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    posted a message on D4 classes
    Quote from zikje»

    maybe a Dwarf, with huge axes or pikes, some demolition material :)

    Sorry, I couldn't help but read "maybe a Dawrf, with huge ass"


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    posted a message on Runewords 2018 :: [ Final Suggestion ]

    Core gameplay seems to be a very popular term among the salty poeple.

    Please expand on what you think "core gameplay" actually means and what you'd like to see changed?

    Or did you just happen to see that word pop up somehwere and thought it'd sound good in your endless whining over a game you don't actually play (anymore)

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    posted a message on (Elite)Density in new rift layouts

    I'm experiencing the exact same in pretty much all of the new layouts.

    There's the dens issue, but also the MAZE issue. which completely sucks in grifts.... man does that wanna make me quit instantly.

    Not a day goes by when I walk up on a part of a map saying: oh joy it's one of those beautiful dead ends am I up for a fckin treat!

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    posted a message on GR70 and primal - suggestion

    bad idea, this takes the whole concept of farming for it away even though it's only one.

    In the end primals are not going to be that much different from really good ancients anyway. (which I still think sucks)

    I'd rather have seen the primals to be actually X percentage better then perfect ancients and have a really low droprate.

    This way you'll actually be blown away when you finally find that one item you wanted (if ever ^_^)

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    posted a message on Primal Ancient Legendaries
    Quote from Bleu42»

    Quote from Bagstone»

    Quote from Bleu42»

    Quick thought; can they just be called primal legendaries? Primal ancient legendary just is a little gobbled up ya know?

    Obviously no one will call them primal ancient. Primal is just fine. Just like most people say "I found an ancient item" and not an "ancient legendary item".

    Well yea haha I know WE will. I'm talking about how to me it looks silly on the weapon: Primal Ancient Legendary Two Handed Axe. But that's just mo.

    Lol ye I'm very much looking forward to finding Primal Ancient Legendary Ancient Parthan Defenders

    As to whether these primals are a good thing or not, I think it's nice to have items to hunt for.

    I mean,loothunt wasn't part of the game anymore as it's literally raining legs, it was a stathunt not a loothunt so I like the idea of having a range of rare legs.

    The way they've done it though is a little dissapointing, just adding some main stat and a little dmg.

    Hoped they could've used their imagination a little bit more.

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    posted a message on First Impressions Video on the Classic Labyrinth Remake in Patch 2.4.3

    as I already played through it on PTR I already knew what it looked like.

    It was pretty cool seeing items like the godly plate of the whale and kings sword of haste back.

    Overall tho, it was quite dissapointing as it was just D3 maps (and layouts) with a big decrease of gfx (which is fine by me)

    additionally the new leg gem is just totally useless, even for a lvl1 seasonal it's useless as you are unable to level it anyway at that point.

    I would've lloved if they gave it a little more attention and added some items that would actually be nostalgic and in some way useful

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    posted a message on All goblins now in bounties, too, but...

    I was asking myself the same question yesterday untill an odious collector confirmed it :)

    So i guess they can all spawn a vault

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