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    Too much of a WoW fan, never liked WoW, if you want a MMORPG there are tons out there for free, and their all about the same some as good as "WoW", Diablo was never meant to be an MMO they are sticking with the right format for it, Singleplayer and battlenet. I would hate it if Blizzard made Diablo 3 an MMORPG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (But they aren't going to so it's all good).
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    I would give it a 100/5. Its so awesome.
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    I'm posting this because people complain too much. It's been a day since they announced the game and people are already complaining and telling them what to do too much. Doing it a little is okay, but people are going overboard.

    I think the color is okay in it. If you keep making it darker the blood will look weird. Trust blizzard they have made many best-selling games, and they have their own communications group to look at fan websites. They know what their doing in making games.

    A few more things, A lot of people keep on wanting it to be just like D2, which is stupid. D2 is an awesome game, but this is a new game and it needs a new style. what people are asking for is a Diablo 2 with better graphics.

    You guys want a dark medieval style but you can see it in the pictures of the cities, it is not really in the medival era anymore. Diablo 2 was loved and wasn't really dark.

    Don't compare D3 with WoW. D3 is awesomeness. (I don't really like WoW) MMORPG's use an auto-aim technique that gives it a boring feeling. D3 has the awesome hack n slash which gives it exitement.

    I like the new systems of life and other stuff. It makes the game unique from the other diablos.
    Thank you to the people who post comments like this. Sorry for the length.

    D3 Finally!
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    They better not borrow too much from WoW I have never liked and will never like the game, but all I know is the gameplay trailor looks nice and as long as there is a singleplayer option, not any of this MMO crap I'll be happy. I've watched the trailors and visited the sight and it seems Diablo 3 will be a great game.
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