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    As has been said before... Normal difficulty is basically balanced for someone totally new to the game with lousy gear to still be able to beat it. I understand the mentality that you don't want to rush through, but right now you're overleveled and overgeared for everything in normal. If you wanted more of a challenge you should've saved the AH for higher difficulties. I'm sure you will find more of a challenge at some points through nightmare. Once you get to hell, and especially inferno, you'll find even with the most ridiculous gear you can afford from the AH you'll get your ass handed to you a lot.

    So yeah. The challenge is there. Blizzard just didn't want to make it so that new players were totally turned off by the game because of a very hard first difficulty. Try hardcore if you want some added difficulty.

    Also, something I've noticed on the wizard especially.. it's pretty easy to get a high DPS, kill everything onscreen, and feel godlike, but the second your gear gets just a little outdated you're gonna get creamed. Other classes stay a bit more consistent I think,
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