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    Ok. To all of those people out there who think D3 is WoW-ish based on the 20 minutes of footage you've seen from a demo put together by the devs, you're wrong. It could be that those areas don't even exist and were precisely put together for the demo and nothing else. After all, they did rig everything to show you some of d3's features (chest drops, etc.)

    And if you really think about it, Diablo 2 was just the same. Take a look at where you start out. The Rouge Encampment is a green feild with rain and lots of light. As you progress thruout the storyline, however, it gets dark, ending up in skull-lined hellish lava pits, etc. :thumbsup:

    Plus, you can count on D3's storyline to be much broader. Hell, for all we know right now, you could start out in a clean, pretty world and have it taken over. I don't know, no one does. So please, don't make assumptions off of a game play demo.
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