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    the challenge mode thing as it stands is totally pointless to me i have no clue who comes up with them builds but i gotta say every single one was total rubbish and no clue on how to gear or anything no augments always super low paragon no gems half the time its like what has this game become

    You see, thats basically the only thing I like aboyt them, the wierd stuff that isnt meta which makes you have to actually have to think about how to get the most of it rather than just playing exactly what you are used to on your main character.
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    Hi everybody, was just wondering if Zunni's 6 set bonus is triggered by the new version of Wormwood that causes 'Locust Swarm to continuously plagues enemies around you' and if so how valuable does that make it to have equipped/in the cube?

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    Quote from drogoscg1ยป

    WRT the lack of diversity with builds I think a lot of players have to accept they are partly to blame.
    Now, I'll admit to being pretty nooby with Diablo and that I really have absolutely no interest in pushing high GRifts or being anywhere near leader boards, that's not me, however looking at it from the outside and comparing it to what I have seen elsewhere it seems a lot of people are still retreating to the mindset of 'this is they mathematically best build, I must use it no matter what'.

    People need to get into their heads that what is best at the very top, for the very top players is not necessarily best for everyone else.
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