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    Here's the issue: they released D3 in 2012 and Reaper of Souls in 2014. Since then ALL they have done is port it to everything on the planet. Now it may take a lot of code to port a game but they cant sit there and say it takes the same amount of effort to port a game ad infinitum than create a story, engine, assets, voicework, etc...

    When they announced the Necromancer they had an entire year before their expected release date, meaning they knew ahead of time that all they could accomplish in a year was just a class, no expansion no story. The only reason a AAA company would set the bar that low is because they know they don't have anyone on the task. Slowly we start to see new zones and mobs that were most likely part of a cancelled expansion, some of which were necromancer themed. They announce "season mechanics" and then revealed all a AAA company who reports record profits every year can muster is changing a spawn/reward value from 1-2. Meanwhile a F2P Indie Dev can release sweeping mechanics and double the acts in the same window.

    Come 2018 we get yet another fkn port and an outsourced mobile game with reused assets. Clearly they gutted the Diablo team and have just put it on the back burner. Now their damage control is "we are working on stuff" which means absolutely nothing they could have just started today for all we know.

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    Well this was disappointing.

    No increased uptime because micro management is "fun" and you can just waste a mediocre rune and passive for very little reward

    Perma invul is gone (which is a good thing) but the only planned change to blood set is longer charge duration. Its still a lot of tradeoff for very little payout.

    No 7 or more set pieces and i'm imagining none of the set pieces are moving to non-traditional slots because dipping into a 2-4piece is for every other class not this one.

    The team didn't go into 2-3-4 person rifts because knowing the meta is too much effort.

    And the plague set has very little to do with disease but because Websters Thesaurus was down they could not think of a synonym for death and bone was already taken.

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    I am glad they are giving DH time and thought as they have been severely weak and underplayed this season. Its good that Blizzard spends time balancing all classes and not just focusing on the Flavor of the Month.

    /sarcasm off
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