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    If blizzard introduces an auction house system in d3 than balancing of unique drop rates would have to be monitored and reduced compared to d2, and this would ruin the game. Uniques would be so readily available and cheap in an auction house if d3 had the same drop rate as d2.

    I understand your logic here. They wouldn't have to do anything. Most of the unique drops in DII were worthless to mid-range items. I don't see what could possibly be wrong with a decent supply of those. The good ones would still be rare as fuck.

    A player run economy is the only way to go for a game like diablo. A player run economy ofcoarse is much more difficult to trade in but thats the point. For the most part, most uniques were traded between friends and the rest were tossed which kept the number of uniques being traded in the game much less than compared to an auction house based system. Having such of an economy added a different type of trading sense like "sweet I just traded this for that". My main point is that d3 should stick with the concept of item for item trading and thats what a player run economy does. But I do agree that gold should have more of a value..

    You have no clue about economics, do you? An auction house is in fact, and player run economy. In fact, it is more "player run" than the DII system, seeing as how more players are involved with each trade. The more players you have involved, the more fair each trade will be. In Fact, it benefits both sides of the trade.

    -The suppliers(grinders/magic finders), can now more easily trade more of their finds that are worth less

    -The Demanders(average players), can now more easily obtain better equipment.

    -Then its also easier to to trade for equipment that you would need

    The only downside I see to an auction house is that blizzard would have to make a Gigantic number of uniques and sets, to make sure we don't just get tired of the equipment. I would also like to see more ways to customize your gear, but thats a completely different bag.

    If I had to make a list of my favorite video games, Diablo II would be number 1, followed by counter-strike. But DII had some fundamental flaws. As Fans, its sometimes hard to acknowledge that, but as soon as we do, we can see how much better the game could be if we allow it to grow and change.
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