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    posted a message on Should AH's be removed from Diablo 3?
    I voted other, my suggestion would be to add a 3rd option when making a character, besides softcore and hardcore, a ladder character which resets every 6 months and has no auction houses, when the reset occurs your character would get sent back to the "general population" of either softcore or hardcore, depending on what you picked when you made your character, in my case that would be hardcore. This would keep the game feeling a bit more fresh, in my opinion at least.
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    posted a message on Who says the game was not made for consoles?
    Quote from Bleu42

    Well these are the features i saw in the console:-

    Better boss battles-Ok this is nothing outrageous.There are only better camera angles.But there may be better mechanics.

    Better Items-We got this after screaming for 10 months(Remember we still not got it its coming in patch 1.0.8).But console players get it from the start.

    Dodge-Ok this button is supposed to dodge all attacks,environmental effects and stuff. So i remember some point before the release the developers said we pc players wouldnt dodge if we simply moved out of the attack's way.

    A blue post said this although i cant remember which,"Imagine you have the most powerful dodge system.You just move out of the way and you got 100% dodge.You do not get hit by any attack while you keep moving.So moving out of the monster's way while he is performing a melee attack still gets you hit."

    I did not present the exact blue post but what i remember of it.So we do not get it since its unfair and all that but the console players get it.

    Direct Character Control-This was mentioned in the video and i saw plenty of it too.

    The major thing i noticed that there is no attack speed crap in the consoles.Like the barbarian that was shown.He was cleaving very fast which makes it obvious that the speed of the attacks depends on your fingers.That means if you button mash you can cleave very fast.(See Video)

    So console people get everything better.

    That makes it clear that d3 was designed for consoles.When everybody pointed this out they showed us some different UI and stuff and the fanboys started flaming everyone about "Blizzard cares for us!" crap.

    The pc game was what i would call a test.To see what worked out well.The things which worked out well were taken to the consoles and the things that did not work so much were left behind(AH and DRM stuff).Then the console version was made better by adding better features.

    This will continue for the future patches too.Say they added 2 new features in patch 1.0.9. One worked out extremely good.One not so good and is hated instantly.So you will find the good feature get added to the console and the bad feature will be left in the pc version with Blue Posters dropping a few "We're Listening" here and there promising to do something about it SOON.

    And the fanboys's final argument:-"Hey atleast they've been making the game better for us.They've added many new stuff."

    Ok i know fanboys are supposed to be dumb but this is outright ridiculous.The features which were added were added according to blizzard's wishes not accourding to ours.One Example:-

    In patch 1.0.7 all us monk players were screaming our head off that FoT:TC is the reason why there is no build diversity.The spirit generators should be brought to the level of thunderclap.But what did they do?They buffed stupid skills like WoL,DS,CS,etc.

    So now the monks have a skill which deals 800%+ damage costing 75 spirit(which can be spammed if done right) while the barbarian's Earthquake deals 2000% damage over 8 seconds and has a 120 sec cooldown.

    Fanboys's Final Stand:-"So why are they doing this for us?They dont get money by doing this.Haters go get a life LOLZZZ."

    Well they are pampering us so that we buy their future products.Its as simple as that.

    First they pampered 12 million people into buying this game.Then they pampered them to keep them from leaving so that many would buy the console version.After that they will continue to pamper us until they've sucessfully sold off expansions.And all this while the pc version will act as a testing ground for the features which are to be kept in the console.

    So any Fanboy still shameless enough to flame me about how d3 was not designed for consoles?

    Or anybody who uses words like "Im not gonna bother replying to you" and acting as if he's the bigger man and im a childish rant who is ruining the forums?

    Or wait how about someone asking for stupid facts and statistics about things that are obvious?(This type of fanboy is my favourite cos even if you prove their facts wrong they act as if they're not listening)

    Your entire point of "D3 was designed from consoles" is obviously false, because they changed MANY core elements to make it work on consoles. So a quick answer to your drawn-out question; No, it was designed for PC. It was then re-designed for consoles.
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    Quote from cyberhrc

    exactly my opinion
    sitting on 320k DH and its just boring to play it.. so many things to take care into account what i NEVER ever do on my barb or wiz..

    So.... DH is boring because you actually have to use your brain a bit?

    I am playing a hardcore DH atm, and so far it takes the most "skill" to survive out of the classes i have played in hardcore, you have to be focused (which i enjoy).
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    posted a message on Monster Power Bonus Damage Reduced in Inferno
    Stupid move.
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    posted a message on Legen...wait for it...dary Drop Rates
    Haven't played a lot today, but i have gotten 1 set and 3 legendaries so far.

    Droprate is too high.
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    Quote from Boss_Hogg

    PTR notes state:
    • Treasure Goblins will now play a sound whenever they become aware of a player
    So my question is, what exactally is the sound?

    In my book, it's either, "Oh Shit ! Run !", or "Fuck ! Not again !"


    "My precious"
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    posted a message on WW Barbs Nerfs in patch 1.0.5 and what you need to Upgrade before the patch hits
    Quote from ZFPuhi

    B ) You won't get the "Life Steal" Factor so often from the tornadoes u left behind you.


    Get your facts straight before making a thread/video like this?

    Moved to the Barb section.
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    posted a message on Monster Power 1 = All Monsters in Inferno Level 63 - XP/MF Numbers @ lvl 60 Inside
    Quote from Westy357

    Does anyone know if this Monster Power adjustment if it effects Diablo Inferno?

    With a group of friends I tried a bunch of times when 1.0.4 first came out (have since upgraded a bit) and could only get as far as the realm of terror.

    We beat Azmodan on day #1 of 1.0.4 and it would be nice if I could get the final win, even if it's 'the weenie way' :Thumbs Up:

    Another member on the forums created a chart of Diablo's HP:

    Live (1.0.4) = 14,806,440
    MP0 = 8,050,058
    MP1 = 12,075,088
    MP2 = 18,112,632
    MP3 = 26,263,316
    MP4 = 36,768,644
    MP5 = 49,637,644
    MP6 = 67,010,848
    MP7 = 87,114,104
    MP8 = 113,248,336
    MP9 = 147,222,832
    MP10 = 257,601,872
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    posted a message on Legendary drop rate DOUBLED
    Quote from Bleu42

    new patch 105 notes, drop rates for legendaries and sets have been doubled. How do ya'll feel?
    I don't like it one bit.
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    posted a message on Monster Power 1 = All Monsters in Inferno Level 63 - XP/MF Numbers @ lvl 60 Inside
    Quote from pipomolo

    Quote from Nuvian

    Quote from pipomolo

    Quote from WizArt

    Does the bonus experience per monster power level count towards Paragon levels ?
    No, they made it pretty clear that the exp bonus only counts for pre-60 characters. So MP will allow you to power level up to 60, but won't help as far as Paragon levels are concerned.
    No they didn't, read the first post in the thread, XP bonus also affects level 60 characters.

    Well, when I read:

    in return players will receive scaling bonuses to experience (for heroes levels 1-60)

    I thought it meant the experience bonus is limited to "heroes levels", as opposed to "paragon levels".

    I don't see the point in specifying "heroes levels 1-60" if it's not to state such a limit, since everyone has a hero level that's between 1 and 60 anyway.

    If that's not the case, then great, but it's still not perfectly clear in my opinion.
    They did have a typo in the PTR patch notes on Friday it would be kind of pointless in my opinion if there wasn't a XP increase for raising the difficulty.

    Here are the numbers:
    Each MP level adds 25% MF, MP levels 1-3 add 10% exp each, 4-6 add 15% exp each, 7-9 add 20% exp each, and 10 adds 25%. The aggregate bonuses for +MF% and +exp% at MP 10 are therefore 250% and 160% respectively.

    These are values in inferno and do break the 300% cap
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