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    It always goes back to the whole kids can see violence but not nudity, hows that a good thing. For your info I am not a kid, I'm 21. I wasn't referring to any body of power or governments ideal or rating system. I speak from deep personal morals.

    Some people out there may disagree, but pornography is destructive and addictive. What is more likely to happen to a person after playing a game with violence/nudity in it, murder and violence or looking at some real porn?

    I can only speak for myself, but I am trying to prevent thoughts leading back to past choices and their ramifications.

    I have posted my viewpoint on this topic multiple times now and this is always the outcome, most everyone downplaying nudity(or simply disregarding it as an issue) and emphasizing the harmful effects of violence. I agree that violence is no positive force either, but nudity is destructive as well.

    I probably should just abstain from commenting on the topic, but my feelings are strong. I know D1 was dark and had "mature" content, but it was also made over ten years ago. D3's graphics will be clearer and more advanced, making whatever is included in the game in the same manner.

    It is interesting that people construe "maturity" as being old enough or mature enough to do certain things, while in reality those things are destructive at whatever age they are done at.

    I'm fairly certain my feelings will be only scorned, refuted, or ignored, but oh well, that's how it usually is; I'll just hope that I can play D3 with a clear conscience, I'll probably end up playing it and trying to ignore anything I wouldn't choose to see if I had the choice.

    I would never commit an act of violence because I play a video game, and I don't believe many people would either. All the of the pointless fights I have seen take place have been because of pride. People getting offended over nothing or thinking they can do whatever they want because they're somehow better.

    I do not want to create a philosophical argument, but I know what I know even if others regard it as naught.
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    It would be disconcerting if they were topless. If you want that please look for another source.

    I think they were fine in D2. The ones in D1 were very annoying with any character without a ranged attack anyways, chase hit or miss, chase hit or miss until dead, I never liked them.
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    Only beta I've ever been in is Mythos. Would have been a cool MMO.

    I opted in for the SC2 beta, wouldn't care much if I got in, but my brother would enjoy it.
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    I'm playing Titan Quest right now.

    Bought it a few weeks ago.

    When D3 comes out I probably won't play D2 very often.
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    I should have tried to write something, last week was spring break and I didn't do anything. Too late now, but I probably wouldn't have won anyway.
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    Quote from "HEET1330" »
    I'm with you jwest88 , not all excited about starcraft even though i owned the first one but it is progress and that is what we are after. I read starcraftwire that there are changes to the beta sign up webpages as well. They have been moved from blizzard to WOW and they think they did this because they do not want the meltdown like they had with ticket sales for blizzcon 08. WOW servers can handle it. SO hopefully within a month or so starcraft2 beta will be out and moving us closer to D3

    Thanks for the info; I don't know much about SC2 progress because I haven't been following it(but all I know is there's a lot of blues on the forums), I hope as well that the beta for SC2 starts soon.

    It makes sense to move the beta sign up to WoW if the servers can handle more. Hopefully this means that Blizzard wants more people to test the beta so they can get feedback from more people and more quickly.
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    Quote from name="Greg Gluebag" »

    This is actually a good sign, the new battle.net will be launching with SCII and if it is not done then SCII cannot launch. I could care less about SCII, but it has to come out before D3 does.

    This is a sign that they are making progress.
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    Quote from "Equinox" »
    Very bad article. Extremely biased, and that just shows Diablo fans from a really bad angle.

    I don't take Diablo I seriously without Hellfire. It's too short and small without it. I don't see how it failed at all.
    Stop calling Sacred a clone. It's not.
    If a game is a Hack&Slash, it does not make it a clone (wow, this must be news for you).

    I know tons of people that enjoyed many of "Diablo clones" a lot more than Diablo. Stop assuming this junk simply because it's your opinion. I believe Nox is not a clone at all and is made much better than Diablo in every possible sense. I also believe Sacred 2 is not a clone, and, again, does many things much better than Diablo. It is starting to worry me, too, because I fear due to certain reasons I won't even find Diablo III enjoyable. And there's Alien Shooter which is pure Hack&Slash and is very enjoyable. There are a few others. Divine Divinity is one I didn't get my hands on yet.

    Just because it's a DIablo fansite does not allow you to make such biased claims as "no game ever came close". That's very far from the truth, but you may need to open your eyes.

    I should have clarified; I have not played very many games. I have only until recently been able to play PC games on an old PC with no graphics card(besides an outdated onboard); and my most recent console is now the gamecube, which is a recent purchase.

    I am not trying to insinuate that all the games in the genre failed; I do not see the Diablo games as amazing and unblemished; I am thoroughly bored of D2 and won't pick up D1 now because it feels too slow after faster paced games(walking speed).

    In my experience, many games are linear without randomly generated content. With Sacred, there was only a save/load game feature, and the storyline was not too compelling. (that is not to say Diablo's storyline is amazingly compelling either).

    I hope Sacred 2 is successful, as well as other games out there; there has been a lot of time and effort put into making them.

    I like games like Secret of Mana, Soul Blazer, Secret of Evermore, Final Fantasy 3, Earthbound, Illusion of Gaia, and the Zelda games. I have not explored many of the hack and slash options out there or even the more modern options of games available now.
    On the PC the only games I've ever played are: D1, D2(and mods), Sacred, Doom, Unreal Tournament, Darkstone, sacred 2 demo, TQ demo, a small amount of fable, some of Warcraft 3, and some free MMO's. Basically, I am not the best person to judge what games are "successful." Seeing as I have very meager experience of many games.

    I wasn't trying to sound like all other games failed, and I have not played most of the titles you listed, maybe I'll make a list of them and if I feel like playing games check some of them out. A feeling of stagnation has led me to a discomforture of playing games while I should be doing something more productive. Basically my views are my own, though narrow and twisted by circumstance they may be.

    I am not trying to "assume" anything, my response was based on my experience, and I am not trying to imply just because a game is not Diablo it is "junk;" I am sure they are great games, I (again) simply do not see games without random drops/content being as re-playable as games with them are. (and replayability is a large factor to me). Granted, I have played and beaten secret of mana many times even though it is the same every time and I have the whole thing memorized; but if even a piece of a game is different every time around that refreshes the experience greatlly.

    Oh and one more thing, "just because this is a diablo fansite..." I would not go to a game's fansite and thrash other games just because it was a "" fansite; thats just dumb and counter-productive. I was simply stating my opinion, narrow though it may be on this subject; oh, and I used the term " Diablo clone" because it is such a widely used term for the games inspired by Action RPG gameplay, the term is not very accurate; but I just used it by default; I guess I should stop because others may not like the term...Yes maybe I do need to "open my eyes..."

    I should get some sleep.
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    Quote from "Doppelganger" »
    Diablo, the first action-RPG? Um, not really.

    edit: wow, biased: "some of its developers would part ways with Blizzard Entertainment to form a company of their own that would later create several ill-fated titles before closing their doors, leaving the Diablo series safe at the hands of its owners at Blizzard."
    I'm not sure i'm liking this, to be honest.

    Blizzard owned/owns the right to the Diablo franchise; (even if it was condor games-(Blizzard North) that made the games). Because those who left Blizzard failed at their attempts to bring forth improvements to the Diablo franchise and bring forward action RPG gameplay(largely due to lack of funding), the Diablo franchise and basically a sequel to Diablo 2 is now left to Blizzard.

    I don't find the bias alarming, because what he said is basically true, Blizzard owns the right to the Diablo franchise, and there have not been any games that can truly eclipse or even match the Diablo experience(in its genre).

    If you know of any let us know; there have been many "diablo clones" that have tried to add to the features of D2 and bring the genre forward, but none of them have really been as addictive as Diablo 2 is/was.

    I have played the titan quest demo, own sacred/sacred underworld, and though both were decent, (sacred was fun for a while); they do not create an experience which is extremely re-playable and which has been played and modded for years.

    I do not think there is a very large modding community for TQ, Sacred, or any of the other "diablo clones" out there, but D2 has an extensive modding community with many mods released. This shows how much we like the gameplay and mechanics/random loot, etc. of D2.

    I really should be doing something else...

    I am not the most experienced gamer(am actually quite picky when it comes to what games I like) so I may be wrong (as always).
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    Quote from "ansl" »
    Have some faith, its blizzard, its quality. But I too would like M rating or even 18+ rating! :P

    I'm sure D3 will be fine in those regards. It's the ideas people on forums come up with that scare me sometimes. Like demons having exposed genitalia. That's just gross and unnecessary to me.

    I've also seen a lot of threads about the game not being "evil" or "gory" enough. I don't see where people are getting these ideas; D2 was not a gorefest. D3 is already more bloody and people want more; there is a thread on B.net about health orbs not looking evil enough. That to me is just ridiculous.

    Basically, I have faith that Blizzard will do what is right for D3; I'm just scared they'll follow some of the bad suggestions people have. (of course it is nice when Blizzard acknowledges our ideas and feedback)

    I guess as a response to the thread topic: my greatest fear will be that when the game is released I will not be in a position to play it. I am already 21 and don't know what I'll be doing at the time of release.

    I also fear that some of the unnecessary and over-doing it type suggestions will be followed or implemented.

    Besides that D3 looks amazing as is; and the game is far from complete. :thumbsup: (thumbs up for looking good at such an early stage not at the long wait ahead)
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    Quote from "Blumpkinpie" »
    The use of profanity does not mean the lack of morals. "F bombs" don't exactly fit in the Diablo world/time, so yes, none should show up. Others, are expletives that add to the emotion and depth of the feeling. Seriously, when watching a cinematic and seeing someones spine get ripped from their body or get a spike shoved through them, "Oh good heavens" just doesn't fit there either.

    No, I do not want D3 filled with profanity in every sentence... but some, depending on their cinematics. I can count on both hands how many cuss words were in Fear 2, so I have a feeling whatever write ups on it, will try to make that sound like a lot more then that. If you played it, and saw where those explitives were used... it added immersion, added depth.

    Fear 2 was M for a reason. Diablo 2 was M for a reason, Diablo 3 better be rated M.

    I haven't played Fear 2 so my response was based on this: (usually these ratings under-state the content of at least movies; I don't see why they wouldn't in games too).

    I was also referring to sexual themes, and nudity in my comments.

    I don't want D3 to say things like "oh heavens" or the like when something terrible happens; but based on the above list I don't want the rating description to read like that either. I fear that is the way rated M games are going now days.

    I basically do not want to compromise my morals by playing a game I love. As long as D3 does not go in the direction of Grand Theft Auto then it should be fine.

    I am not trying to remove any "strong language" or make the game rated T for Teen. I know Diablo 3 will be M for Mature.

    My feelings are that we cannot choose to avoid vulgarity and innuendos throughout the day because we have to go out and work or go to school and live our lives; but we can make the personal choice to not then subject ourselves to the like for the rest of our day on our personal time. This is my feeling for movies, games, and TV. This is a very hard thing to do because any of the "good" movies, shows, and games will almost definitely have some of these elements in them. (and yes, today's pg-13 rating is in many cases basically an R).

    I am hoping that Diablo 3 will not be one of those things that will be an iffy choice for me to make based on its content.
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    9) Blood, gore and profanity. After playing Fear 2, I want D3 have similar characteristics.

    Just because almost everyone sees profanity as perfectly acceptable doesn't mean we should all be subjected to it in D3. We are subjected to it whenever we watch movies/TV, go to school or work, or do almost anything else; but we should not be subjected to it in Diablo 3. Sure the minor ones will be present, that's fine; but the ones majorly used and accepted today should not be included(I will not type them, but your know which ones I mean, ones that start with F, S, A.

    In music, profanity is a huge turnoff for me, I generally don't listen to songs with severe profanity. If Diablo 3 had unnecessary profanity and if I not only have to go out and hear it all day, but come home for some good D3 fun and then hear it some more that will be very disappointing and annoying.

    The evaporation of morals in society should not be deeply integrated into Diablo 3. That is one thing I do not want Blizzard to add to Sanctuary using our world as its model.

    I just read why F.E.A.R. 2 is rated M. It would be horrible if D3 had those same things in the ratings description when it's released.
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    Quote from "Nyagosin" »

    I've been spending the last days reviewing over posts and replies about people would like to see in Diablo 3, and since i just signed up, im pretty new to this, so if there was already a thread concerning my idea, im sorry.. well anways onto my idea about this thread

    On an other site i found a thread about item customizing, especially about armor and weapon customizing. So heres my idea on what i think people would enjoy, if not then meh i certainly like it:P

    The idea is about weapon and armor leveling, not on any weapon but lets say class-specific weapons and armors, that you might get from class-specific quests or just killing bosses. And for every set amount of levels you gain you can go to a special npc to upgrade your weapon and armor, giving it randomized stats or abilities, and a new look. And the way you upgrade it, you will need materials of some sort, or specific tasks you might need to do, and everytime you upgrade it, it should be different everytime.

    Eg. Say i played as a barbarian, i do my class-specific quest and i gain a 2-handed axe made only for the barbarian race. It starts off with a basic foundation of like lets say +3 attack +2 vit +1 dex +5 def and so on. Well anways I level my barbarian up say 10 times, and i want to get a new weapon since this axe sucks for my level and dungeon im in. So what we do is go to a special Npc, like black smith and ask him to level the weapon or armor up. The blacksmith will then give you a list of materials, and gold fee you will need to level up the weapon. And its not like you need much materials to upgrade, lower levels need less materials that are less rare and not much gold, while higher levels need some tasks you need to finish, more gold, and more rare materials that you can only get from bosses, rare monsters, and quests.
    And heres the cool part comes in, when you get the materials or finish the tasks giving, like slay 50 skeletons or slay a certain boss, and you go back to the blacksmith and give him the materials and money, he will then hand you a hammer or a scroll depends which idea you like better. The blacksmith will then tell you, you ahve to travel to a certain place, like dungeon and go to the blacksmithy there and forge your weapon there. And when you forge your weapon, you will get randomized stats, abilities, and a new look to the weapon. So that everytime you level up your weapon or armor it changes so your not stuck with the same old axe everytime that just has better stats. And if you want you can make it everytime you want to level something you will be sent to a different blacksmith to forge your item. And i would think there should a limit to how many times a weapon can level, and for different types of weapons there is a different level and material requirment to level.

    Oh and heres another idea that compliments my other idea. Basically when you max out the level of your weapon, the last level will give your player a special function, or ability that may aide him against a certain type of enemy, or boss. These functions vary from different class-specific weapons, so what im trying to say is that on the last level of a different weapon there will be a special ability or function that can help the barbarian in some way, and disadvantage him in some way.

    Eg. My 2-handed axe is maxed out and i get a skill that lets me deal 30% more physical and magical damage to heavy armor units, but lets me take 20% more damage from light armor units. And lets say i maxed out another weapon which is a long sword, that give me the ability to do 30% more damage to light armor units, while take in 20% more damage from arcane magic. These are just examples that came were on top of my head at this time, there could be better examples and abilities but lets just stick with theses. So what im basically trying to do is create a idea that has its ups and downs, and counters. Like lets say your in a area thats heavily armed with heavy armor units, you could use the axe to easily take them down, but then you come to an area thats mixed with light amor and magical units, you could basically switch your weapon so that you don't die to fast, and take out the light armor people, and switch back to the axe to take out the mages.

    Well anyways thats my idea, i have much more to put in, but im having a hard time expressing it in writing and how to put it so that everyone can understand where im coming from...:confused:

    Well if anyones wants to give me any feed back, that would be appreciated, and don't scrutinize me if this ideas been taken, or seems dumb, or you can't undertand what im saying, its my first post, becuase i just felt like sharing my idea to see if its good or bad:)

    Welcome to the forums.
    I think Diablo is more about getting better loot from drops, not keeping one weapon and upgrading it the whole time. This could possibly help with set items or unique items that you may like but begin to become too weak as you progress(you have a whole set, but the item becomes too weak to use, and you don't want to break up the set). Equipment is tricky... It is such an important part of the game that it is hard to make just right. You don't want (really)good drops to be too requent but you don't want them to be too seldom either. I hope Blizzard can come up with a good solution to drops. Diablo 2's really good drops were too rare.
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    The most advanced runeword I used was ral+ort+tal. I could care less about runewords. What I loved was set items(uniques/good rares were cool too). I loved that green; hope the sets are improved and are not impossible to get in D3.
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    Quote from "gabbzy17" »
    i like how we can edit stuff, bad grammar and spelling mistakes irritate the **** out of me when i read, but now i can fix that :)

    I agree, editing is good.

    Profanity irritates me, so now I can fix that! :)

    Anyway... The new site looks good.
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