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    i'd love to join ... i play lots of MC

    Also i love the plugins: (craftbukkit)
    Blockdoor (hidden doors?)
    Permissions & Iconomy (permissions is needed for alot of plugins and Iconomy is just epic)
    Citizens can be pretty cool (tradesmen etc)
    McMMO combined with Priest is cool (leveling and healing through books)
    Graveyards can be very usefull (multiple spawns)
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    SHOOP DOOP DOOP i totaly forgot about this RP!!!!!!! =( to bad.. im buzy anyways
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    imma gonna think this through! 10 years of piano lessons should pay off :P but however i am first writing mah contest entry and stuff :P
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    Ok this will be my entry for the Writing competition...
    P.S. it's not finished i just need some reviews what could be better and stuff =D! help a kid in need.

    Many stories spread across the lands and seas are about our beloved city Caldeum. Some famous some notorious, but always in every word home. The desperate sands do not stop our spirit and glory to rise to the sky. That is the reason why people travel here, any man has the ability to touch his dreams here.

    Ghivanni examined the poem and laid down his quill, carefully. His hard wooden writing desk had been ambitiously made by the finest craftsman of Caldeum, it was a marvellous work. The noble rose from his chair, for a last time he briefly examined the poem, he sighed.

    “This isn’t finished” muttered the noble.

    Ghivanni pinned his poem to the wall as he did with all his others. The quarters of the nobleman where wide and the ceiling was high. He had personally overseen the construction of this house, the handcrafted windows were extraordinarily high, so that the sun would shine in his beloved home. Ghivanni was a wealthy man and had come from a long line of nobles out of Caldeum. The nobleman wore the finest clothes, he was in good shape and his thick black hair was set back into a ponytail, which was very controversial and unusual for a man of his standard. He had lived all his life in Caldeum his parents were born rich, he had inherited the money.
    A cold breeze rolled in, the door to his quarters was opened. A man in a long white mantle stepped in the room. His boots were worn, as where his pants. His face was hardened but not bitter and a grimace was clearly visible. It was Ghivanni’s friend and most loyal bodyguard Gabriel.

    “Your hair confuses me still, friend. Let it fly in the wind as any other noble, don’t pretend you are a worker.” Gabriel said challenging but friendly.

    Ghivanni just stared at him with a death smile. He knew that Gabriel was right but he felt that this was more suitable for him. As The nobleman kept staring at the bodyguard, who got more nervous and nervous.

    “Are you ready, sir? It is hunting season!”
    Gabriel said still nervous.

    A grimace from ear to ear found his way to Ghivanni’s face, he laughed and walked up to Gabriel to give him a warm friendly hug.
    Ghivanni was different from most Nobles, who kept strict to their own class. He believed everyone was equal and that how you were born didn’t matter as long as you were a honest and good person. This however sometimes made him the laughing stock.
    The two of them rushed out of the private quarters and soon stood in the main hall. The nobleman and his servant walked to the front door and opened it. A warm wind blew immediately through the main hall replacing the nice air with a suffocating thick heat. But none the less it was home. The two man strolled along the beauty of Caldeum before slowly moving towards the main gate. The city was a great place of trade, it was here where it all happened. Building as high as mountains and sewers as large as rivers. The sun burned upon the shining city.
    The Hunting season was not just for everyone it was for those who sought challenge. The hunt was not an easy feat. First they had to track the sand maggots down. Second they had to make sure they weren’t poisonous although this hadn’t occurred in many years, it was merely a precaution they had learned from there ancestors. Too see if a maggot was poisonous you had to take some blood and and dip a piece of red silk in it, if it’s colour turned, the blood and so the maggot would be poisonous. Ghivanni and Gabriel did this every year. They excelled in their hunting skills and made use of that.
    They had journeyed to what the two of them called the golden eggs beach, it was a small valley in the area around Caldeum where one tribe of Sand maggots lived, these sand maggots were faster and stronger than most others, so they were often let alone. There eggs were however more tasteful and stuffed with healthy nutrition and vitamins and were also quite expansive. They started tracking where the tribe had left their eggs and where the maggots would be. The day wore on and the sun continued burning hot, Ghivanni saw the tribe. His eye immediately fell upon the strongest and largest of the group.

    “There is a large one, it must have many egg., Sound like dinner!” Ghivanni said blissful.

    “That must be one of their leaders or queens! You want such a strong opponent?!” Gabriel said flabbergasted.

    Ghivanni started loading his crossbow and Gabriel got ready for a though melee fight. The caldeum noble shot a strong arrow that pierced the hot air, it was a hard hit in the leg, immobilizing the creature for a while. Gabriel rushed forward giving the creature no time to recover, He lept and tried to slice the creature in half. When suddenly the creature rolled over to it’s side. Both the man their jaws fell to the ground of amazement. These maggots were creatures of power not of Agility! The maggot rushed into the sands.

    “What is this thing?! How does it move with such agility!” Gabriel said as he examined the environment with eagle eyes.

    Ghivanni was also surprised by this beast. The noble had never seen anything like it, but it was not the time to wonder there was a fight to finish. He kneeled and felt the ground with his hand, his eyes turned big and looked at Gabriel.

    “Watch it….!!” Ghivanni shouted as he ran up to his friend.

    But it was already to late, the creature emerged from the sands underneath Gabriel and bit him viciously in the leg. Ghivanni drew his dagger and stabbed the creature right into the head. The creature dropped down into the caverns he had emerged from. The noble took out his medical equipment with hurry. The wound was deep but not deadly, it would make a nasty scar. It didn’t took long before the body guard was back on foot. They looked at each other and knew it was enough for today, and they still had a small journey ahead of them. The two man started walking , Ghivanni supporting Gabriel. They left the valley, suddenly Gabriel collapsed and fell to the ground. The noble quickly felt his friend’s head in a rush of adrenaline, it was hotter than the sun burning on his own shoulders. The bodyguard vomited, it was green and definitely had never been food. Ghivanni took a quick look at the wound.The flesh had turned thick and red and seemed to be heavily infected by poison. The nobles eyes turned big as he suddenly realized the maggot had been poisonous.

    “Damn… that’s a strong maggot ….”
    Gabriel said in a gasp for air.

    “Not strong enough to kill you friend.” Ghivanni said calming.
    Without looking back the scout rushed along the roads through the forests. He didn’t stopped nor look back. The landscape just sheered by and the beauty of it was definitely ignored. Drevin had been on the road for days, he didn’t know how long since he left Kurast but it must have been at least four days and four nights before he had come this close to Caldeum. The forest suddenly broke away to give place deserts and dunes. The valleys of Caldeum were all the same Hot, horrid ruins and sand Drevin thought. He slowed down a bit but maintained enough speed to keep on track of schedule. That damned letter he had to bring to the Council in Caldeum, it had cost him a lot. The scout was tired, he hadn’t slept for days and was always on the road. He was just about to stop to take a quick nap when he noticed to man near the “road”. They were both labourers considered their hair style, although one was dressed as a noble. He stopped his horse next to the two and saw that one of them was wounded.
    Out of a stream of compassion Drevin suddenly said:
    “Can I help you two?”

    “That horse of yours and some help to get my friend on that horse.” The noble-looking man said arrogant. He also looked quite in panic which wasn't a surprise if you looked at his friend.

    Oooooh! That’s definitely a noble Drevin thought. The noble stopped nursing his friend and rose, he gave Drevin a hand.

    “I’m sorry but my friend is poisoned and wounded. He needs medical attention and We need to get back to Caldeum or he might not make it." Ghivanni said with a smile.

    Drevin’s despise suddenly changed in respect, he grabbed the wounded by the middle and lifted him. Ghivanni hopped on the horse and Gabriel was seated in front of him.

    “It is a day time travel by foot from here, be in caldeum before tonight or I’ll come and look for you, Friend you deserved a reward for this, meet me at the pillars of the market.” The noble smiled at Drevin and gave him a last greet before he left.

    Ghivanni rushed to Caldeum and entered his house with Gabriel in his arms. Friends , servants and even guards rushed to the two too help the wounded Gabriel. Within minutes a whole team of healers was at the sight, and it didn’t take long before the wound was healed but the poison within would take longer. Gabriel still had a high fever and was very sick. Ghivanni stayed with him the whole day, he only left for a quick stop to the market to buy some herbs and ration. Which he could do, normal nobles had to send maids and servants for this. The hair Ghivanni had gave him privileges others didn’t have, like going to the market.

    “Two sacks of grain and two of the largest buckets of water please.. oh and throw in some of your fine Mecrubling Vegetables ” Ghivanni said to the merchant.

    “Making a stockpile? fine sir. Doesn’t surprise me at all, with al those rumours about those dreadful Kurast nobles.” The merchant said with a grimace.

    “What rumours?” Ghivanni said curious.

    “Oh ya haven’t heard! The Kurast nobles are coming to caldeum for some reason. Some say a poison is spread across there lands! Others say Assassins. I ran into one person who even dared to say that the mythical Mephisto himself was there to ruin the place!” The merchant laughed, the two greeted each other and Ghivanni was on his way. He checked up Gabriel and, at the end of the day, when he was walking up to the pillars of the market, he could only think of one thing, that rumour. Ghivanni soon saw the silhouette of a men he knew.

    “Friend! I am sorry about today I didn’t get any chance to properly introduce myself! I am Ghivanni of the Caldeum Council.” Ghivanni gave the man a warm smile

    Drevin was astonished! To meet an noble like this was extraordinary!
    “Hello! I’t is ok I am Drevin of Kurast a scout with the fastest horses. It is good that I meet you we have much to discuss.” Drevin responded a bit flabbergast, he gave Ghivanni a letter.

    Ghivanni opened it with haste and eagerly read what it said.

    Council of twelve we are in need, our city is in trouble so we have decided we would like to take residence in Caldeum. We will take the suites in The Capital Inn.

    Signed ~ Woryl Aulvanel high commander and noble of Kurast.

    Ghivanni examined the letter and got even more frustrated, first his friend got poisoned then these nobles want to show up, he couldn’t even finish his poem! What a terrible day this had been. The letter felt more like orders although they had put it nicely the nobles of Kurast just decided to show up and stay.

    “So the rumours were true!” Ghivanni said angry but surprised

    “They are one day behind me if I am correct and what rumours?” Drevin said with a smile

    “WHAT?! At first they decide to just show up, ok they are in need. But so soon? Ghivanni said angry, on purpose he didn’t respond on Drevin’s question
    Drevin glared at him but then gave him a smile. They strolled through Caldeum until they where at Ghivanni’s house. They chatted a bit and then Drevin went to the inn. Ghivanni entered his house, he checked upon Gabriel and stayed with him al night.


    Feeble rays of light entered the quarters of Ghivanni the warmth of the sun touched his skin and opened his eyes. The first thing that came to his mind were the Kurast nobles, still a bit angry he went downstairs for breakfast. He set out some men to find the Kurast nobles and bring them to Caldeum. The noble’s first priority was to inform the twelve of this.
    The twelve was a group of nobles who lead the city in sort, they had no real power over trades of any kind or currency, they just lead the city and protected them from outsiders. Although Caldeum was a part of Kehjistan, it saw the city and its inhabitants as free entity.
    Ghivanni had entered the Nobles Hall, where the round table stood. This round table was meant for the twelve to communicate, discuss and inform each other. Ghivanni left a note in the middle of the table and rang the gigantic bell to awake the nobles from there normal duties. He left the hall and went to the gates of Caldeum. Gabriel catched up with him, he was not fully recovered but it was good enough to walk. The noble searched his men and readied them.

    “Ahh how long will this take! isn’t it enough that a man has to leave a heaven and then move to such a unworthy city?” Woryl said annoyed.

    Woryl was a the high commander of Kurast, sort of a spiritual leader. He was a noble to which gave him even more power. Woryl was born without money that was unlikely for a noble, his father was a gambler and lost all his money in these games. This could not stop woryl, he did everything to make his blood worthy again. he married the right person or he blackmailed them.

    soo P.S.S.S it is Definitly not finished yet and i will add more (this also is NO imperresion of where the story is going to) soo :P read and criticise me :P
    P.S #2 edited some stuff thank you Siaynoq
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    posted a message on 10 Year Anniversary
    drads!!!!! its true i was introduced (DII) by my brothers when i was six xD (they wanted the game for themselves but i played it along) as well as DI... good to be 16 now and wanting DIII XD

    Happy Bday Diablo! =D (bit late xD)
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    i'm done! finally!xD
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    got about everything finished except my background and capture.. i need to think those through so i will post them tomorrow night.. >.> pm me if my gram fails or i should change things.. being a parasite isn't easy xD
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    yep but writing it as we speak so don't worry i will get this finished
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    Name: Jo'lonar

    Gender: Symbiote, Not male nor female

    Race: Demon (Parasite) Called The Tok'ra

    Height: 50 cm or 1.64 feet

    Weight: 4k or 8.8 lbs

    Eye Colour: What eyes?

    Desciption: The snake like sort take place in the host, without it they wither and die. It has a yellow to blue like skin. The Tok'ra are vicious and nasty little creatures who crawl into ones stomach or neck and twist around his nerve system. this gives him full control. the switch of hosts is not any easy one and can kill the Symbiote just as easily. There for the Tok'ra rarely switch of hosts.

    Background: evils/sins: Destruction, Arrogance , Deception

    The legend of Jo’lonar:

    The first thing the sun will see.
    Is a child born as symbiote, finally free.
    With these powers unleashed
    The symbiote will feast
    May the heavens be wary,
    And demons vigilant.

    This symbiote being so weak and alone
    Will Take host in a human unkown
    Give him powers to feed
    So he may grow his need,
    for Destruction

    The symbiote is young
    and will make choises wrong
    Join the unholy lord
    Help his cause with shield and sword

    A rogue demon he will be.

    (Jo'lonar attaches no value to history, he merely keeps track of his hosts.)

    Jo'lonar Joined the forces of Lord Namphiel, he was sure that as soon as this Namphiel done his work. He would be of no further use and could easily be eliminated. However Jo'lonar's plans were found out a bit to late. As soon as Namphiel turned his back to the other demon lords everything went wrong for Jo'lonar. He had to flee.

    Behaviour: out of the host it is in most primitive state and nothing less than a beast who will and cannot talk. Inside the host the symbiote of the Tok'ra feels as a god and acts like one. he is however very slick. They are most known for their Urge for Destruction.. Whenever or where ever they will use ANYTHING to gain power and will do ANYTHING to gain it.

    How you were captured: While fleeing trying to escape the sanctuary demons caught "his human body" and brought him to the slave caravan. However Jo'lonar and his host weren't going to surrender without a fight. The host is badly wounded.

    --==Weaponry, Armor, and Powers==--

    No weapons

    Armor: i'd call this skin just so i have armor to make it real. one point here

    The host becomes stronger.
    Dark Magic
    Regeneration of the host (They are less tired , are harder to wound badly and regenerate these wounds more quickly)
    The primary power of the host (For example Fire magic if he controls a Fire wizard or Agility if he controls a scout)

    Negative sides:
    The host controlled becomes slower
    Is the Host to be decapitated The symbiote dies with it.
    The Tok'ra cannot control any Demons
    The symbiote are very easy to kill outside the host.

    Just to make sure i'm not going to be overpowered i made sure about my negative sides too!
    to say that these beings the Tok'ra are very agressive and so are mostly in the front line or attacking anything. their hosts are to die quickly and are then seen as not strong enough.

    my colour
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    jeepers people i still didn't get a confirm if i could join xD

    Can i? =3! xD
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    heey ppl is there place for me? =3! I can't miss out any RP of DF ofcourse soo! (i am buzy writing for the Blizz Contest but time will be made for this! =D!)

    Demon - 1
    Angel - 2
    Human - 3
    Goatman - 4

    >.> also as Demon xD i would like to be a parasite (like the Goa'uld in Stargate SG-1) who needs a host (body) to survive..
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    heey i'd love to join Zhar! im bit unactive lately but i do want to join!
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    posted a message on Blizzard 2010 Writing Contest
    Yes =3! my life just got a little bit better! i'm going to try this again just like last year =D i might be a bad writer but still love to do it!
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    DnD is quite awesome i play it sometimes but DnD & Diablo mixed.. is hard one (trust me ;)! been there) but i will definetly support this as it is one of the creative things on DF!
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    I also was wondering where the hell everybody went BUT I STILL WANT RP... i joyfully think back to the moments i was writing.. but please set up more than one not just only one where you play bad guy (A)?
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