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    posted a message on Pet build - WD or Necro?^^

    I have played from time to time, and since necro release I have always played necro pet build - to be more, rathma set. But before that I always played zunimassa wd, both dagger of darts or just melee fetish
    So how are this doing - solo play - in current season?^^

    Im most into play WD - zuni - garg + dog rings, and prob dagger of darts for easy mode - or is this base too bad in current patch/season?

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    posted a message on Pet Doctor Legendery Gems

    Im running a full pet zuni doctor and atm using Esoteric Alteration for the defense bonus.
    Using Enforcer and Bane of the Trapped for dps.

    But I do know that Enforcer +dmg% is not the best togheter with MoJ +100%.
    So what gem should I go for?

    Pain Enhancer? If im not wrong pet crit procs the gem too
    Bane of the Powerful? for faster elite clear
    Bane of the Shriken? Does pet proc it? if so it would be pretty nice for all my pets to proc it, 1dog, 3garg, 8zuni, 15fetish.
    Gem of Efficacious Toxin?

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