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    posted a message on How Unlucky Are You???
    Better ... nah ... different ... yes

    1.25% says that out of 80 contests you should have been selected -

    as you can see - one's individual luck may mean they are selected in the 1st drawing or the 80th!

    all the 1.25% does is say you should win by the 80th selection...

    the actual random num generator test applies one's individual luck to the equation (if you believe in chaos theory and luck)

    and as you can see - by the 80th drawing I was still not selected - in fact my personal odds of winning based on my personal luck is a DISMAL 0.0082

    just for S&G I reran the test and I managed to get my number on the 114th draw - a little better but still HOPELESS!!!

    oh well


    come on RELEASE DATE! cuz Beta sure aint in the STARZ!

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    posted a message on How Unlucky Are You???
    Ok so to see how lucky I am or will be in the build contest I created a simple spreadsheet

    in the a1 cell I put in the formula =randbetween(0,4000)

    assuming 4000 posts

    and copied that cell down 50 rows for 50 random numbers between 1 and 4000

    I then put in cell b1 this formula =iferror(vlookup(1435,a1:a50,1,false),"NO LUCK")

    1435 is my post number -

    I then selected a1 (clicked in the input box) and hit enter until i matched my post - this refreshes the 50 random numbers

    ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY ONE refreshes later LUCKY number 1435 showed up as one of the 50 random numbers -

    So in essence I would have to have entered 121 contests in a row (at a pace of one every week that would mean 2+ years later I would get my Beta Key!!!)


    come on 1435!

    big money big money - no WHAMMIES!
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    posted a message on DiabloFans Calculator Build Contest (ONE POST ONLY)


    This build is designed for play with a partner ranged DPS (In this case my fiance - AoE Wizard)

    The build is centered around gather in as many demons as I can (keep them off the wizard)

    I use leap attack with the call of areat -

    warcry for the armor and health

    revenge and OP should be spammed like crazy - they should defintely be up and when they arent there will be massive fury to feed continuous hammers -
    I might even remove bash if it turns out I can generate enough fury without it - I have it in there for initial engagements when leap attack is on cd

    as long as I continue to punish the group they should be slowed and stunned enough for large scale meteors to land from my partner -

    looking forward to my revenge OP! build :-)

    oh .. and a possible beta key :-)

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    posted a message on [Official] Release Date Speculation Thread
    Official Release announcement - March 1st

    Official Release Date - April 1st

    After the announcement goes out wild speculation about an April Fools joke will run rampant -

    then they will come back - say they were just kidding and rephrase the announcement to ... soon
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    posted a message on Intentionally leveling a bad character?
    I have ALWAYS said...

    to each their own

    Do what makes YOU happy

    Be a leader - not a follower -

    I have already decided my Barb ill NEVER get WW...

    I am most looking forward to an overpower revenge build - tank the baddies for my wizard GF
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    posted a message on Happy with 4 player co-op?
    I think 5 would be perfect -

    I loke the thought of having one from each class play and everyone agrees that if loot drops for one class they get it (playing with friends of course)

    I have always fel 4 was a number they came up with to ensure latency was not an issue - who knows - maybe they will adjust the cap after the expansion -

    hope so!
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    posted a message on Craft or Drop ?
    I have not been lucky enough to get a beta key but I have read a lot on this subject

    If you have a lot of time to grind - go GF - use the AH - and spend all that gold to max out

    However - if you do not have a lot of time to mass ridiculous hoards of gold - go full MF - and then spin the loot slot machine

    in my mind it is more fun to get that drop yourself then farm gold and buy it -

    but in the release version of the game - dont kid yourself - you will not get the max piece for each slot without using the AH - the odds are just wayyy to great that you will happen to find everything yourself -

    take 10000000 players and those odds start to get better - the RMAH is going to be where most of us will eventually min/max from

    and hopefully by selling that perfect witch doctor item you found and buying that barb itm you need - not spending your hard earned cash
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 an eSports?
    I am pretty sure Blizz will work on the PvP metagame a few patches after release.

    This will definitely be the case if all of a sudden one class totally dominates

    I think the best way to balance is to just mod skills when in arena -

    example: if the monk's heal allows him to top himself off every 15 seconds and it just proves too powerful they might add a 1min cooldown on powerful healing while in arena but keep it the same in pve
    am hoping they add some balancing (but only if one class really dominates) I am totally fine with a complete rock paper scissors - not every class should vbe able to beat their counter
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    posted a message on Thanks you for the beta key diablofans!
    congrats all who got a key to play

    I have been trying everything I can to win a key so i can test out the game

    i am glad that you are grateful - this is an awesome site - I remember when the diablo3 domain name was purchased and how excited we were

    that seems so long ago now -

    again - congrats to all who get a key - i hope you have fun playing the game we all love!

    See you soon hopefully in the release version !
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    posted a message on So whats the Point of Low lvl uniques if re-rolling is pointless?
    Also until we can see all the metagames that develop we will have no idea of worth -

    for example

    If a whole culture of level 20 PVP starts - and it is a twink culture - all of a sudden there will be a demand for your level 20 dueler and a reason to farm and buy gear for them

    we can never tell how the economy will act - only the player base and time will tell
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    posted a message on I remember when...
    Quote from CygnusVismund

    Diablo 1: Who could forget the butcher and running behind a cage and shooting him with arrows.

    Diablo 2: Sadly enough, I was in act 3 of playing with my first Barbarian in single player. I opened up my skills tab and realized...
    I have 2 additional skill trees.... holy crap

    Diablo 3: Jar of Souls, Den of the Fallen

    The butcher was probably the mose scared i have ever been in this game - that extra speed - mowing you down - ahhhhhhhh! I truly truly hope we get the sh76 scared out of us this game when he pops up for the first time - that will make the game for me - and yes he should be super fast - and have that cleaver chop action right at your back as you run
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    posted a message on I remember when...
    Another good one is the first time you face Duriel - I tried to find a way out so I could prepare - alas a big pile of gold popped on the floor instead LOL
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    posted a message on I remember when...
    I almost pissed my pants the vendor had a kings sword of haste in trist... then I didnt have enough to buy it... ahhh the days...

    I saw the rumors in early 2008 that someone had purchased the rights to the web name diablo3.com .... thats when the excitement of this game started for me

    I was running around on my barbarian in the d2 beta trying to find gems

    what so you remember about this great franchise?
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    posted a message on Who thinks runestones will go away?
    Ok -

    the community is pretty smart -

    and knowing what to vendor and what to auction can be very easy learning curve (we all have to do this for every piece of gear out there anyway)

    Having random affix properties on runes is an amazing idea

    so an alabaster giving +210% damage is on the AH and right above it is the same rune giving +220% damage

    eventually all those +180% alabaster runes you find you will just vendor as you will know that unless its a +210 or better it is NOT going to sell -

    didnt we all do the same for the &^%t gold uniques from D2 -

    we didn't try to trade those - they got vendored -

    as far as hoarding goes - maybe make a Runebook? so as you find a rune if you want to transcribe it into your runebook you can but it will be consumed int he process -

    your runebook is like your spell book and any spell you overwrite will be forever changed -
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    posted a message on Magic Find - yes? no? another option?
    Are you in favor of MF on gear?

    Do you think this is a waste of an affix slot?

    Here is a list of the Pro's and Con's I have seen posted


    1) fun to hunt for the perfect MF gear - the endless search to maximize a stat
    2) spending all the effort to maximize mf should show noticable reward (more magic drops! = fun)


    1) public groups will constantly be joined by the dreaded "leecher" - that one guy so gimped but sporting 1000% mf - he does none of the work but follows behind and collects 4x the reward
    2) premade groups will be forced to have one friend become the gimp listed above so the rest can share the great finds
    3) MF stat takes up a useful killing stat on gear



    remove MF from gear


    Change the XP bonuses from perks in game (like the massacre etc) to MF% bonuses for short durations

    so a group of players that are killing at a high rate of speed and continue to get massive hit and killing spree bonuses will keep their MF meter maxed while they play

    these are short duration buffs that get renewed as you continue to dominate - the better you play and the faster you kill the more you can keep the MF maxed -

    I saw this on the official forums and LOVED the idea -

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