imo Diablo is all about freedom - you choose the build you want to play. So it shouldn't be like where you have to pick certain builds to be able to get through a part, then completely change your strategy for the next part. But this kind of system does prevent any kind of swapping for a certain fight, because it forces you to think for the long run and still allows freedom of choice.

    Honestly, if there's going to be even the slightest way to cheat with this in D3 it will feel like cheat paradise to me. It just shouldn't be there, because it's one of those things you just over-react to. I'd feel like I'd have to use it to stay on top, but using it is like ruining any and all immersion in the game. :/

    Seriously, I was okay with their earlier decision to get rid of TP's completely. Stick with it, Blizzard.
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    OK..... In Diablo 1, all we did was kill Prince Albrecht, who's body Diablo was using at the time. The champion (=wanderer) stuck the soul stone in his own head, thinking he could control it. Of course, this was Diablo's plan all along and he had probably even been brainwashing him the entire time while you were going through deeper and deeper levels of the madness that he conjured up.

    In Diablo 2, we kill both Mephisto and Diablo's hosts. Then we take the soulstones (which are what contains their actual spirits and is keeping them on the mortal plane), and destroy them in the hellforge. Presumably, this merely releases the souls kept within. I haven't seen anything that says it's actually supposed to kill the Prime Evils. It just returns them to the "dark abyss that spawned them" is what I think Tyrael said. So, from the abyss, their souls are free to return to hell (presumably after a while) and re-inhabit their OWN bodies (which are presumably still in hell, since that's where they were banished from).

    So they never really died in the first place... And now that the Worldstone is destroyed, they can freely travel to Sanctuary in their own, physical forms. Instead of just being a spirit that can inhabit other people's bodies. Since I think the potential of the individual hosts were keeping them from utilising their full powers (hence why Baal was the strongest of the three, he had the most powerful host), this time they'll be much more powerful.

    Now, I'm guessing the only way to truly kill a demon is to destroy it's physical form. So if we defeat them in Diablo 3, they should be really dead this time.

    Edit: Oh yeah, it's been confirmed for years now that Diablo is coming back in D3.
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    posted a message on The Dirty Humor Game
    This is all just a ploy to get us into your kitchen where you can serve us your sausage roll and meatballs isn't it?
    The winner will be chosen, not by the person who picked the topic, but by using the post rating system. The person with the most cookies wins.
    I did it all for the cookie.
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    I voted for Mrtnmine because I think it's more efficient regarding spacing, leaving more room for expansion of the city, and making it easier to close off with walls. I don't really like the idea of everything being seperated by some space, a real city would not have gaps in it.. I would like the main mineshaft (at least) to be inside the city though. And the farm, industrial and commercial should be seperate districts.

    Ideas for buildings:

    - a port for ships if the city is seaside. If not, a road leading out to the port.
    - a church or cathedral.
    - shops.
    - a library (would look cool with the bookshelves).
    - medieval style alleys, like so:

    - a park or garden, perhaps in the farm district (could be renamed "green disctrict").
    - a tavern where we could all gather, with a record player (everyone would have to bring his own record though for it to work as it's only played client-side..).
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    First you complain about town portals being removed and then you complain about it being for casual players? Pray tell, what was NOT casual about town portals? Personally I see all the things you described about them as a flaw and a way to cheat yourself through the game, reducing the challenge of it. Reducing the challenge is making a game more casual. So in fact, removing town portals, makes the game more "hardcore".

    They announced MF shrines? When? Far as I know they only said it was a possibility.

    Town Portalling before killing off a boss and getting an exp/MF shrine sounds totally lame to me.. but w/e. I'm sure if there are MF shrines that's not going to be their intended use.

    Agreed about respeccing. Don't care about player cap.
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    I'd wait to see what the new skill tree is going to look like, because I think alot of this question will be answered with that. If the skills all only require minimum skill point investment and there are other passive skills you can invest in that make more than one active skill better, then you can't really only focus on one skill. Just as an example, I don't know what it's going to look like.
    Quote from Pryda

    Yeah, Wiz is gonna suck. And Monk is imba. Confirmed. :thumbsup:
    Like... wtf.
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    posted a message on You and your clothes
    I'm completely in leather. I even have leather underpants. They chafe, but I'm man enough to not let it bother me. I also never wash my clothes. Oh yeah.
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    posted a message on D3.com Features New Crafting Section
    Quote from AdamBast

    Scroll of identify????
    Didn't they promise that there wouldn't be no more scroll of ID's?
    Uhh... no? They said no more Town Portals, nothing was said about Identifying...
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